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The Ten Commandments for Children by author Ron Cammenga

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The Ten Commandments for Children by author Ron Ca
mmenga is a lovely book geared towards children to help teach them the importance of the Ten Commandments. The table of contents is broken into 28 easy to read sections to help provide a manageable way to teach each commandment to young minds. The book is also filled with additional Bible versus, discussion questions, and songs to aid in the entertainment and learning aspects. Mr. Cammenga wrote the book not only to serve as an instructional but as a devotional. Another nice feature are QR codes that will link to the 1912 United Presbyterian Psalter for those that enjoy seeing the Psalms. 

The book provides each topic or chapter in a two page colorful spread. First is the notation to which Bible verse and then a "Let's Learn a Bible verse." The amount of text present is just enough to not overwhelm the children while still captivating their attention. Each two page spread provides a colorful illustration that correlates with the theme along with a "Let's talk it over" series of questions such as "What is God's law?" I think this is a great way to ensure the child understood what he or she just heard or read as well as to answer any questions they might have had. The last feature of each topic includes a "Let's sing" notation of a Psalm. 

Mr. Cammenga does an excellent job explaining different aspects of the Ten Commandments. Such as in the beginning, he explains the importance of the number ten by utilizing key sentences from the Bible as well as further explaining how we have ten fingers and toes and how it wouldn't be good of we were missing some of those nor if we had extra fingers and toes. Ten is the perfect number he explains. I think the words used throughout the book makes it easy to understand.

The foundations of living a good life are contained in the Ten Commandments. It's the ultimate addition to the Bible itself in being Godly and an excellent beginning to ensuring our children are living the best that they can. My grandsons enjoyed the book and the questions. It was enjoyable to see my older grandson respond to the questions and listen to his thought processes. The illustrations reminded me of books when I was young. 

You can pre-order now: 

The Ten Commandments for Children 

Also, read what is available online about what this book teaches children...

  • what God’s law is: his ten words to his people
  • how we obey God's law: by loving him and our neighbor
  • why we keep God's law: to thank him for delivering us from our sin, to be assured that he has made us his children, and more


When we teach children about God’s law, we teach them about Jesus Christ. Jesus obeyed perfectly each one of the commandments in God’s law and died for all the times we have not kept God’s law.

This book explains and applies each commandment in two to three chapters, covering both what God forbids and requires. Chapters include discussion questions, a Bible memory verse, and a related psalm to be sung.


Ronald L. Cammenga is professor of Dogmatics and Old Testament Studies at the Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary in Wyoming, Michigan. He is a former pastor, and he and his wife, Rhonda, have eleven children and many grandchildren living in four states.

Ana Sebasti├ín is a digital illustrator and visual development artist based in Madrid, Spain. Ana also likes to work with colored pencils and watercolors and enjoys reading and traveling in her free time.

Cloud Nine Villas is Truly a Cloud Nine Experience in Florida

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We recently stayed around 10 days in sunny Florida which is something we do often. When we do venture out to the sunshine state, we rent a home typically from VRBO. We have had some repeat stays at some homes but due to a previous stay, the usual home had deteriorated so it was time to find a new one. I spend weeks trying to find the perfect home with a pool. The home is important as I want a clean updated one that will provide enough room for everyone. The most important aspect for me, is the pool. I want privacy but that goes pretty much hand in hand with the ability to have pool heat. I don't mind having to pay for pool heat but it needs to be functional. That was why the last house lost a customer as the pool heat was non-existent. There were owner claims made time and time again but when you have to brace yourself to submerge into the artic blast, it's not making for a very fun outing. With all that said, I will share how wonderful this newest rental, Cloud Nine Villas was.

First, the owners are simply amazing and have the very best communication. I did not need to communicate with them rather it was just in the process of prepping for the trip, and they were very proactive along with the property management group. Everything worked as planned upon arrival. At the last rental home, we had to phone the property manager and the owner to get in because the code didn't work. We were able to gain entry on the first attempt at our new found rental home of our dreams.

