Embracing a Healthy Family: Libraries are Assets to Communities

Libraries are Assets to Communities


My girls just love the library and it doesn't hurt that we live so close to one. We visit the library so often that we are on a first named basis. Until we moved to our latest town, we didn't go to the library very often and shamefully, I can admit, only once or twice in their lifetime. Our routine is to visit the library minimally once a week and sometimes more than that. I had no idea how vital a library was to a community until we started going to one and after my sister started working at another one. Not only are the book selections amazing but there are a host of other items such as games, movies, etc. Another gem are the classes and fun events that they offer.

Not too long ago, our local library had a Taylor Swift event and of course, my girls and grandchildren just had to attend! It was a cute event that was completely free! It was a bit overcrowded and it wasn't high end but it was free and it was very cute. I was so impressed with all the other courses and events they provide. At another branch, they provided interested students an opportunity to learn about airplanes and to find out how to obtain a pilot's license. The courses, events and classes are endless as they cater to all ages and interests. 

Libraries are not just limited to coming in person to take advantage of the resources as there are many other resources available online from subscriptions to online classes and much more. My children just love the library and it truly is a vital asset to any community so if you haven't patroned your local library, check them out today to show them how much they are needed in your community!

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