Embracing a Healthy Family: Teen Menstrual Cycle Pain Did Not Interfere with Family Movie Night Thanks to Advil® Menstrual Pain

Teen Menstrual Cycle Pain Did Not Interfere with Family Movie Night Thanks to Advil® Menstrual Pain

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The path to adulthood can be a shaping foundation for the future. It's not always riddled with the awkward or painful drama that are frequently viewed in movies or television. Growing up can be tough at times and that path can be a tricky path as each boy and girl navigate their way through adolescents. Each gender faces puberty differently and for girls, they also endure their menstrual cycle. It can be a confusing dreadful time if not addressed early which is what I found works with each of my girls. Planning to discuss what to expect is very helpful in forming that basis of trust. Once the trust is established, topics are not as difficult for the adolescent to bring up. I grew up with painful menstrual cycles along with my oldest, who is now 28. My thirteen and a half year old has been experiencing the same for well over a year. I encourage her to take steps in eliminating daily barriers over her menstrual ranging from pain, headaches and the usual discomforts. This is where new Advil® Menstrual Pain comes in.

One way I found to take control versus allowing a cycle to interfere with life is to track the periods so she always knows when it's coming. By being prepared, a day before, she knows she will have to have Advil ®Menstrual Pain ready to offset possible symptoms of headaches, cramps and back pain. I also prefer Advil ®Menstrual Pain because it's caffeine and antihistamine free formula. This way, I have it ingrained in her to say, "what monthly pain?" 

One activity we do frequently is family movie night and this ties in perfectly to that time of the month for her to show her life doesn't have to stop for it. We usually prepare a nice activity as we homeschool so it's also incorporated into a learning activity. 

Step 1: We start out with a theme. 

This can either be planned for an existing movie or a new movie. We determine what will be on our menu as my daughter really enjoys cooking so this is the perfect opportunity to keep her mind busy. She has noticed how much better she feels after taking Advil ®Menstrual Pain. Making fortune cookies seems to be magical no matter what theme we choose so this is one we pick every now and then to add to your treat menu. It also fits well with our movie theme with fortunes that I created using a matching font.

Step 2: Creating the Concession Stand

Another important feature of any family fun movie night is the concession stand. It's never complete without an array of goodies along with movie tickets. We take chocolate bars and design labels on the computer, print, cut and tape together. We make other printables like movie tickets and great tasting themed sweets. It's really very easy and it's something she enjoy helping to create. It's yet another way to really show her there is no reason she can't carry on with day to day activities because her menstrual cycle started. 

Step 3: Movie Night

After set up and some work but fun work, we are ready for the movie! Throughout the entire set up, and it did take a couple of days, there were no complaints of being in pain or an inability to not want to help. I wished I had Advil ®Menstrual Pain when I was in my teen years as life with a painful menstrual cycle did affect me as well as my oldest daughter.

Creating the sweets and paper products for our movie night was a great opportunity to reinforce with her how a menstrual cycle, although inconvenient and sometimes painful, does not have to prevent her from day to day activities.We purchased Advil ®Menstrual Pain at Walmart and it was easy to locate with the "New" tag showcasing it on the shelf.

As we looked through the other products, I was able to show her the the options available but I also explained how this product is number one doctor recommended for menstrual pain and is not only easy to swallow, but it has no caffeine or antihistamines and can last up to six hours. *Use as directed. Walmart is my go to place for all my pain relievers especially for menstrual pain.

Do you have a teenage daughter suffering from painful menstrual cycles?  Have you tried new Advil ®Menstrual Pain?

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Mary said...

Loved the idea and will show this to my daughter for inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I will have to try Advil. thanks

Jenna Wood said...

Wow! This looks like a blast- I love how you themed everything! #client

clc408 said...

I only have sons so I never had to deal with this. Good idea, though.

slehan said...

No daughter and I never had bad periods (which are now over)

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