Embracing a Healthy Family: 13 Photos of Our Best Disney Meet and Greet Character Experiences

13 Photos of Our Best Disney Meet and Greet Character Experiences

There you have it!  They had the time of their life meeting all these Disney characters and the only complaint I heard was Anna was rude.  I suppose having only one out of everyone else that worked in the park labeled as rude by children isn't a bad thing at all.  My all time favorites were the Star Wars characters.  Kylo Ren was absolutely superb and even maintained his evil persona to cast aside my grandson when he wanted to touch him.  Chewbacci was ever so good in his demeanor and seemed to really enjoy getting into character.

A word of caution, meeting Joy and Sadness really takes a long, long time and you feel like you are in Dante's inferno with all the bored children and parents growing impatient but at the end of the Holy Grail, the kids light up and all has been forgiven and forgotten because Joy and Sadness are phenomenal. 

On a side note, my eldest made all the kid's Star Wars costumes which were a big hit and we were asked numerous time where we purchased them.  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the t-shirts she made as those were as big of a deal as the rest.

All in all, Disney is a family favorite and the character meets are wonderful for the children and when you mix in Star Wars, you have the perfect recipe for giving the whole family JOY!

Stay tuned for another post highlighting our experience with Disney Springs versus Universal's Citywalk.

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