Second, the home was beautifully decorated in expensive furnishings. No money was spared to make this home appear as a five-star dream vacation. The appliances were modern and clean and every bathroom was stocked with extra supplies of soap and toilet paper to which I've not experienced before. The kitchen was fully equipped allowing vacationers to cook and enjoy family time even more. There was an abundance of smart televisions which allowed us to log in to our Amazon Prime account to experience the comforts at home. In the upstairs family room, there was a Playstation 3 with some games and movies. Downstairs, there were music CDs and books to read. Everything was clean too! It's also nice to be able to return home with clean clothes and the washer and dryer set allowed that! They even had a small game room with a pool table along with a couple of bikes to ride within the beautiful community. Every morning, we would take walks throughout the neighborhood and around the golf course. They were conveniently close to the best grocery store ever, Publix, and many food eateries.

Third, the pool. The pool was absolutely amazing and the best we've ever experienced in all the years of renting homes. It had a small splash area for little children, an amazing waterfall on one corner, and in the other corner, a hot tub. The water was the perfect temperature as well. Another issue with previous rentals was a lack of pool furniture and space to lay out. This home was perfect. The sun would move around the pool area around 10:00 am and stayed until sundown. The pool overlooked a golf course so there was a rogue golf cart here and there that might elicit a friendly wave from one of the golfers. On either side of the home are neighbors but I think they might have been rental homes as no one was ever there. There was a huge shrub barrier that provided privacy even if someone had been home. Even the pool cleaner was exceptionally nice and efficient. There are lights that can be controlled to different colors and there was nothing more wonderful than to watch the vibrant sunsets each night either from the deck or inside.

It was really a cloud nine vacation and couldn't have been more pleased with the rental home. We have not stayed in Florida during the month of October and would return as we had sunny days with the exception of a day or a few hours on some days. It's also close enough to Disney and Universal to enjoy them without a long drive. If a pool is top of your list along with privacy, this is the home for you. We definitely plan to return! Next time if you are planning a trip, check out Cloud Nine Villas as you won't regret it!

Eagle Ridge Ranch in Idaho is a Must Visit Western #Travel Destination


We just returned from a whirlwind vacation that started in El Paso, Texas and took us through Westminster, Colorado to see the Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park being built to Mt. Rushmore, over to Yellowstone with a stop at Eagle Ridge Ranch in Island Park, Idaho.  We stayed at many places along the way with the worse being a Holiday Inn in Cody, Wyoming but the very best place was Eagle Ridge.  We found them via a brochure at the visitor center for Yellowstone and what caught our eye were the activities.  It was a one stop fun fulled vacation stay over for everyone.  What started out with giving the girls a trail ride turned into an overnight relaxing stay.  

The area was beyond beautiful and the owners and staff were very pleasant and accommodating.  Our primary decision for staying other than the beauty was in fact the niceness of everyone there.  Our stop first included purchasing the trail ride which is set for certain times but you can pay extra for a private tour guide which we did because of the number of other visitors who showed up.  30 isn't an unmanageable amount but we wanted to ensure the girls would get more personalized attention.  After seeing the cowboys (aka guides) split up the groups into smaller sizes, I realized it wouldn't have been a problem but I still liked the idea of us having our own cowboy guide.  The ride was longer than expected and too long for an inexperienced little six year old.  Our cowboy's name (have to call him that because it sounds better - wink) was Tyler and I can tell you that my six year old really liked him.  I never saw her talk to anyone as much as she did him.  He was very gracious and good with her as she started to get a bit whiny wanting to know 'how many more hours we had.'  He played along with her and even noticed she needed some water so made sure she took a drink.

The scenic trail ride was full of such beauty and we took in many different views of the ranch since they had over 2000 acres.  Our guide answered all of our questions and exhibited such professionalism and kind manners.  He was very patient with my little ones and even offered to stop and take photographs of us experiencing this memorable trip.

