Embracing a Healthy Family: That Nagging Feeling of Being Unappreciated

That Nagging Feeling of Being Unappreciated

Ever provide your time as a volunteer and feel unappreciated? Do you take the Christian high road and dismiss it or do you let it eat at you? I provide my time to help in an endeavor that I feel is my return activity for being part of a bigger picture that ultimately benefits myself and my children. When you get to the point where you feel you are annoying others by asking questions or getting through the learning curve, do you just bail or persevere

I think it's important to give your time whenever you can and it's also an important lesson you can provide your children when faced with uncomfortable situations. I haven't decided yet what I'll do but as I move forward with remodeling an extreme fixer upper, moving out of a home that is five hours away while still trying to homeschool, I have to wonder if it's worth the stress to spread myself so thin to feel unwelcomed or appreciated.

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