Embracing a Healthy Family: Horse Riding Lessons as Part of a Homeschool Curriculum

Horse Riding Lessons as Part of a Homeschool Curriculum


We have been homeschooling for quite a few years and I am thankful for the opportunity to continue being able to shape my children's future directly every day in more than a typical parental way. I have come to love homeschooling due to the flexibility and this flexibility reaches across the subjects I teach, how I teach them, schedules of teaching and fun activities that supplement learning. I also have found, as many others state routinely, children learn best when doing something they love.  Albeit riding lessons will not cover every subject but it does cover science as they are learning with each lesson more about horse anatomy.  

When they arrive, they start out with grooming the horses and preparing them to ride. Before they do start riding, the instructor gives them lessons in the horses anatomy and other interesting facts they should know should they continue with their love of horses. We were pleasantly surprised to be invited to an event in a couple of days where a chiropractor will come in and provide a lesson on their care which will cover anatomy.  The instructor is a homeschool parent and understands how these extra learning events will benefit the homeschooled child.  We are so lucky to have find such an extraordinary place.

Here are just a couple of other pictures I took today:

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