Embracing a Healthy Family: CUJO Smart Internet Firewall Scores a Win in Providing Peace of Mind for Myself and Children

CUJO Smart Internet Firewall Scores a Win in Providing Peace of Mind for Myself and Children

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Safety in today's world expands not only to the exterior life outside of home but with technology, we have to be diligent to what occurs inside our home.  Threats are never ending if you are connected to the internet and when you add children into the equation, it's even more imperative to install protections that will aid in their safety.  It's really confusing as to what you should have installed to protect your family and your children and now that I've discovered CUJO, a smart firewall that connects all our devices in our home, I feel more secure.  It's a business level security system but within my own home. Its convenient with one device that connects to my WiFi router and provides protection by detecting and blocking malicious sites, hacks and viruses on all my devices.  It's a great piece of mind knowing it's providing antivirus protection for my entire network and as a bigger bonus, CUJO allows me to also control what my kids are accessing online further protecting them.

CUJO has another feature I love that allows me to access and control CUJO with my smartphone app.  With it's build in 1GB ethernet, it provides blazing fast speeds catching all those tricky viruses and hacks before they can cause havoc.  Installation was easy and although I had some issues setting it up, the CUJO support team was phenomenal with wanting to help and I have a good sense that they are merely a video call/phone call away should I ever need assistance.  User error in setting it up was my only issue as I found out!  I was able to activate and get it moving along all on my phone.  Note, the threats detected photo was taken right after I connected so there would be no threats found at that point.

This screen quickly alerted myself that all was ready and I could proceed.

The menu allows you to access all the features via your Smartphone which is convenient and great!

This screen allows me to see all the devices that CUJO is monitoring.

If you do have children, you will like features such as:

  • easy parental controls for all devices
  • internet filters to allow you to control what your children access
  • time limits equate to no more monitoring and tracking time
  • social media monitoring because we know this is a growing issue with bullying and more
  • pause internet capabilities 
  • alerts and reporting
  • remote administration for those times you can't be home or near where your children are
  • user profiles and settings

Overall, I found the CUJO easy to use, quick to set up and activate and I feel more confident that our personal information is safe from hackers and our children can play online without fear of malicious viruses, hacks or even unsafe information they might find.  Being able to control time online, content and more is truly a blessing for myself.  Even though I found the CUJU face cute, my grandchildren were a little afraid of the cute little glowing eyes at first. It's easy to just turn it around so they won't see the glow.  Given it's small appearance, it blends in anywhere and the cords are good lengths to allow it to be plugged into the wireless router and electrical outlet.  I highly recommend the device.

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