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Drive Thru History® "Acts to Revelation" Review

I was introduced to Drive Thru History® last year and instantly fell in love the adventures featuring Dave Stotts. When we had the opportunity to review the new adventure series, I couldn't wait to watch and review Drive Thru History® "Acts to Revelation." This series was no disappointment and only carried forward my enthusiasm for such a remarkable account of all the Book of Acts to the Book of Revelations. The DVD series, 18 30-minute episodes, has a general age range of 6th grade to adult but I honestly think that younger students would be interested. For us, it wasn't just a time to sit and learn a lesson, we utilized it as family entertainment. It covers a broad range of subjects from art, history, geography, Biblical studies, of course, and so much more! It made us want to go see every location that Dave visited. He has a keen ability to present each topic with a combination of seriousness while livening it up with humor as he's a natural. As a bonus, the beautifully created DVD set includes an equally lovely study guide keeping everything in one area making it easy for using the study guide to teach or to peruse and learn for one's own entertainment.

Our introduction to Drive Thru History® "Acts to Revelation" began with understanding the events that started the gospel to spread in the first century. The Book of Acts is Dave's roadmap, so to speak, to follow the path of the early Christians. Each episode covers just the right material to understand how each event and series of events set up the next. For those not as familiar with the Bible, it's a great introduction and for those that are, it reinforces what we know. In addition, it provides such amazing views of the places that it feels as if you are there with Dave. The maps, the drawings, artwork and other props utilized to share the knowledge are top notch and is better than any Hollywood movie. The 18 episodes are broken into 18 and include:

  1. The Gospel Shared at Pentecost
  2. The Church Grows in Jerusalem
  3. The Gospel Spreads to the Gentiles
  4. Saul of Taurus & the Road to Damascus 
  5. Paul's First Missionary Journey: The Island of Cyprus
  6. The Journey Continues: Pamphylia, Galatia, & Asia Minor
  7. The Jerusalem Council & Paul's Second Missionary Journey
  8. The Second Journey Continues: Philippi and Thessalonica
  9. A Road Trip to Athens
  10. Ancient Corinth
  11. Paul's Third Missionary Journey: Ephesus
  12. Paul's Final Trip to Jerusalem & Caesarea
  13. Adventures at Sea: The Island of Malta
  14. A Final Journey to Rome
  15. The Martyrdom of Paul & Peter
  16. John and the Island of Patmos
  17. The Seven Churches of Revelation
  18. The Book Closes on the New Testament Period

The Study Guide is concise, colorful and done in a manner that provides a challenge to the students while reinforcing what they learned. After each episode, I would utilize the
Study Guide to ensure my children were following and understanding the key points. The Study Guide is not cumbersome and does not create a level of panic or dread because it's not too long. Each section includes:

  • A Summary that provides the summary of the episode.
  • A Discussion section that comprises a small series of questions that will test and reinforce what the student has learned. For example, discussion 11 only had five questions. 
  • Side Roads provided additional information about the episodes person, places or time period.
  • Answers to each episode's discussions can be found towards the end.
  • Beautiful photographs are mixed into every page making it a must see and definite asset to the program.

As we continued to watch each episode, I remained in awe over how each one was made in such a beautiful way. The re-enactments were extremely professional and each episode that covers the roadmap of the path early Christians took, was chalk full of facts of pertinent events, locations and the time period. I think this is a series worthy of watching over and over due to the amount of knowledge to be learned. Dave has a mannerism of speaking at just the right speed to fully absorb all the details he's presenting while not being dull or boring. He's very engaging and entertaining and reminds me of one of my best professors I had in college. 

Additional thoughts I observed from my children watching the series:

  • The parts where Dave shows what cities might have looked like in the specific time period was fascinating.
  • Dave references where in the Bible the specific details come from was an asset to help reinforce readings from the Bible.
  • If you are a fan of Dave and Drive Thru History®, you will know how he likes to drive cool vehicles as he begins his journey. In one of the episodes, he has a beautiful horse and carriage much to the delight of my children. It's always interesting to see what he will end up in next!
  • Dave does another great job in linking events from the Bible to archaeological and historical events that help prove Biblical accounts.
  • He also touches on a lot of Latin words which is timely since we are learning Latin now.
  • Each episode begins with a general statement and completes it by stating, "But there is no substitute for reading the Scripture yourself."

