Embracing a Healthy Family: The Importance of Table Manners

The Importance of Table Manners

After being around others and out in public, I have noticed how far down table manners have gone since I was younger. I don't know if it was the strict upbringing of an English mother or not or perhaps the school systems used to supplement those rules but today's children and adults seem to be lacking in basic manner all around. The last few times that we've went out, it's amazing to see how many people, young and old, male and female that congregate on their phones while acting as if they are dining alone. Not only are they so absorbed on their phones but they are chewing with mouths open, elbow are on table, they are slouching and on those rare occasions they put the phone away, they are talking and chewing at the same time.

This also transcends to any manners come to think of it. From the person speaking on their phone whether loudly or not especially during the check out process as a cashier is trying to engage in their job or to the people who don't hold doors open, push past you or cut you off, it's widespread. The amount of rudeness and lack of social skills is rampant and quite frankly, shameful. My oldest, almost 30, remarks often about how manners are so absent among many in society and I keep telling her with hope, it will get better.  I'm hopeful in that the number of homeschool parents are increasing and many like the old school thought of the past was good for a reason. I'm also hopeful in the shift of society in finding God again. I'm not a church attending Bible thumper Christian as some call it rather I do believe in God and I do believe God provided that common link that fostered good Christian behaviors towards each other. 

I've been searching for content to supplement my own homeschool curriculum in teaching my girls about manners and etiquette. I really wished the old finishing schools would become more in style and weren't so costly or that places would provide alternative courses such as a weekly class.  Nonetheless, I think parents need to return to the old fashion values and teach their children manners and quit being afraid of hurting feelings or causing discomfort. It's us to us to raise the next generation that will provide for the future and we need good citizens to bring us back to where we used to me.

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