Embracing a Healthy Family: No Go on Reducing Asthma Medications

No Go on Reducing Asthma Medications

I was really hoping the doctor would reduce some of my soon to be three year old's asthma medications but it's a no go due to her allergies and asthma symptoms.  Seems that she's doing well other than when she's throwing a temper tantrum or playing too hard.  He had good reason which is to not hinder her from being a child.  He's afraid that if we reduce it now, she will be afraid to play hard due to the attacks which is logical and I was in complete agreement.  I just hope and pray she outgrows it but I'm starting to doubt it.

On a good note, I thought she seemed tiny for her age but per the charts, she's above average in height but a little leaner in weight.  That child is going to be a performer one day as her ultimate goal is to make people laugh with her funny voices, rolling her eyes and cute faces.  She's a ham just like her seven year old sister.

My oldest has her pre-natal check up tomorrow to ensure everything is going well.  She has to worry about being a cystic fibrosis carrier and having a negative RH factor.  We were positive it was a boy but the tech said girl but I'm not convinced by looking at the sonogram.  Time will tell ....

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Heather said...

That's tough. My oldest has asthma, & ADHD. It's hard for them to slow down & sit til they feel better.

YouthfulTips said...

I can't imagine asthma with ADHD! Poor little one! Does it prevent heavy playtime or is he/she used to it by now?