Embracing a Healthy Family: New Army Assignment & Homeschool Decision

New Army Assignment & Homeschool Decision

We're in a busy time in our house.  I have a husband returning from a year's deployment from Kuwait in May, just listed our house for sale, heading out to check out places in Texas, a trip to Disney and ultimately ending up with a move.  We finally placed our house up for sale a little over a week ago.  We're going to head out to check out housing availability in Texas so this is not going to be a fun drive at all since it's around 22 hours one way.  My husband will return from Kuwait around May 1st, the Army will be packing and taking all of our belongings May 15th, the last day of school is May 21st and we're heading out to Disney May 22nd.  At the end of our trip on May 27th, we're taking off for Texas.  Sound hectic?  You betcha!

We get to live from May 15th with the bare essentials since they will be on a semi heading to Texas and having two smaller children, an older child (22 years old) and her five month old baby will be quite interesting living off the floor on blankets, no TV or nothing.  In the end, it will hopefully be worth it as it will make Disney that much more special as we're renting a house.  We'll have one whole week to soak up the sun, take in Mickey, enjoy the Star Wars weekend and then get back in the car for a 20 something hour drive to El Paso.  Life in the Army is an adventure.

With this move, I'm concerned with the location as we're directly across the border from the world's deadliest city in Mexico.  I also know that we'll be a minority in a highly populated Hispanic community which does not bother me as I'm looking forward to learning Spanish and I love Mexican food.  What I am concerned with is how well everyone speaks English and will that put my daughter at a disadvantage.  I could be wrong but I find it a real concern and for that, we've decided to homeschool.  It's a choice that I was surprised my husband advocated.  Come to find out, his Col in Kuwait homeschools their children along with many other military families so that encouraged him into understanding our children would not be these anti-social 'freaks' as he thought.

Now the fun begins:  Where do I start?

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CCWriter said...

Wow. You have a lot ahead of you this spring. I'm excited for you that your husband is coming home from Kuwait. Last year, you reviewed my book Dear Baby, It's a Colorful World. My new picture book Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You is to help young children in military families cope with a parent being away on long deployments or training exercises. Email Kate or me and I will send you a copy for your family and another to give away to readers. Good luck on your road trip! Carol Casey, Dear Baby Books

YouthfulTips said...

Thank you, Carol! I do remember Dear Baby, It's a Colorful World as it's a great book for children! I'll send you an e-mail. :)

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