Embracing a Healthy Family: Renovating a 100+ Year Old Home

Renovating a 100+ Year Old Home

This past year was an interesting year as we undertook a major move in purchasing a fixer upper. This wasn't just any fixer upper as it's over a 100 years old and in spite the sad story behind it going up for sale, it's been an experience. An experience in which I can proudly state that I had the most wonderful dad ever. Through the many years where I was side by side any chance I could get, I was watching and observing. I don't think all parents realize how much their children do see and how much they learn just from being present so the next time you are ready to create something in the kitchen or fix something in the yard or garage, ask your child along. My sister and I have taken on some of the projects ourselves and as we proceed, we've impressed ourselves with the knowledge we retained from our father. Our father was a man who could just about fix anything and if he didn't know, he just kept trying until he did. We grew up rather on the poor side so picking up a phone to call a repair man was not an option nor was the luxury of having new appliances, lawn mowers or vehicles. In my early 20's, I was even able to apply bondo and fix the vehicle from an appearance aspect due to my dad's love for me in explaining all that he did. I digressed a bit so I'll return to the house.

Nearly every feature of this home needed or needs work and determining where to start as amateurs was decided by which rooms were important at first. We did watch a lot of home improvement shows which did lend additional knowledge so I am grateful for Amazon Prime and no, this is not a post with affiliate links! The kitchen, dining room and bathroom were our first victims. A lesson learned was to not order appliances too early and to understand that what seems like easy tasks are never quick tasks. We thought we would have had the kitchen done quite some time ago but due to an issue with needing to upgrade some pipes, we fell behind. I also learned that we really should stick to a room at a time as it's been two months and we have no finished rooms. I've also learned that contractors are much needed as there is an apparent shortage in people providing these services. I just read an article that stated the US is experiencing a blue collar shortage because more Americans than not are going to college. I did go to college and it did help me secure an excellent career but one thing I'm teaching my children is a four year college degree isn't essential any longer. Depending on what you want to do, a trade school or even a two year degree can be sufficient. As we struggle with some contracted work, we continue to forge ahead with success.

This weekend, we are hoping to finally finish the kitchen and start putting drywall up. I even purchased a drywall lift after seeing how heavy "lightweight" drywall really is! All the YouTube videos and fixer up shows have been helpful to date and one thing I recall from one YouTuber which is golden advice, be careful whos advice you take as just because there is a YouTube video on the subject, it doesn't necessarily mean they did it correctly!

Stay tuned as I share the ceiling tile project that will be completed this weekend hopefully and a photo of the sink base cabinet that my sister and I did complete with cutting out the hole for the sink!

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