Later, we tried our hands at fishing eventually retiring for the night in the cabin that was loaded with everything one would need.  It was rustic yet modern and had a microwave, refrigerator, stove, coffee maker and toaster along with linens and dishes.  It even had Direct TV, a VCR/DVD player and your phone would actually work.  I mention this as we stayed at a cabin the night before and we had no phone service or TV.  You couldn't ask for a better place than this and the price is right.  There are hot tubs on each porch and a grill for a fun filled night of dinner and s'mores.  Much to our surprise, we also enjoyed complimentary paddle boats, regular fishing boats, canoes, fishing poles and another area to swim that included more paddle boats and a giant inner tube looking thing that looked like it could fit around 20 people to sit, lay on or to jump off into the lake to swim.  While fishing, you get the beauty of seeing free roaming horses who might even greet you as a delightful experience to my children.  

Everything about Eagle Ridge is breath taking and beautiful!  I've already told my friends and family that this IS the place to plan your next vacation.  I have no complaints other than we had to return home as this was a stopping point on the return back.  We went a little down the road to eat at a lodge and the people there were also very nice and the food was delicious with no wait.  This was the perfect vacation spot and they have activities for summer and winter!

Check out Eagle Ridge in Idaho here by clicking the link.

Best Anti-Aging Vitamins: 5 Supplements to Help Turn Back the Clock


While aging may not be the most pleasant experience, the memories, experiences, and life lessons we learn along the way are invaluable. But what if someone told you there are ways to stop, or at least limit, the symptoms of aging. With help from specific vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, we can help rewind our body’s biological clock by replenishing valuable nutrients that we lose with age. That being said, aging is inevitable, and symptoms are almost impossible to avoid altogether. If anything, utilizing this collection of nutrients can help improve quality of life and raise bodily optimization.

What Happens When We Age?


As we age, our body stops producing certain chemical compounds previously in excess when we were younger. Additionally, our telomeres shorten with age. Telomeres help protect the ends of our chromosomes from deteriorating. When our telomeres shorten, our body’s cells go through a negative transformation that drastically affects an individual’s health and lifespan. 

Shorter telomeres have been associated with an increased risk of disease and lower survival rates. Most of the symptoms related to aging are cognitive. Yes, our hair turns grey, and we start to get wrinkles, but the slow cognitive decline is the most reported and impactful result of aging. So let’s take a look at some supplements that can help reduce these effects. 


1. Curcumin


Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. Turmeric is a spice that comes from the turmeric root and is used mostly in Asian dishes. Curcumin is rated highly for its powerful anti-aging effects due to its antioxidant properties. 

Antioxidants are substances that help protect your cells against free radicals, which may play a role in heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. 

Additionally, this antioxidant protects our cells from cellular senescence. Cellular senescence occurs when cells stop dividing, and as we age, these cells accumulate, accelerating aging and the progression of age-related diseases.

You can easily increase your curcumin intake by incorporating turmeric in dishes or by taking curcumin supplements!


2. CoQ10


Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is another antioxidant that is self-produced by your body. It is responsible for energy production and protecting cells from damage. As we age, our levels of CoQ10 begin to decline, and symptoms such as fatigue and brain fog become more and more apparent. 

In 2015, researchers ran an experiment to test the effects of supplemented CoQ10 in 443 older adults. The study found that supplementing CoQ10 and selenium (an element that aids metabolism) over four years improved their overall quality of life, reduced hospital visits, and slowed the deterioration of mental performance. 

Though CoQ10 shows the potential to be a powerful anti-aging supplement, there still needs to be more research and definitive evidence before it can be recommended as a natural way to prevent aging. Make sure to talk to a health care professional before trying it out.


3. Vitamin B12


Ah, yes, trusty vitamin B12. This keystone vitamin aids our body in numerous ways, like keeping our nerve and blood cells healthy. Vitamin B12 also helps prevent a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia that makes people tired and weak. 

Aside from its “inner body benefits,” such as added energy and cognitive clarity, B12 can also aid our bodies cosmetically. It can help improve our appearance by reducing skin redness, inflammation, and dryness. It can also reduce hair breakage and help nails become stronger.

Our bodies don’t produce B12 naturally, but we can obtain it through various foods like fish, eggs, and chicken. Different types of vegetables, such as mushrooms, are high in B12 as well. B12 is also available as a daily supplement and can be found at your local pharmacy or natural food store.


