Embracing a Healthy Family: Home Remodeling via IKEA

Home Remodeling via IKEA

We bought a fixer upper last year and have been working fervently in getting it ready to sale. The home was in quite a state of disarray when the elderly daughter of the owner passed away in her 90's last June. The woman was still grieving months after we connected with her and was fretting on how she would ever clean it up which is where we entered the picture to purchase the home in an as is status. This was a bigger task than we realized as we didn't have a home inspection or anything so formal aside from a title check. Fast forward and we have nearly finished the kitchen and dining room. The house posed issues as it is 112 years old and was pretty much neglected. It did have the fuse box upgraded and a newer furnace and water heater but I believe everything else was still either the original works or anything that might had been updated in the 1940's or 1950's.

In the past, I've used IKEA products to provide storage solutions for my kids education room as well as their bedrooms. I prefer real wood products but what I like about IKEA is the durability of the. I purchased three tower type bin shelving units back in El Paso and they look just as great even after moving from El Paso to Virginia to Georgia to Indianapolis to Munster, Indiana and finally to Valparaiso, Indiana. Most particle board type furniture would never stand that type of abuse as anyone who moves, knows it's very harsh on furniture to move once not to mention five times. That is why I turned to IKEA for some finishing items knowing that one of the kitchen walls was an add-on years later and didn't have the stud placement to hold heavy cabinets coupled with dishes and food.
This is a great storage option to the kitchen that will allow formal dishes, decor and more to add a level of beauty to the room. I did purchase an additional shelf unit that will act as a coffee bar and microwave holder. It will fit in the middle of these two units offering a great look while complimenting the mocha crowned molding that adorns the ceiling. We ended up using a white brick paneling on the room and the contrast with the white and the black should look amazing.

The dining room ended up taking some turns as I had originally envisioned keeping it true to the time period but decided I wasn't quite ready to live in my grandmother's house which is no offense to her. I ended up putting up drywall with the help of my son-in-law, daughter and sister and finished it off with a fresco type texture and a yellow color. I'm hoping the bookcases below will end up meshing the color combinations.

The ceiling fan was replaced with a sparkly chandelier and a medallion to add to the look. My son-in-law proved to be very handy with all that he knows as he replaced the lighting fixture for me too.

All in all, it's been an interesting journey and most of the products were purchased from Menards but I liked having the final touches by IKEA.

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