Embracing a Healthy Family: My Girls' Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas w/ Silhouette & More

My Girls' Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas w/ Silhouette & More

After going through countless sites for ideas, this is what I'm settling on for the girls' birthday party in July.  I've already created the invitations, cupcake topper labels and the water bottle labels.  I'll also place links to the sites where I got the ideas to further thank them for the ideas but I wanted to post this for a very dear friend, Ros, to see.  I used the Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Starter Bundle to make a lot of my party items.

The Invitations:

These can be made by yourself and there are great vendors on Etsy and EBay that sell invitations, water bottle labels and much more.  I use a good cardstock like Neenah Premium Cardstock, 96 Brightness, 65 lb, Letter, Bright White, 250 Sheets per Pack (91904) for all the party party.

Cupcake Picks:

I pasted zebra print into a photo program canvas and utilized the shape function to place hot pink circles in the center with a white circle behind it.  I made the Minnie Ears using the same circle shape to include the bow.  I'll cut those out and use Glue Dots Mini Sheets Value Pack to place a pick in between to give it a 3D look.  Sometimes I use a 

Drink Bottle Labels:

Here are the instructions if you want to download the drink bottle labels and print them.  I'm still working on how to get the template in the post.  In the meantime, you can send me an e-mail at staying_younger@yahoo.com for it.

I'm so excited as today I purchased the paper for cotton candy cones, ribbons for accents, rhinestones to accentuate the cupcake toppers and more!  The best thing of all is I used my gift card money I won from different blogging contests to pay for EVERYTHING!

Here is the next project which all were inspired and borrowed from Heavenly Blooms Floral Design's blog which is amazing!  She threw this same party for her daughter and I loved it so I used many of her designs and recreated them for my daughter's party.

This involved purchasing specific lollipops from an online vendor, existing vases I had on hand and used a piece of pink paper rolled up inside to give the one on the right some color, sticker flowers on the right vase, floral styrofoam, pink/zebra printed ribbon, construction paper for the ears and Glue Dots Adhesives.  Glue Dots Adhesives have turned into my favorite tool because they are so easy to use and they stick!  I love them thanks to the TwitterMom's campaign, I learned about them.  Often times, I use 
Surebonder DT-200KIT Mini Dual Temperature Glue Gun with 12 - 4-Inch All Purpose Glue Sticks Kit because it's quick and easy.

Here are all the pictures from the party:

Here is a different spin on the colors if you prefer this from Adorable Baby Clothing.

UPDATE:  Given the volume of e-mails I get nearly daily, I was thinking of trying to put a party pack together where I would create many of the items from this party in a customized party box in which proceeds would benefit Angels4Epilepsy (a 501c3).  Stay tuned for more details or if you want, leave a comment or send an e-mail!

Item Details:

I used zebra roll paper but this is cheaper Beistle Zebra Print Tablecover.  I bought the 50' rolls of paper to use as backdrops and tablecloths.  I just threw on a pink plastic one to offset the color.  I had plenty of paper left over.  

I also used the paper to make the cones for the cotton candy.  I took an empty box, wrapped it with the zebra paper and cut holes in the box to hold the cotton candy cones.  I added a ribbon to the side to break up the zebra print.

I had Minnie Mouse ears but needed to make more.  I purchased black headbands and cut out mouse ears from black foam that I purchased at Michaels.  I used the hot glue gun to fix them on along with a ribbon that I also purchased from ribbon at Michaels.

The dresses were purchased from an Ebay seller.  Search for Minnie Mouse dresses to see a large array of choices.

I used an inexpensive cupcake tray and decorated with zebra ribbon by hot gluing in on to make it match the theme.  I used the Silhouette to make the cupcake wrappers but those can be purchased from Etsy and Ebay sellers too.

I purchased sunglasses, beads and jewelry holders from The Oriental Trading Company.  I'm hoping the holders can be re-used.  They can be customized by adding ribbon or boa material to the stand.

The Minnie Mouse heads were made from Styrofoam balls purchased at Michaels.  I used wooden food skewers to hold the balls together and used black paint from Michaels to turn them black.  I then added the bow that I made from matching ribbon.  