4. Vitamin D  


Weakening immune systems are a sure sign of aging. At some point, catching a common cold will have a much more significant impact than it did when we were younger. Thankfully, a new UK research study has found that Vitamin D can have a positive effect on the immune system and help offset some age-related health issues.

It is also widely accepted throughout the scientific community that vitamin D compounds protect the skin against the hazardous effects of many skin aging-inducing agents, including ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

You absorb vitamin D naturally through the sun’s rays, but vitamin D supplements are widely accessible at any pharmacy or vitamin shop if you want an extra boost.


5. NAD+ Treatment 


And last, but certainly not least, NAD+ treatment. Yes, we know this isn’t a vitamin or antioxidant, but its potential is something we cannot overlook. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+, is one of the most potent anti-aging molecules you can put into your body. In short, NAD+ keeps your cells “young” and helps to rewind your biological clock.

NAD+ treatment is relatively new on the scene. As of right now, the FDA has only given the green light for oral NAD+ supplements. However, injecting NAD+ intravenously is a very efficient way to receive the nutrient, as it allows for almost 100% bioavailability. 

NAD+ treatment can last anywhere from two to six hours and has been reported by some as being quite uncomfortable. Some patients have reported nausea, chest tightness, and lightheadedness. Fortunately, these symptoms are short-lived and pretty much counteracted by the treatment’s lasting impact on energy levels, mental clarity, and overall sense of rekindled youth.




Aging is inevitable, we all know that. As we age our body slowly stops performing at maximum efficiency and there is no way around that. These supplements and treatments are in no way the “end all be all” for aging symptoms, but what they do provide is a higher quality of life and, at the very least, help to manage current and future symptoms of aging.



This article was originally published at iveeapp.com.

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How to Turn Up Your Glow: Top 10 Vitamins for Beauty



Getting the perfect amount of glow and radiant skin might seem achievable only through spending a pretty penny on every beauty product ad served to you…but it doesn’t have to be that way. Almost all vitamins A through D hold some cosmetic value. So ditch the overstocked beauty product shelf and try some of these inexpensive (and healthy) alternatives!


1. Vitamin A


Vitamin A is responsible for protecting and healing skin. Today, a key ingredient in beauty products called retinoid is a derivative of Vitamin A and helps prevent wrinkles, cure brown spots, and smooth rough skin. Retinoid is also used in many acne treatments, adding to its reputation as both a protector and preventer.


2. Vitamin B-Complex 


B-complex vitamins, in general, are essential for overall beauty health. B-complex vitamins are also known as antioxidants, beneficial for hair, skin, and nail health. B vitamins improve keratin levels in the body, which is essential for promoting healthy, hydrated skin. B-complex vitamins are available in many different foods, such as red meat, poultry, and other dairy products. B-complex vitamins are arguably the best vitamins for beauty.


3. Vitamin C


Vitamin C is vital for healthy, youthful, radiant skin. Like vitamin B-complex, vitamin C boosts collagen production, giving you firmer, clearer skin. Vitamin C can also provide surface defense against harmful UV damage. It also helps prevent the spread of free radicals in cells, which cause illnesses and other chronic conditions. In general, vitamin C is vital for providing a healthy lifestyle.


4. Vitamin D


Vitamin D is a vitamin we typically receive just by going outside. Exposure to sunlight is one of the main ways vitamin D enters our body. In terms of beauty, vitamin D can help save skin from acne and reduce wrinkles associated with aging and UV exposure, keeping your skin soft and smooth.


5. Vitamin E


Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that is found in a variety of food sources. It helps improve skin health by boosting collagen production in the body while simultaneously combating free radicals. Vitamin E is proven to be more effective when taken in unison with vitamin C. Vitamin E is most effective when taken as a topical skin condition. 


6. Glutathione


Glutathione is a tiny protein molecule found in all protein-rich foods. They include fish, eggs, and poultry, to name a few. As far as we know, Glutathione is one of the most efficient antioxidants to fight the physiological symptoms of aging and oxidative stress.  


