Embracing a Healthy Family: Mamavation Monday

Mamavation Monday

I'm a day late mostly because I think because I missed a post or two, I was taken out but was put back in so I was transitioning on the e-mail notifications.  Luckily, I went on Twitter to get Leah's welcome back message so yeah!  I'm back ...again!  I thought of writing all the excuses as to why I had been hit or miss on posting by I think back to the Biggest Loser of No Excuses last season so that will be me.  No excuses.  It's been almost one full year since I began my journey to get healthy for myself and my children.  I had an eye opening experience after noticing my then seven year old packing on the pounds due to too much McDonald's after school and immediately put a halt on it.  I can't see subjecting my children up for bad habits, bad health and eventual teasing for weight issues.  Now I can happily say, we're all healthier.

We even had a Hello Kitty party full of all sorts of yummy yet icky bad for you foods.  Although wasteful, I ended up throwing out much of it because it was just us for the party and I didn't want them to go crazy eating too much and my oldest daughter, 23 years, and I didn't want to consume the calories.  My oldest came to visit about a month and a half ago and we've kicked up our desire to lose the last bit of weight we both are trying to lose.  It's been hard.  I've been trying to turn her to Mamavation but she is limited with time given her young daughter, school and everything else.  I wished she would because I think she would find the comfort and encouragement from another source that would keep her on the road of being healthy.

I'm not an over zealous person who is monitoring their every bite rather I'm just being sensible with the volume of snacks, the choices of food and the limiting of fast food.  It's a healthy medium to where they can still have their beloved Hershey bar but it's not a Hershey bar, Cheetos, soda and so forth.  Another big elimination was soda.  I buy one 12 pack a month and it has to last the month and this goes across six people.  I don't drink Coke rather Coke Zero so it's a no-no I'm still trying to break.  I only drink one a day.  This week's theme on Mamavation TV was healthy snacking which tied in nicely to my "I'm back!" message.

Healthy snacking for us includes fresh fruits and vegetables.  We also liven it up with pistachios and almonds and sometimes, Pirates Booty and Pop Chips.  I also have string cheese on occasion because they love their cheese.  With summer fastly approaching, I'm planning on making real fruit juice popsicles.  I have found that the snacking is a big pound packer and have eliminated bad choice temptations by not purchasing as many unhealthy snacks.  Again, I don't eliminate all because I truly feel a little is not going to be detrimental and I also feel that if it was totally restricted, they would go hog wild once given a chance.  I noticed how my now nine year old doesn't over indulge and has learned it's about being healthy.  I've been careful to not turn her into a kid obsessed with being overweight or worried about eating rather picking choices that are healthy for your body.  Now, it's time to turn my almost five year old into choosing the right foods!  She's still a bad food snacker.

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Shannon Sander said...

Welcome back :) Those are some great snack options. My kids love fruit, so much that we need to grocery shop a couple of days each week.

Shelley (@momma_oz) said...

80/20 rule. Always in our house. If you eat healthy 80% of the time, you don't feel "deprived" and neither do your kids. Also - My Boys LOVE when we make our own popsicles and I found some fun ones on Pinterest :) So glad to have you posting again :)

Judy Joyce said...

Thank you, Shannon! Very inspiring post you had on the steps!

Love the 80/20 rule, Shelley! I'm going to start officially incorporating that in our house! Thanks!

Kat @ iHeart7.com said...

Luckily we all LOVE fruit so snacking on apples, bananas, strawberries, cantaloupe, blueberries, blackberries, etc is a treat for me, hubby, and the kids. Several of our kids also love carrots (as do I) so we snack on those as well (no dressing, except my 9 year old who HAS to have ranch LOL). Welcome back to the Mamavation Sistahood! When I first started REALLY changing our eating habits, the kids went into freak-out mode. EVERYTHING IN OUR HOUSE IS HEALTHY! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO EAT?! lol Now they actually seem fine with it and have adjusted pretty well. I still get them some things they like but nothing particularly BAD for them. They love the different flavored rice cakes so we do 100-calorie (13 mini rice cakes) snacks of those and you'd think they were consuming potato chips LOL!

Judy Joyce said...

Kat, you are lucky to have your family all loving fruit and veggies! It's a struggle in my house but I'm going to win ;) Great list of goals you have from your page and kudos on the boot camp!