Embracing a Healthy Family: Mamavation & Chicago

Mamavation & Chicago


There is just something about Chicago that I find so beautiful at night!  I grew up near Chicago and have so many fond memories.  Of course, I could focus on the not so fondness memories but I think it's healthier to stay focused on the good.  Now that I've finished my first week of the new year, I didn't lose any weight but I gained.  I gained in that my focus is on healthy and I'm still learning to not eat out of anger, sadness or stress.  I've gained a lot over the last year and for that, myself and my girls have benefited.

MamavationLast night, for example, the girls asked for almonds.  Big deal to some but almonds are great for you.  They could have asked for chocolate or cookies but they asked for almonds.  My four year old hijacked my apple on Saturday.  They ask for salads now and for being four and eight, I'm very proud because it's been my influence that has shaped them.  My 23 year old is in Georgia and she took what I have been focusing on over the last year and has incorporated it into her lifestyle.  I wasn't always a mom who focused on healthy eating and chose convenience mostly.  Single moms who work full time have trouble keeping it balanced if they were not raised or shifted to the healthy culture as how I was.

All has changed and I'm rearing to go.  After I write this, I will run my two miles and then proceed with continuing my healthy mamavation challenges of being the best that I can be.

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Marie "aka Shorty" said...

Love the picture of chi-town. I love the city. I just hate driving to it. I live in IL. But i used to be from Hawaii. So big change as you can see. It's amazing how kids adapt to changes of being healthy when u are the role model. My kids do the same thing now. Have a great week!

Shannon Sander said...

It still amazes me how quickly children adjust to healthy living. My youngest is constantly lecturing others on making healthy choices.

Shelley said...

LOVE IT! I was overjoyed when my youngest asked for an orange. He too could have said Chocolate or Candy or a Cookie... instead he asked for an orange. it's the little things :) Have a great week!

Judy Joyce said...

Marie, I love it but hate driving through it too! We were in Hawaii for nine months back in 2007 and loved it! Have a great week!

Shannon, kids are amazing! It's funny how fast they pick things up!

Shelley, we must be doing it right when the kids are doing things righ!

Have a great week, Mamavation Mamas!

mail4rosey said...

I've been to Chicago twice...once when it was too cold to enjoy, and then again this summer. We went to Navy Pier and HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME!! Chicago is def. beautiful, esp. along the shoreline.

Congrats on your healthy attitude, healthy choices, and on being a good influence over your children developing healthy lifestyles.

Christine SD said...

Isn't Chicago lovely? :)

Last year was an unhealthy year and I am looking forward to live a rather healthy life this year. New year, new me!

Lindsay said...

I'm working on changing the way my kids think about food, too. I have taught them so many bad habits over the past few years and it's time we ALL change that! Good work!

Joanna said...

I love it when my son asks for healthy food! Its so awesome when we realize what our habits are doing for our kids!