My 11 year old's thoughts:

"I like that he's funny and the episodes were short. I liked that I was able to learn more about the Bible and how they suggested which part of the Bible I should read."

Overall, we loved Drive Thru History® "Acts to Revelation" and recommend it to anyone homeschooling or wanting to learn more themselves. I also think it would be a great asset to public and private schools given the breadth of subjects covered and how captivating the entire series is. It's yet another win!

It's really an engaging series to purchase for yourself, your children or even as a gift. Check out what others on the Crew thought by clicking on the photo link below:

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Walt Disney Studios Mary Poppins Returns Activity Sheets

Many of you, if not all, have heard of Mary Poppins. It's a classic that we have watched a time or two. Walt Disney Studios previously release Mary Poppins Returns and now it's available on Digital 4K Ultra HD March 12th and on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-Ray on March 19th. We already purchased our's digitally from Amazon and plan to have a Mary Poppins Returns family movie night. After watching the trailer and seeing how fantastic Emily Blunt looks portraying Mary Poppins and of course, bringing back Dick Van Dyke, I had to have this for my video collection! Colin Firth as a cast member was the icing on the cake!

It was timely that I received this pack of Activity Sheets and if you purchase it or just love Mary Poppins, here is the link to print them off for your children:

Mary Poppins Returns Activity Sheet Link

Here are just a couple of examples you will be able to print:

New Film: Secular Scholars Challenge Mosaic Authorship in "The Moses Controversy"

Who really wrote the first five chapters of the Bible? That's the question tackled by Timothy P. Mahoney in his latest film 'The Moses Controversy.' If you're into Biblical archeology, you might want to check it out while it's still in theaters for two nights only on Saturday, March 16th and Tuesday, March 19th.

A little about the film:


Is the Bible the inspired word of God? Or is it a book of fables and myths?
Award-winning investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney and his Patterns of Evidence team return with a brand-new examination into The Moses Controversy.
Mahoney was raised to believe the stories of the Bible were true. But mainstream scholars reject the Bible’s claim that Moses wrote the Exodus journey as an eyewitness account, they believe it is just an exaggerated tale. These scholars emphatically declare Moses didn’t even have a writing system like Hebrew to record it; instead, the writing of Exodus came more than one thousand years after the fact.
Since the Bible claims that Moses was the author of one of the greatest stories in the entire Bible—the Israelites’ Exodus out of Egypt and their journey to Mt. Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God—Mahoney realizes that the question of Moses’ ability to write its first books impacts the credibility of the entire Bible.
Traveling throughout the Middle East to see where the patterns lead, Mahoney uncovers profound new scientific evidence you have to see to believe! The new documentary investigation Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy will be in theaters for three days only: March 14, 16, and 19.

Visit their website for times and locations

How the Ketogenic Diet Can Be Healthy

I keep reading all these news reports and opinions about how the Ketogenic (Keto) Diet is unhealthy and shouldn't be followed. From my experiences with the diet, along with other family members, I'm confused how it's not healthy. I wonder if the Keto Diet is being confused with hardline diets that eliminate nearly all carbs versus one that restricts carbs by eliminating most processed foods and sugars. With the Keto Diets we follow, you still eat meat as that is low carb of course but by adding the other food choices, it can be a completely healthy diet to follow. A regular day with us is using items such as cauliflower instead of potatoes and homemade ranch instead of honey mustard or low carb tortilla shells instead of bread. My oldest and I have this conversation quite often while cooking as to us, how can eliminating processed foods ever be a bad thing? 

A normal meal for us might include a salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and onion with ranch dressing. We can either make this a meal by adding baked or grilled chicken or steak.  We also like to make mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes as it's really good. Some days we might have brocolli or cabbage or one of the other low carb meals. I think if you are one that wants to lose weight fast and adhere to a strict Keto type diet, it can be unhealthy but when one chooses a diet that reduces carbs by a healthy elimination of sugars and processed foods, it's a win-win. By choosing the Ketogenic Diet, we also prepare food from scratch instead of popping something in the oven or microwave or even going to a fast food restaurant. We have found so many resources in making great tasking food that reduces our carb intake and we still lose weight.

