Embracing a Healthy Family: GeorgiaBob's Barbeque Company in Georgia - A-T

GeorgiaBob's Barbeque Company in Georgia - A-T

Touted as "true southern barbeque," GeorgiaBob's Barbeque Company in Georgia along I-96 is a good barbeque place. It's true southern stated as they haven't changed the technique in over 150 years.  Tucked away from the beaten path in which you have to be a barbeque hound like I am to have found it, we were not let down. We arrived before the Sunday rush hit and although not a huge place, it was cozy and charming with all the memorabilia and pictures surrounding the wall. It's not a waitress served restaurant and required the up front ordering, retrieving your own drinks and cleaning up your own mess but at least you save in tips. 

GeorgiaBob's Barbeque Company got its start at the Peach Festivals of the 1920’s.  Robert Cherry Evans (GeorgiaBob’s Grandfather who directed the famous cooking) barbecue was the key celebration at the festivals. There is even a recipe on the website in what was then a big hit and still probably is: Brunswick Stew Recipe recipe (though slightly altered).  Below is a picture from their website of the food preparation from year's ago.


Unfortunately, we didn't have a long time to stay so we ordered quickly and got back on the road.  We tried the Pulled BBQ Pork Platter and it was good.  It was a little dry but the sweet BBQ sauce touched it up.  I'm a huge fan of Rudy's in Texas and have a hard time finding anyone who can beat them.  GeorgiaBob's didn't but they were pretty high up there in flavor and sauce.  I didn't like the spicy sauce as it was too heavy in vinegar.  The cole slaw wasn't my favorite either as I enjoy a bit of sweetness to mine along with more of a creamy sauce similar to how Kentucky Fried Chicken's cole slaw is.  My girls liked it as well but with the same complaint of it tended to be a bit dry.

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