Embracing a Healthy Family: Our Frozen Themed Birthday Party

Our Frozen Themed Birthday Party

The girls wanted a Frozen themed birthday so instead of repeating it again in June, I decided to bump Danielle's party up and combine with Jamie's.  I used Pinterest for ideas and did a lot of searching for the right items.  I made the cake myself and purchased the topper from Amazon:

Elsa and Anna Frozen 23 Piece Birthday Cake Topper Set Contrasting Spring Arendelle with Frozen Arendelle - Set Includes All Accessories Shown - Ice Cyrstals, Snow Flake, Trees, Rocks, and Backdrop along with Cake Topper Figures of Anna, Elsa, Hans, Kristoff, Sven & Olaf

I used photo programs to create the Hershey candy bar wrappers and printed with my HP Printer:

I purchased the felt doll digital files and cookies from Etsy:

I made the invitations and printed with my HP Printer:

My middle one made the pictures of Elsa and Anna from the Disney site and I purchased the Disney Frozen Castle & Ice Palace PlaysetDisney Frozen Small Doll Elsa Castle Playset and Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset from Amazon along with the gumballs and rock candy:


I did purchase Elsa's costume from the Disney store but I made Jamie's by piecing together different garments from Ebay and I purchased a digital file for the embroidery on the dress.  I also hand painted the design on the vest.

Water Bottle Labels:

If you have any questions, just sent a message.  I plan on returning to give more details!

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curtis03 Lewis said...

I must say that your Frozen themed birthday bash arrangements are really creative, pretty and thoughtful! I would need to keep all of the ideas in mind when my girl will be turning 5 years old. Just a couple of weeks remaining to hit this milestone so I would start planning the say in advance. Would like to book the best party venue NYC.

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