Some of our favorite dinner meals include:

  • Mississippi Pot Roast made in a crock pot with onions and pepperoncinis. 
  • Greens beans with turkey sausage
  • Meatloaf with mashed cauliflower
  • Fathead Pizza
  • Steak Salad
  • Modified Cottage Pie
  • Fajitas 
  • Smothered Pork Chops with broccoli 

We have found an array of recipes online and have created some of our own. It's a diet that requires dedication and if you can prepare food ahead of time, it does make food preparation faster. Overall, I think the Keto Diet is a good life change diet to make and we have found not only do we lose weight on it but we feel so much better and have more energy on it. With the abundance of items on the market that are low carb, it makes it easy to just start switching out carb-laden foods out for healthy versions.

Our Review of Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance, K-3 Vol. 4 from ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

I remember taking Art History in college and even though it was something I didn't really want to take, I'm glad I did. As I progress with teaching my own children, I want to ensure they have an introduction to artists as they proceed through each grade. My favorite time period was the Italian Renaissance so when I had a chance to review Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance, K-3 Vol. 4 from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. , I couldn't wait to get started.  ARTistic Pursuits Inc. offers a series called K-3rd Grade Level, Volumes 1-8 which provides a complete art curriculum across a variety of ages and grades. For our review, I made sure I studied the book, which provided a host of artists that shaped our views of art, to ensure we had all the necessary supplies. I also wanted to see how the lesson's history matched my memory from many years ago when I was in college. I wasn't disappointed either as the book, although more concise compared to a year at college, it covered some of the main artists and techniques. 

The book provides twelve lessons and the six video lessons. First, I'm going to cover the video lessons and what we thought of them:

  • They were our favorite part of the curriculum. They did such a great job starting out each video with a scene first and then they moved on to the lesson. The only drawback I would give is the music was a bit too loud. Other than that, we give the video lessons an A+! They were charming and captivating. 
  • The video lessons were just the right length. They were not boring nor did they cover too much material. 
  • The tips and tricks were done in a speed slow enough to allow us to grasp each tip and suggestion. They also repeated the key parts to each lesson to ensure the child(ren) retained the pointers.
  • The video lessons were projects that were not too difficult and were fun to try.

The ARTistic Pursuits book is nice and colorful and has a smooth cover which allows for easy paint removal if one should happen to have it too close to the budding artists. I found the book very helpful and engaging and will list out the details:

  • The comprehensive Contents page allowed for an easy reference point to see which artist was going to be covered, the major works of art to be featured along with instructions.
  • Another page provided all the materials needed for every project contained within the book and the video lessons.
  • The section on Teaching Simply explained how the curriculum was designed to "activate thought and creativity throughout every part of the lessons." The video lessons are used to teach each new art medium. It's a simple to use curriculum that will provide a thorough art education in my opinion.
  • Each lesson included questions for the student such as Lesson 15 in the painting A Game of Chess by Sofinisba in 1555: The table tilts towards us. What does that help us to see? Not only is history taught but they also learn about watercolors, fresco, scratch art and oil pastels.
  • The reproduction of the artwork is beautiful too!

This curriculum was a hit in our house! Everyone started to paint and we had so much fun!

Photo capturing one of the lessons from the video lessons.

Overall, the curriculum is done really well and I love how comprehensive it was. The different grade levels offered provides me a resource to turn to as my children advance in their lessons. The ARTistic Pursuits Inc. book was an asset to the curriculum and together with the video lessons, it was perfect. Our review really reflects what ARTistic Pursuits Inc. states:

Even the youngest student is creating art that is personal. Art is far more than imitation; it is a language that allows the doers, our children, to speak for themselves and to express their own ideas and interests through pictures.

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Sign Up to See Movies Before they Hit Theaters

I've been a part of iScreeningRoom for several months now and have witnessed some really cool movies coming out before they even hit the theaters. It's completely free and all they ask is you complete a survey afterwards. Forbes magazine calls iScreeningRoom, "a revolutionary online test screening platform." Now you can sign up for FREE and be a part of feature films before they hit the theater!  Just click the link below.

How Genealogy is a Good Elective Study in Homeschool Curriculums

I've been interested in genealogy for more years than I can recall. It started with my dad and perhaps his interest started with his dad probably in the 1960s and 1970s or even earlier. My mom is from England and I've only started really researching her family as it was a very small one and more difficult to trace. However, my dad's side is huge and very difficult keeping it all straight. When I find out cool facts, I share it with my children and encourage them to get interested because it's part of history. Since tracing some family members serving in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I and II, among many others, it provides them a bit more interest knowing that they had a family member serve. 

