Embracing a Healthy Family: Handmade Christmas Dresses & More - Online Patterns with HP Printers

Handmade Christmas Dresses & More - Online Patterns with HP Printers

This year I took a turn at sewing my girls' Christmas dresses after I made my middle daughter's Thanksgiving dress (red haired girl below the Regency dress picture).  The last time I made a dress was when my oldest was a little girl and she's now 27.  I was a little nervous taking up such a huge task but was inspired by my oldest who started sewing her little girl's dresses recently coupled with a friend who is a seamstress and made this lovely Taylor Made with Love Regency dress for my youngest.

After Aimee made that dress, I definitely knew I was going to be challenged because I wanted to make something just as beautiful or close!  I purchased and made my first online pattern from Lily Bird Studios and used my HP Printer to print the pattern.  You have to be careful putting these together and follow the direction precisely as you will make a mistake but they are fun in the end once you can finish.  I selected my fabric from Joann's and off I went to sew!  

Since I'm inexperienced, I didn't factor in the yardage so I ran out of fabric so I made the bottom portion of my youngest one's dress in black.  I also made her a reticule to hold her handkerchiefs she asked as a gift for Christmas.  I also purchased that pattern online and printed it with my HP Printer.

Although the skirt was a bit too short, my friend Aimee suggested I just add a ruffle which I will do next.  I enjoyed making their dresses but I still like buying them from my other friend at www.adorablebabyclothing.com who has the most beautiful dresses and here is one example at how gorgeous her dresses are that I used for our Christmas pictures:

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