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Tutu's Galore at AdorableBabyClothing

Looking for Tutu's for your little princess?

If you follow my blog, you know how much I write about www.adorablebabyclothing.com.  I fell in love with the clothing selection as it was of high quality and I think my first purchase was the adorable pink bunny Halloween costume for my then baby.  I just purchased matching Christmas dresses to take them into www.thepicturepeople.com for their Christmas portraits.

Lady Bug Tutu Set

As I was looking for the latest and greatest, I stumbled on this incredible array of tutu's. 

The one above in a ladybug theme is so creative and unique.  It has crystal eyes and Swarovski red crystals trailing giving it a delightful, shimmering look.  It's available either in a onesie or tee.  This is a gorgeous edition to any girl's wardrobe and makes quite the birthday outfit!

Onesie or Tee: Shiny lady bug applique crawls across a Black Onesie or girl's fitted Tee, leaving a trail of red Swarovski crystals behind her. Onesie available in long sleeve or short; Tee available in short sleeve only. Tutu (shown with 8" length)... has 8 layers of Red and Black tulle, double the fullness of our regular Tutus, triple layered Bow Pin is removable with red and black satin ribbons topped with a darling lady bug pattern grosgrain ribbon

There are a variety of birthday specific tutu's as well.  There are some that are age specific and others that are not.  The one above I used as an example sparkles with Swarovski crystals in which you choose the age from 1 to 8 and crystal color.  It looks amazing to me!

Cup Cake Tutu Set

Cup Cake Tutu Set - Pom Pom Tutu: The Baby Pink Tutu is filled with a colorful mix of pink, blue and lime Pom Poms, and finished with a big colorful cupcake bow. Any little girl would LOVE this Tutu! Elastic waist, tutu length is approximately 8"-9" long, and can be adusted shorter or longer upon request; pin on bow is removable. Onesie or Tee..our Baby Pink onesie or fitted tee is embellished with a cute cupcake design in sparkling Swarovski crystals of pink, blue and lime, and topped with the birthday girl's age in sparkling pink crystals.

This one would be one of my favorites because we have a house full of Johnny Depp Pirates fans. 

Onesie.. our black onesie with Pink Pirate Princess design on front and Jolly Roger design on baby's bottom pairs perfectly with our Punk style Tutu.

Tutu.. Punk style Tutu has 8 layers of black and pink tulle; fantastic pin on bow is layered with black, pink and skull design ribbon. Tutu has elastic waist and is approximately 8" in length and fits babies through age 2.

It even has a matching headband you can purchase.

The sizes range from 6 months to 24 months.

If you are looking for a unique, high quality Christmas present, birthday gift or just because, you won't be disappointed!

Adorable Baby Clothing Christmas Dresses

I just purchased my daughter's matching Christmas dresses at www.adorablebabyclothing.com along with gorgeous headbands to match!  I usually get the pictures taken in November to give me enough time to make my Christmas cards and calendars at Zazzle.com.

What I love most about Adorable Baby Clothing is the awesome customer service.  I was going to hold out for the sales at the local department stores but it's so difficult to get two matching dresses in size 3T and 8.  Luckily, with the dresses at Adorable Baby Clothing, the sizes are readily available when you select the dress so you just click the drop down box to see what is available. 

The selection is amazing and the dresses range from traditional to modern.  They even have great outfits for boys which to me, would seem hard to find something that is stylish yet great looking.

I'll post a picture of the Christmas pictures with the girls wearing them once I get them taken.

Don't forget they have a great Halloween selection as well as every day wear, special occasions, personalized and much, much more!

Added Bonus from Adorable Baby Clothing:

The Holidays are fast approaching! Choose now while the best selection is still available! Your little boy or girl can be the best dressed at all those special occasion events. Use the word "holiday" at checkout and save $7.50 on every $50.00 minimum purchase. (coupon expires 11/15/09)

Planning for Halloween 2009

How to Make Your Own Halloween Decorations

This year's costume pick: TRANSFORMERS BUMBLEBEE & LADYBUG

As I stated in my other blogs, everything I do relative to gifts is spent with a lot of thought and care.  This goes the same for parties and special holidays.  Granted Halloween isn't really a "special" holiday for me but it is for my kids and I have great memories and more to come!

In preparation this year, I started looking for everything to have in order to hold an incredible, fun kid's party.

I will have the kids make some creepy creature sucker molds. They are inexpensive at $1.99 for two of the same molds. My daughters loved making these in the past and they are so easy to do.

Cupcakes are another fool proof way of making your party a hit with the kids if you have the patience for cleaning up the mess.  You can choose from spooky rings or monster hand picks and then choose sprinkles that look like bones.