Another unique feature is allowing them to learn about key events over time like the Great Depression where they can see who was alive and learn more about the events that shaped that time period. It also provides them with additional knowledge on how to research online. They have been enjoying the things I teach them and seeing how the family lines work as well as how DNA works within the family trees. Of course, DNA opens a huge door into another segment of education that will be forthcoming. 

There are many resources online that can spark an educational opportunity with the different genealogy sites. Today as I was looking at hints on Ancestry.com, I found someone's research clearly showing the lineage to not only George Washington but one of the kings of England. Granted many cousins down the line and multiple X times removed but yet again, an educational opportunity and needless to say, they thought it was pretty cool!  We also have a not so famous person in our family who was the attorney general of Louisiana in the early 1700's and was later executed for treason when the Spanish took over. In addition to that family member, a couple even marched with George Rogers Clark in capturing Fort Sackville from the British in Vincennes, Indiana.

Even though it may not be easy to hunt down the family tree, it's a fun exercise and a great way to grow an interest in history, teach online research abilities and learn more about one's family.

Singapore Math Inc.'s Dimensions Math PK-5: Level 3A Review

Math is not a fun subject for my daughter and she prefers to have physical books which is why I was very happy to review Singapore Math Inc.'s Dimensions Math PK-5. Singapore Math has a great reputation based on the various things I've read about their programs which was another reason I was excited to try it out. The set we received was the 3A level Textbook, Workbook and Teacher's Guide. The program is detailed and starts out with the basics and repeats concepts to ensure the child is retaining what they are learning which I think is an excellent way to drill in concepts and information. There is even a resource page help with the Dimensions Math program.

My daughter started out a little reluctant but after we began utilizing it, she decided that she didn't loath it like other programs and she didn't give me a difficult time working through the lessons. The lessons are not long and complicated which she likes. I also like that I can utilize the Teacher's Guide and then I can let her go off on her own to complete the assignments. Here is two pages from the Dimensions Math Textbook 3A:

One thing she noted was how repetitive the lessons can be which I explained that the method is based on the pedogogy and methodology of math education in Singapore which has many components but one specifically is through Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract development, students view the same concepts over time with increasing level of abstraction. I really like this method as I think it's the best way to teach students as it ensures they understood a concept or ability to answer a problem. Singapore Math Inc. does a wonderful job in helping the teacher/parent understand the program.

The Dimensions Math Teacher's Guide 3A is spiral bound which I love, love, love! I like to be able to turn pages over without having to try to crease the pages or have to have a weight to keep my place. It is broken down as follows:

  • Contents - indexed by chapters, lessons and page number. There is a brief description of the lesson as well as the number for each lesson.
  • Dimensions Math Curriculum provides how the program works and a little history behind it.
  • Dimensions Math Program Materials provides all the requirements to teach the curriculum from the textbook, workbook, teacher's guide to tests and online resources such as Blackline Masters (used for various hands-on tasks), videos, activities and more. See photo below where we had a roll the dice activity and the winner was the one who came closest to 8,000 without going over.
  • Guide on how to use the Teacher's Guide which really helps to read prior to starting working with your children. I also like that each lesson is designated to take one day but it's flexible to allow one to utilize it across more than one day. Another bonus is that the textbooks are designed to last multiple years.
  • Dimensions Math Scope & Sequence which outlines every level and each chapter.
  • Chapter work begins for the student(s) and it's broken into segments that include: overview, notes, materials needed, chapter opener and how to teach the chapters. Each chapter's page is color coded so it's easy to find the color of the chapter you want.
  • Answers are provided for the textbook and workbook exercises. The answers to the Dimensions Math 3A Textbook are contained with the corresponding lesson within the Teacher's Guide and the answers to the Dimensions Math 3A Workbook follows the instructional in the Teacher's Guide for that chapter.

The website resources are quite nice as well. From the Dimensions Math PK-5 site, there is a wealth of resources as follows:

  • Series Overview
  • Sample Pages
  • Scope & Sequence
  • Standard Alignments
  • Questions?
  • Blackline Masters
  • Lesson Materials
  • Letters Home
  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • Press
  • Contact
  • Shop

We did like Dimensions Math PK-5 by Singapore Math Inc. and we're fortunate to be able to review the 3A level.