The fan circle was with the Silhouette Die Cut machine so after cutting, all I had to do was glue the sides together and affix it to a wooden food skewer.

The vases were all existing vases I had.  I used coordinating paper to line the inside, added stickers to the outside and lined with feather boas with glue dots or the hot glue gun.

The picture was taken outside and I printed it off in black and white followed with draping beads over it to add to the table appearance.

You can find various lollipops from different vendors.  I found these Pink and Purple Swirl Lollipop on Amazon.  I purchased mine from the Candy Warehouse.  

All in all, it was expensive by the time I bought everything.  I'm hoping to reuse many items for more parties since I have three girls and a grandbaby to have parties for.

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Ros said...

Love the pink & black color comb and zebra print to boot. Girly-girl all the way!!

Heather said...

CUTE! We're 99% Disney family. This is a cute idea for my daughter's 2nd birthday this November.

YouthfulTips said...

They turned into big fans after visiting this month! If you want the templates, let me know as I am making them as I go! Thanks!

Annie Hawley said...

What a fantastic theme - go girls!

Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitations said...

They look so lovely. The Minnie theme party is absolutely the best for girls.

Becky said...

Great job! Can you tell me the online shop for the lollipops? Thanks so much!

YouthfulTips said...

I bought some from http://www.candywarehouse.com/whiteblackpops.html and others from OhNuts.com :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

where did u get the zebra table cloths from??

YouthfulTips said...

The tablecloths were rolled paper from Shindigz.com. The rolls of paper are around $20 and can be used to give you a background and tablelcloths or anything else you need. There is a ton of paper on each roll which gives you so much more to do.

Anonymous said...

Were the whirly pops 1.5 oz (3in) or 3 oz (4in)?

YouthfulTips said...

I purchased the 3" whirly pops. They were a big hit at the party!

krigs79@sbcglobal.net said...

Beautiful party! I am making a minnie themed party next month for my 2 & 1 year old I have been looking for the water bottle labels and how to make them. How did you do yours (I like the touch they add) :)

ross said...

LOVE what you did. How did you do the water bottle labels :)

YouthfulTips said...

I'll send you an e-mail with the file I made. :) Thanks!

Rita said...

HI I am doing a minnie mouse inspired 1st birthday for my daughter and i loved the water bootles where did you get them from and i already ordered the zebra paper that was a great idea

YouthfulTips said...

Hi Rita, if you send me an e-mail at staying_younger@yahoo.com, I can send you the template I created to make them for my party. :)

The zebra paper is a bargain at $20 for a huge roll from Shindigz and can be used for so many other decorative accents. :)

Kristie Betts said...

That is so adorable.... My youngest is in Tinkerbell though and my oldest told me that things like this is very little kids and she's becoming a teenager, We need to learn how to keep our little ones small forever.

I'm the Mickey & Minnie Mouse fan.

Anonymous said...

You are so creative! I'm planning a birthday party for my little girl next month and would love the water bottle tags. Could you please email the file to xqueenxenia@yahoo.com? Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

wow!!!!! i'm very much impressed... i'm planning a minnie mouse theme birthday for my daughter... could you please mail me the water bottle label file to jameela_jeetu@yahoo.com? Thanks in advance...

Maryann D. said...

This Minnie Mouse party is just adorable. I love the pink and black theme. My daughter would have loved this when she was young, Minnie was her favorite and she dressed as Minnie for Halloween often.

twinkle at optonline dot net

skin blemish said...

pretty birthday accessories, creative and looks attractive. I like it

Roxanne said...

We just had my Littles 1st bday and I am already planning her 2nd! I would LOVE to do a Minnie Mouse themed party this year

Meow Opre said...

Oh my these are all adorable! I was confused between Minnie and Hello Kitty but both are fine for a little girls party since they are pinkish. But seeing your helpful Minnie Mouse birthday party ideas , I think I'm gonna suggest this to my friends!
I will be exploring more maybe I could add them to my own compilation. thank you so much!!