Embracing a Healthy Family: Finding Fun Time with Family Movie Night

Finding Fun Time with Family Movie Night

As a family, it's important to spend time together and as I watch on social media other families who are always on the go with school events and more, I wondered how many families have the time to just spend at home? I think socialization is great and wonderful but I also think good quality family time is more so. I'm not putting down extracurricular activities by any means but it just seems if a family is running around nearly every day of the week, is there any real one-on-one quality time? Since we homeschool, we don't participate in a lot of activities and many on the other side might question if I'm having meaningful time for them outside of the family.  Perhaps but I have to admit that I love our time where we do fun things like family movie night.  Surprisingly, it can take a lot of time dreaming up all the things that might go into a family movie night. I've also found it's a great time to teach whether it's creating a change drawer for movie tickets and snacks or reading and following recipes that involves more math. There is so much that can be learned from simple fun activities like family movie nights.

This was one of our family movie nights celebrating Star Wars. I'm sure we will have a big one as December rolls around and the new Star Wars movie is released.  The really enjoy the times we spend doing these and they also enjoy having their niece and nephew over. Luckily, my middle one loves Star Wars so much that she has tons of decor so we can really jazz up the room.

In addition to family movie nights, what do you do to make family time fun?

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