Embracing a Healthy Family: LST-325 - Only Operational Land Tank Carrier on US Waters in Evansville, Indiana

LST-325 - Only Operational Land Tank Carrier on US Waters in Evansville, Indiana

We recently visited the LST-325 carrier docked in Evansville, Indiana. The LSTs were utilized during WWII and were also made in Evansville. They made over a 160 land tank carriers and although this one was not made here, it provides visitors a glimpse into the past which is pretty exciting! This LST was utilized at Omaha Beach as part of D-Day which was extremely moving when getting to see where many brave men departed to never return again. I'm keeping the post short and will add more historical information later.

Also, if you are a M.A.S.H. fan, there is an actual jeep used on as a prop on the popular television show.

To learn more about the LST-325 or about the non-profit organization and how you can help, click the LST-325 link.

Here is a short fact about the LST-325 but please visit the official site to learn more about the history.

The LST-325 was launched on 27 October 1942 and commissioned on 1 February 1943, with Lieutenant Ira Ehrensall the commanding officer. On February 17, during her shakedown cruise, Lt. Ehrensall was transferred to the USS LST-391 and Ensign Clifford E. Mosier replaced him. Mosier would remain the ship's commanding officer until June 1945. At the completion of her shakedown cruise in and around Norfolk, Virginia the LST-325 sailed to New York, New York. From there the LST-325 left on 19 March for Oran, Algeria following a brief stop in Bermuda. 

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