Embracing a Healthy Family: Homeschool Flexibility: Field Trips and Gardening

Homeschool Flexibility: Field Trips and Gardening

We've been spending tons of time getting in many activities before I finally go back to work.  After going through a major life event, the girls and I are getting settled back in life with myself going to work and becoming a single mom again.  They enjoyed the zoo in South Carolina and will continue to look for more fun things to do on the off time.  We are currently planning a trip to Florida which is one of their all time favorite things to do.  It's one of the best things of homeschooling...flexibility! 

Today, we spent time gardening and created this little flower bed.  The girls enjoyed their time in the sun now that I finally quit raining.  I feel it's a good homeschool opportunity too to learn to plant flowers and vegetables.  We also planted some sweet potatoes in our existing garden along with watermelon.

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