Either use traditional cupcake liners or try something new like a laser cut or wrap around paper to add a little more character to the cupcakes.

All of the above supplies can be found at ShopBakersNook.com.

Halloween Express has so many wonderfully spooky decorations that you have to at least take a look!

Special Halloween Express offer to my readers:

Coupon Code 1: TAKE5 (All capital letters with the number 5 at the end). Take $5 off purchases of $50 or more exclusive of shipping and handling.

Coupon Code 2: TAKE10 (All capital letters with the number 10 at the end). Take $10 off purchases of $100 or more exclusive of shipping and handling.

Note that all coupon codes exclude the Tom Arma costume line, gift cards, special orders, closeouts, contact lenses and personalized items. One use per customer. Not valid on prior purchases. Coupons subject to our coupon policy which can be found here: http://www.halloweenexpress.com/coupon-policy.php

If you have big money to spend, they have a new giant spider that would probably make me cry if I saw it and didn't know it wasn't real.  It's 3' long with adjustable legs and light up eyes.

They have tons of costumes and many new one's for 2009.  I think I just found my little girl's costume.  Yes, little girl who has boy tendencies about her.  She will love to be the Transformers Bumblebee.

Who could ever resist this one?

I used to make my oldest costume's from her very first costume until she became old enough to know that I was embarrassing her with what I made.  I'll have to post some of those photos!

Don't forget to check out what adorablebabyclothing.com has for costumes!  They are running a special right now of $20 off of $100 purchase until 09/20/09.

This is the start of planning for Halloween so watch for more to come!

I admit, I'm an early shopper and can't contain my excitement for Halloween because I know how much my six year old loves it! I also learned last year that you don't wait until the last minute to go to your local costume shop as I had no idea how many people actually do dress up. My husband decided we should dress up and we got our costumes but again, I learned you don't wait to the last minute to shop.

My girl, who loves boy's toys, first wanted to be Boba Fett. She was Darth Vader one year and a Clone Trooper another year but when I found the Transformer's Bumblebee costume, she HAD to have it!

This morning, I did a search on all the popular costume shops and found the best deal at Costume Express.

Then I had to get the gloves and the new type of trick or treat bags that helps the kids get treats without having to try to open the bag.

Once I had her set, it was time to find the perfect costume for the two year old.  I searched and searched and couldn't find anything that I really loved so I went with the ladybug costume:

At least that's one task out of the way! 

Now, time to shop for candy to give away.  How do other parents deal with handing out the candy when both want to participate in the trick or treating experience?

The free shipping coupon is:

Free Shipping on Orders of $75 or More!

Coupon Code: REK-993

Expires: 12/31/09

Invitation ideas are here.

Costumes from Costume Express

Star Wars Costumes w Free Shipping

Girls Costumes w Free Shipping

Boys Costumes Free Shipping Promotion

Wolverine Costumes

Youthful Tips

Special Thanks to Cynthia at Adorable Baby Clothing

I had to give a special thanks to Cynthia at Adorable Baby Clothing for the two trendy and stylish shirts she sent my daughters! I've had the pleasure of doing business with Adorable Baby Clothing for a couple of years and have never been disappointed in the customer service, prices or quality.

The Halloween costumes are my favorites as my youngest has been the adorable pink bunny rabbit as an infant and last year, the two youngest were matching Cinderella's.

Adorable Baby Clothes

I wanted to share an online store I found over a year ago and was amazingly surprised at the variety of products they have catering to all sizes of children clothing. Being that I had a preemie, I understand how difficult it is to find clothing that fits let alone adorable clothing! I'm also able to find clothing that fit both my girls in one shop with reasonable prices. The online store is Adorable Baby Clothing and even though the name states "baby," they carry such a variety of clothing to fit any child up to size 12.

Not only do they have everyday outfits, school uniforms, unique pajamas, dress up and accessories, but they have clothes for special occasions, baptisms or christenings. One of my other favorites are the products that are carried for personalization. If you are one of those mom's like me, you like to stand out and provide a gift that is unique and thoughtful and that is exactly what a personalized product does. I usually spend months planning a gift that shows how much they mean to me.

Given Halloween is quickly approaching, judging by the early display at the stores already, Adorable Baby Clothing has a variety of costumes and accessories. Last year, my two daughters were the bells of the "ball" with their matching Cinderella costumes that I bought at Adorable Baby Clothing. The customer service is exceptional!

If you are looking for something different, unique and wonderful or just everyday clothing, visit Adorable Baby Clothing!

*Note: I was not paid nor compensated for this review. I just love this store!
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