Embracing a Healthy Family: Off the Beaten Path: A Hidden Gem to Marry in Eustis, Florida

Off the Beaten Path: A Hidden Gem to Marry in Eustis, Florida

Upon the search for the ultimate wedding chapel in Florida off the beaten path, we stumbled upon a chapel in the quaint beautiful city of Eustis called The Little Wedding Chapel's Chapel of Love. We arrived in awe at the beauty of the downtown Waterfront Entertainment District which brings together businesses for mutual promotion and activities as well as family and friends to enjoy a unique charming shopping experience, a choice among dining establishments and live entertainment.

Unfortunately I didn't get good photographs of the beautiful lit up downtown waterfront and it was one of the best Christmas displays I had witnessed. We arrived right at sundown and was greeted by a couple of gentlemen embarking on a fishing expedition off one of the many well placed piers overlooking this marvelous lake. Our arrival was planned to be early enough to find where we were going but late enough to enjoy our evening ceremony. The chapel looks like this in the daylight and couples have the choice in the chapel or the gazebo as well as day, dusk or evening.

The set up was all completed online by co-owner Theresa without a problem. She was fantastic in arranging every detail as well as ensuring we had what we needed and understood Florida marriage license processes. Once we arrived, we were greeted by the co-owner and established photographer, Chris. Upon our final dressing in individual dressing rooms, large enough to accommodate one to two additional people to assist, we emerged to meet our wedding officiator who was equally as charming. The entire ceremony was enchanting, beautiful and elegant. 

The surroundings were breathtaking in the beauty and because I love white lights, I was more drawn to the beauty at night. It's a little gem tucked away providing couples a change from beach side weddings. The other bonus about this chapel is the size which allows for small weddings as well.

The photographs were beautiful and for the entire package deal, 20 photographs are provided. I researched many places in many states and this was really a reasonable package and the outcome was fabulous. I had my two younger daughters and the officiator and Chris very agreeably worked them into the ceremony which was paramount for us beginning our new life. Chris was in no hurry and came up with different photo opportunities.

After we changed and were ready to depart, Chris recommended a true surprise of a restaurant called 1884 Restaurant and Bar. He recommended the pork chop dinner which was to die for!

Overall, it was a wonderful experience that I'd highly recommend!

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