Embracing a Healthy Family: Georgia's Fort King George Historic Site Homeschool Field Trip

Georgia's Fort King George Historic Site Homeschool Field Trip

Beautiful landscapes, historical sites and the sheer chance of running into something unique or special is behind my love of travel.  There is nothing more freeing, educational or good for your soul than getting out in nature and enjoying what God provided.  Homeschooling offers the opportunity to experience the luxury of traveling year round without the hustle of peak times.  Although I prefer to travel long distances, often times there are many treasures close by in which a one tank trip provides a wonderful inexpensive getaway given the weather.  On a whim, I decided to take the girls down to the Georgia coast and in order to maximize the trip, we stopped at the Ft. King George Historic site in Darien, Georgia.  If that name sounds familiar and Glory has been a favorite, it's where Matthew Broderick's character Colonial Robert Gould Shaw had to take his men and witnessed the pillaging of the town by the other black regiment.

As we made our way through the fascinating features of the Fort, I couldn't help myself and noticed the beautiful butterflies, dragonflies and different bird species that were flying about.  It was a natural mecca of beauty coupled with the alligator warning signs since it's near the river and swamp land.

My youngest had to have her picture taken with every cannon present.  She seems to be just as interested in history as I am and really enjoyed the fort and reading all the information that was provided.  Fort King George was the first British garrison of the Georgia colony at the mouth of the Altamaha River.  I am half British so my children love anything British as do I.  It was establised in 1721 under the command of Colonel John "Tuscarola Jack" Barnwell.  Although it was destroyed by a fire in 1726, it was rebuilt the following year and remained active until 1732.  The present day buildings are only reenactments.

This area of the fort allowed you to go upstairs and peer out to see the amazing views.  This particular historic site was a great learning experience in that you were able to go inside nearly ever building and see what the actual beds and equipment they might have used.  There is also a museum to learn more with guided recordings, displays and facts that really added to the value of the site.  It's one that I highly recommend.  My only regret was we weren't able to hit all the trails due to Hurricane Mathew damage.

To learn more about the fort, click here.

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