Embracing a Healthy Family: Love Is ...

Love Is ...

Having your three year old singing to Taylor Swift's video of You Belong to Me to have her turn to you and say "I love you, mom"

Isn't it funny how such little things in life mean so much than any money or gift you can get?

Being a parent is such a gift of life that it's sad when others let it go without realizing that little inkling of time we are granted with them as children passes as quickly as a blink of an eye.  I am guilty of it myself in my younger days as I was working to get ahead in the pharmaceutical industry.  I don't have a ton of regrets as I was able to get my then only child many things she wanted while I was a single parent.  If I could turn back the clock, I would spend a little more time with her.  We had good memories of going to the mall after school and spending money, going out to dinner, going on vacation and spending time with her cousin who lived next door.

All those memories are priceless and I have tons of photos to prove it.  I think the older I get, I realize to savor all my time I can have with them.  When my job was running out, I was hit with many questions rushing me back into employment and I couldn't understand the rush.  Why not spend time with my children?  We aren't exactly in poverty as my husband feels we are so I would rather pass over the money to be with my kids.  

Life is about giving back not what you can get.  I am grateful my father taught me so much about giving, smiling, caring, nurturing and loving.  All qualities that I am passing on to my children.  It was four years ago this month that my father learned he had colon cancer and it's the third summer he's learned he's remission free. At 73, I'll take every extra year I can have with him.  Here is to you Dad!

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