7. Lycopene


Lycopene helps adjust skin texture. Assisting in the formation of collagen, Lycopene is exceptionally effective at preventing wrinkly skin. Few foods like watermelon and apricots contain Lycopene. Still, tomatoes are the largest natural source of the antioxidant. Beauty care products also offer Lycopene in topical creams and moisturizers. 


8. Protein


Our bodies take the protein we eat and turn them into amino acids, creating more proteins such as collagen and keratin, which help structure our skin. Amino acids also help rid of old dying skin.

9. Healthy Fats


Healthy fats are what you think they are: fats that are healthy (what a concept). This how and why your skin gives off a “glow.” Not enough dietary fat can make skin wrinkled and dried out. Good sources of healthy fats include nuts, seeds, and fish. These fats differ from saturated fats because they are easier for your body to break down.


10. Zinc


Zinc is one of the many essential nutrients your body needs to function properly. It helps protect your immune system by combating free radicals. Zinc is fantastic for fighting acne due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Zinc can also help treat and prevent certain skin conditions such as melasma, rosacea, dermatitis, and eczema. 




Vitamins and minerals aren’t just crucial for sustaining a healthy lifestyle; they can help promote a beautiful one as well. These vitamins and antioxidants, along with a healthy diet, can greatly help enhance already radiant skin, long and healthy hair, and robust nails, letting you show off your best you. There isn’t an “end all be all” for beauty products, but this is a good start.


This article was originally published at iveeapp.com.


Any Minecraft Fans Interested in Reviewing New Fan Fiction for Children?

Any Minecraft Fans Interested in Reviewing New Fan Fiction for Children?  Send a message to me and let me know. This is a new published book by a 13 year old that has already been receiving great reviews but is interested in furthering her reach to others that might be Minecraft fans.

Click Unofficial Minecraft Nomads and Pillagers to read more and if interested, send an e-mail to:  staying_younger@yahoo.com.

Ms. Joyce is an aspiring 13 year old author who was inspired by her mother and grandfather to write. This first book in a series details the adventure of Dani and Ellie along with some adorable sidekicks as Nomads and Pillagers fight it out to the finish.

To purchase, click here.

Hurry as only so many copies will be available for review.

PHOTOWALL'S Victorian Wars is Perfection for the Star Wars Fan Review + 25% Discount

*Sponsored Review from PHOTOWALL

This was a fun review as we are avid Star Wars fans and never had the opportunity to try out canvas prints that were not based on a personal photo. This was a new concept to me and I had no idea products like this existed along with the ability to order just about any size wanted. This was also a great feature to me in that it replaces a huge section of a wall to give it whatever feel one would want. PHOTOWALL has many items from wallpaper to canvas prints as well as framed prints and posters. For this review, I chose the Victorian Wars canvas which I could say that I was even more pleased with the product than I was with ordering it!

I was amazed at the speed of delivery for starters. It was received well protected with no damage due to the expert packaging. The product delivery had me puzzled at first until I opened the packaging and found the framing material all neatly and protected inside. The online tutorial was definitely a plus to watch to ensure that I put it together correctly. It may sound difficult but it was not. It was actually fun for my Star Wars fanatical daughter to help me. We managed to, quite easily, create the masterpiece you see above. Part of my family are into steam punk so the Victorian style really added to the absolutely have to have it ascertion. 

The 100% cotton canvas itself is of high quality and was available in sizes from 15.75" x 15.75" all the way up to 59.06" x 39.37" to fit nearly everyone's needs. As noted above, the canvas does arrive unmounted but includes the frame and extremely easy hardware to assemble. The other neat thing about PHOTOWALL is the ability to have your image edited whether it's to switch colors, add objects, or change dimensions, their photo experts are up to the task.

There is also a 100% guarantee to be satisfied otherwise return the product within 30 days and receive a refund.

Whether you have your own image or choose to select one that they offer, you won't be dissatisfied as we LOVE our canvas print and highly recommend them.

For a 25% discount, use code hbcf25 and expires January 2021.

