Embracing a Healthy Family: Three Necessities for Making Home Remodeling Projects Easier

Three Necessities for Making Home Remodeling Projects Easier

My blog sometimes goes all over the place with topics. As I homeschool, I am also a grandmother to two and a mother to three but only two require me full time as the oldest, 30 years old, has her own family. Recently, we purchased a home and have been remodeling it as it's over 100 years old. From my experiences, which is not vast when it comes to home repairs, it's been an experience. I am so very grateful to my father for being from the old and best generations who actually did things without hiring others. Being a daddy's girl, I spent large volumes of time with him and with that, came an opportunity to learn a lot. I am appreciative today of him not getting annoyed with my questions and all that he taught me is priceless today. I'm also lucky in that what he did teach me and how he raised me, allowed me to raise my children the same. 

Today, they are also eager to learn and help in the same way I did with my dad. They are good kids from wanting to learn to cook and other chores to their artistic and authoress ways. They are really chips off the old blocks of myself with a huge credit to my father. Now that I'm working with tools and learning the tricks of the trades, I've been wanting to teach them too. As I stumble through learning curves and finding ways to make jobs easier, I found some tools that I deem essential to home repair. These will also be tools that I'll teach my girls to use as one never knows when the opportunity might rise to use them.

My first basic tool is the t-square. No job is complete without an accurate tape measure and the t-square for straight lines. My eldest requested it one day when helping me and now, it's an essential tool for me. It's a large in size allowing it to be more versatile. The accuracy has saved me a time or two from wasting wood due to slanted lines.

My next two favorite tools are the brad nail gun and the framer nailer. I purchased the KNT50AB finish Combo kit from Metabo HPT is ideal for a wide variety of finish work and cabinetry projects. The 6 Gallon 150 max PSI air compressor provides just what I need with from the NT50AE2 2 in. 18-gauge finish nailer, It allows me to move fast with accuracy and a flawless finish.  I absolutely love it and it's not loud or heavy! My only complaint with this is although it's super easy to load, it keeps firing even when the cartridge is empty.

The NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic 21 Degree 3-1/2" Full Head Framing Nailer is amazing. It allows me to save my wrist while quickly pounding in nails with precision and ease. My two complaints are it's very loud and it's extremely heavy but I am building up my biceps and arm strength so that is an unintended benefit! 

There are many other tools that are a necessity of course but these three really make jobs easier.

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