Embracing a Healthy Family: Get Denise Austin’s new book, FREE!

Get Denise Austin’s new book, FREE!

Denise Austin has a new diet and fitness book designed to blast away fat and get you fit in no time. It’s called Denise’s Daily Dozen: The Easy, Every Day Program to Lose Up to 12 Pounds in 2 Weeks! To thank you for being a loyal Morning Stretch with Denise Austin subscriber, they’re giving away a FREE copy to the first 50 people who respond via e-mail.

Just send an email with your full name and mailing address* to giveaways@deniseaustin.com.

Imagine, over 300 pages of illustrated exercises, meal plans, recipes, success stories and more from Denise Austin – absolutely FREE!

Get ready to burn fat, boost metabolism, tone up and get into the best shape of your life!

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