Embracing a Healthy Family: How I Encouraged My Children to Drink More Water: NewAir WCD-110SS Water Dispenser Review

How I Encouraged My Children to Drink More Water: NewAir WCD-110SS Water Dispenser Review

I'm an avid water drinker and have so far successfully ingrained the importance of drinking water to two of my children.  I always look for healthful ways to entice them but there aren't many.  One time, I had a dental assistant advise me to giver my then four year old Crystal Light to get her from drinking so much milk.  Of course I did not listen to him as Crystal Light is not a drink for children by any means.  I've tried the fancy, whimsical or popular cups to try to make them want to drink water more but the failed too.  It all turned when I introduced them to the NewAir Water Dispenser as who doesn't think those things are cool?  They couldn't wait to use it and were thrilled to know that they could dispense hot or cold water so hot chocolate, here they come!

We recently moved to a three level house and the basement is the mainstay for the girls as that's where all the entertainment features are.  Placing the NewAir Water Dispenser made complete sense as they can stop what they are doing and grab a nice cold glass of water!  With the bottle dispensers, I purchased a BPA free one, you can control whether you use tap or bottled water which to me, is ideal as I want to control the water source.  One of the features of the hot water tap is a safety button so my little one and my little grandchild can't get scolded.  Other great features include:

  • Compact design so it will not take up a lot of space thus making it also versatile on where you want to place it whether in the main living area, the garage, a basement and so forth.
  • It's available in black or silver.
  • Compatible with two gallon, three gallon or five gallon bottles
  • Removable drip trays for easy cleaning.
  • Operates in a silent mode although I did not that when it cools, it's a little more than silent but it's not noisy by any means.
  • The stainless steel water tank keeps the water free from having a plastic taste.
  • A VERY easy and simple installation.
  • Super cool kid reaction!  Yes, again and again, my kids LOVE It!
Click below to watch a video:

Overall, the NewAir Water Dispenser is a HUGE hit among all my children!  They loved the convenience of getting cold water whenever they want without having to run upstairs.  I love it for that fact but also because it's compact and lightweight that I can put it anywhere and it really does encourage them to drink water.

Some of the available products
NewAir has a variety of appliances, air quality control products and wine, beverage and cigar products.  Their website is very comprehensive and easy to navigate.  I did not have to use customer service so I cannot comment to that aspect but with winter coming, there are many products to help with air quality that look really great to me considering I have an asthmatic and with Christmas, there are some nice gift ideas as well!

I would recommend the NewAir WCD-110SS Water Dispenser!

Check out NewAir on Facebook, Twitter, blog, Google+ and Youtube.

Stay tuned for a video!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary product for the purposes of this review.  The opinions are of my own.

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Lisa Brown said...

Looks like a very nice dispenser. I have a filter attached to my water line in the kitchen right now; would consider this unit if I do away with the filter.

Erin said...

I have definitely thought of buying one. We have town water and all you can taste is chemicals.

Janet W. said...

I've thought about buy a dispenser like this before. We go through bottled water like crazy so this might be more economical for us.

steve weber said...

I've thought about it before, it would definitely make me feel more secure about the water we consume.

Shelly Peterson said...

This looks really nice, would love to have one, we drink a lot of water.

Anonymous said...

I have thought about buying one because my family drinks a lot of water but does not like the taste of tap water!

kathy pease said...

I would love to try this..I always get a little scared whenever I drink tap water.

clc408 said...

I am fine with a Brita pitcher in the fridge.

Marti Tabora said...

I have a water dispenser, it's different than this one, but we really love having it in the house.

Lisa Crouse said...

I have thought about buying one. It would be nice to have one instead of having to buy bottled water all of the time.

Becca B. said...

Never thought to buy one as I use smaller water filters.

Anonymous said...

I have something like this already and love the taste of the water. Rosanne rosans4@comcast.net

Anonymous said...

I've thought of buying one but never seem to get around to it.

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