Embracing a Healthy Family: IKEA Products are My Favorites for Fast Easy Furniture

IKEA Products are My Favorites for Fast Easy Furniture

I shared recently about some of the tools that I'm loving as I move forward with remodeling a fixer upper. This time, I'm going to share how much I love IKEA products. I've been a past customer of them when we lived in El Paso and I wanted to revamp my girls' playroom with handy bin shelves. My last purchase were for my many, many, many boxes of books. We were in the process of moving and my son-in-law emphatically stated that I am to buy no more books! After my father passed away, I grabbed on to the numerous old and historical genre books he had accumulated over the years. He had a love for history and books which passed on to me. The bookcases I just put together were called the Billy Bookcases with glass doors in dark blue. 

Anytime in the past when I purchased "furniture" that I had to build, it always arrived with very complicated and tedious instructions. What amazes me the most about IKEA are the instructions are wordless. The black and white illustrations are clear, minimal and easy to follow. I cringed at first with the thought of putting hinges and other hardware on the doors but I was amazed at how easy it was. I did have my 16 year old help me with some of the build but overall, it was definitely manageable by one person.

This is a long process of turning the dining room into something that I envision as more of a family room. I also built in an electric fireplace that is wall mounted but with a pretend fireplace mantle and chimney type area that I will cover with sandstone or another like product. I want to be able to have us sit around the dinner table and play games and have other fun times while having fun family get togethers.

My next build are more IKEA shelves for the kitchen which I'll post later.

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