Homeschool and Elections: An Excellent Lesson

It seems every election introduces a new learning point in how our system is suppose to work and how the founding fathers had such a keen astute knowledge to prepare for the future. It is ashame that the public school systems have deviated from instructing with a classical approach and much to my pleasure, I have found that classical schools are springing up nationwide. This is wonderful for the parent(s) that wants their children to be taught to ethics, morals, values and to be cultivated to have independent thought. One of the other key subjects not being taught is civics as well. We have a country half filled with very angry, disenchanted folks sprinkled with a voluminous number wishing to cause anarchy and violence if one does not bend to their way of thinking. On the other side, is a band of people who want religion brought back in to our daily lives including schools. These same people believe in the flag, the Constitution, our military, and the electoral system. The 2020 election will probably go into history being compared to the Bush-Gore election given it wasn't a cut and dry victory. This election is one full of learning points for my children as we watch how it unfolds. The difference, however, is I'm not just going to watch.

I am adamant with my students that what just unfolded over quite a long time that really goes back from the last century if not earlier. People evolve and when society and technology introduces changes, we change. We grow. We expect things as our intellect grows or perhaps even our boldness. It's how women fought to vote or how black people were freed, were given a Constitutional right to be citizens, and vote. We continue to progress and with that, comes new demands, expectations, and a desire for different rights. Many changes have been for the positive and although it seems they should have been inherently present without any fight, it is for history and for us to remember. 

We just spent several years with new demands for what some think our civil rights laws such as transgenders to children and it continues growing. There will always be pro and opposing views and we should allow those thoughts. This is an excellent time to teach our children what is occurring and how we can guide them into the righteous thought but a cohabitating way of living. The beauty of America is the ability to live and respect each other even if different. There is a systematic shift in those that hold vehemently one way of thought demanding the other side adopts the same way of thinking and attitude. This just didn't happen overnight rather it has culminated mostly from the 1960s to where those left to teach at the college levels which trickled down all the way to pre-school. The reason to provide the above talking points is it is directly related to education and elections.

I've been watching a lot of information on the 2020 elections with my students. I'm quite frankly confused as to why everyone would not want to have an election full of integrity and value. If one garners their news from legacy media, one view is hammered continuously without regard for truth and honesty. We do have a system of election rules that must be followed otherwise who dictates when rules can be broken or bent? It is in every American's best interest to demand the rules are followed. Imagine the tables turned and the Republicans are in control of a state's entire political system and decide to alter rules for whatever reason that appears reasonable. This entire scenario could be playing out in the reverse with President Trump being proclaimed the projected winner and thus, chaos, anarchy, and more would be pursued.

It is vital to our Constitutional Republic that we follow the rules, and if we change the rules, they were done legally. If there are reports, valid reports, of computer glitches from software programs or even reported updates the day prior to the election, we must examine the programs. If there are systematic reports of irregularities, we must verify they were not. It is every American's responsibility to demand an honest election. I've not spoken to one President Trump supporter that would be gracious in accepting defeat if it's fair. We all should be screaming from the roof tops, 'as long as it's fair.' 

But, we're not. The legacy media continues to be the major disrupter of life in the United States. The media is irresponsible and reports lies, reports in continued bias manners, and fuels the flame of emotion. Since I homeschool, I encourage and provide alternate sources to allow my students to learn independent thought. Nationwide, common core was introduced and the loss of thinking ensued. We, as parents, need to spend more time understanding what our children are being taught. We also need to teach events from both sides. We need to nurture the ability for our children to think for themselves, question what they hear or read, and to form conclusions. We need to ensure they aren't jumping on board to erase the past as it might be uncomfortable, horrying, or unpleasant. History is always repeating itself and we must not wipe it away. This election is full of teaching moments that are profound in many subjects. Our children must learn about the Constitution, the electoral process, and how we should behave from a civility standpoint.

We can be different. We can want different things. We must follow the rules, the laws, and we must return to civility, morality, and accountability.  We do have a voice and that is why I'm going to be writing my congressmen and senators as well as each Supreme Court justice to convey my thoughts as this election is for the American voter.

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