Embracing a Healthy Family: modFamily Black Friday Specials - 30% Off Code

modFamily Black Friday Specials - 30% Off Code

Life is so busy and anytime we can find something that eases our schedule and saves us time, we should embrace it. I found a site that helps modern families overcome those everyday life strains by providing products that enrich and simplify life with an innovative, modern twist. ModFamily has products with a purpose:
  • Simplify Life
  • Provide comfort and convenience
  • Creative, fun and modern
  • Efficient and multi-use
Below are just three products that will add some fun and/or simplify life:

Special Code for Black Friday Weekend

Use code modfamilydeals3 and save 30% off this weekend only!

ModFamily Story

ModFamily began as parents and founders Jamie and Chad Kelly, and Rob and Brittney Johnson, discovered solutions to problems like cups spills, lack of an outdoor play and rest space for infants, and food going bad too quickly. The group quickly located new, innovative household tools that not only put a modern twist on classic household commodities, but also instantly made their lives easier. Their enthusiasm to share these great finds ignited, and a company was born! We can’t wait to share solutions with you that have helped us better tackle some of the daily challenges of family life. “We are passionate about delivering new products for modern families that solve those all-too-familiar problems of everyday family life!” 

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