Embracing a Healthy Family: Walt Disney IS Magical

Walt Disney IS Magical

Now that I have a minute to stop and think about the activities, I've missed out on a very big one which is our trip to Disney.  The girls love Disney as do all children and many adults but it was the highlight of a grueling couple of weeks.  I am fortunate in that we had the resources to take them on this indulgence of seven days in Florida to include four days at Disney.  Thanks to Disney for their military appreciation discounts, we scored a good deal on the four day hopper tickets.  The weather was beautiful with only one day being almost intolerable and that was the stormy day that made it more humid than a summer day in Indiana.  This was the first time I visited all four parks and I think my favorite is the Magic Kingdom.

The Magic Kingdom is truly magical with all the efforts made to bring Mickey alive to include those beautiful princesses.  As we progressed through the park, we made it just a few minutes to see the live show at the castle and it was amazing.  To see all the main characters up close and then the princesses, it was almost as enchanting as seeing the Johnny Depp lookalike ..almost.  My girls loved the show and walked away with huge smiles.

Our second favorite stop was Hollywood Studios mostly because it was Star Wars weekend!  There is just something about walking around in the public and seeing storm troopers, Darth Vader and Boba Fett and not having to worry about your safety that some crazy people escaped.  The parade wasn't as robust as last year's but it was still amazing.  When you entered the park, they had three storm troopers on the ceiling of the entrance platform and they were engaging the audience with pointing and posing.  They moved the merchandising into one area called Jabba's Hut (what else of course?).  It was packed full of autograph seekers and those spending big bucks and waiting in line to purchase the various Star Wars/Disney Star Wars products.  I can't even fathom what they made off those sales.

Animal Kingdom was a big deal for the girls as they had their faces painted and then we went on an animal safari.  The wait was long but worth it.  I thought the little story they use along the way was cute but when they darted after the poachers, I thought my grandchild was going to be injured with a whiplash injury or worse.  All in all, a good park but crowded.  We finished it off with the Epcot Center and I had no idea that it wasn't really a place for the smaller kids as they hated it.  Only one person in our group wanted to go and that didn't make for a great time but it was still good.  The fireworks made Jamie, my eight year old cry, as she's ultra sensitive to large noises so we high tailed it out of there in fear a seizure would hit her given her emotional status.

I have to say, after many many miles of walking, it was worth it!  There is something truly remarkable and wonderful about Disney and I'm so fortunate to have been able to take my girls there a couple of times.

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