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The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Book 3 & 4 from WorthyKids, an Imprint of Hachette Book Group, Review

I'm really excited to be able to share our review on the two books from the The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series from WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group. Once we received the two books in the series, we immediately liked what we started to read so I ordered the first two for my grandchildren. I had my two children read one book each to provide a good perspective from two ages of readers. My almost 16 year old read The Great Escape (Book #3) and my 11 year old read Journey to Jericho (Book #4)

The Great Escape (Book #3)

This book centered around siblings Peter, Mary and their dog named Hank. Occasionally Great Uncle Solomon has appearances too. As the siblings stumble upon ancient scrolls, they get transported to ancient Egypt during the time of Exodus. They experience the pyramids, the palace and the Great Sphinx as well as the mighty plagues and the Great Magician.

The black and white illustrations are basic but at some parts of the story but very detailed where they need to be. Not having color illustrations did not detract from the book and provided just enough to spark the imagination.

One of the features my daughter liked were the journal entries such as this one that Peter wrote:

Day 4
Pharaoh was sick of the frogs. He told Moses he would let the Israelite slaves go if Moses would ask God to take the frogs away. Moses prayed, and all the frogs died. Now there are piles of dead frogs everywhere. Then Pharaoh changed his mind and didn't let the slaves go free. You can't trust the Pharaoh. 

My daughter also thought it was really easy to understand and enjoyed how it correlated to the Bible. She thought it was a cute story since it gave an idea of what it might've been like to venture back in time and she said she liked how they introduced the characters, and how they were able to be part of the story. She also liked how in the back of the books, they provide the passages from the Bible where the reader can read more about the people, places and events from the book.

Journey to Jericho (Book #4)

This book centered around the same adventurous siblings Peter, Mary and their dog named Hank and their Great Uncle Solomon. My other daughter read this book and I decided to interview her based on her thoughts on the book:

Who is your favorite character?  
Mary because she is smart.

What did you like about the story?
I liked how the author told stories from the Bible. It made me want to read the Bible.

What was your favorite scene?
The climax of the story. Satan came and then Michael, the angel, arrived and saved the day. I also liked how the passages were recommended in the back so I could read more in the Bible.

Overall, both enjoyed the books and we liked them so much that we purchased books 1 and 2. They are easy to read, entertaining and educational from a Biblical standpoint. We would definitely recommend the series.

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Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum in Battle Ground, Indiana

Many years ago, my father took our family to a place tucked away in northwest central Indiana based on a particular person he had always been fascinated with. Many aren't aware of the significance of some events that took place in Indiana or some of the famous people behind the events that shaped history which to me, is sad. My dad always was always interested with George Rogers Clark, the older brother of the infamous William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expeditions, partly because of the connection with his hometown of Vincennes but also due to one of battles that included a family member or two of ours. His other historical passion centered around the Shawnee Indian Tecumseh who also has history within his hometown as well as during George Rogers Clark's time and events. 

William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison, the ninth President of the United States, was from Vincennes and his family home can still be visited. The significance of Harrison and Tecumseh spans over many years but a particular event shaped a nickname for Harrison that would carry over to his candidacy. 

By Alonzo Chappel (1828-1887) - http://www.acw70indiana.com/stroudisham.htm, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1599710

The Battle of Tippecanoe had many contentious events that led up to then General Harrison departing Vincennes, Indiana, stopping in Terre Haute before continuing on to the final destination at Prophetstown. Prophetstown was founded by Tecumseh as a settlement for pan-Indian confederacy. On November 7, 1811, Harrison and his forces decided it was time to stop Tecumseh and his interference and refusal to allow western expansion. Although the other main tribes agreed to such treaties, Tecumseh was furious and attempted to rally all the tribes to fight this intrusion and illegal grabbing of land. Tecumseh was away working on adding to his alliance from other tribes while the events were about to unfold. Harrison knew after meeting with Tecumseh a couple of times in Vincennes, there would be no hope in persuading his cooperation. 

A version of Benson Lossing's engraving (in wood) of Shawnee chief Tecumseh with water colors on platinum print after a pencil sketch by French trader Pierre Le Dru at Vincennes, taken from life about 1808. For origins and likeness, see the Commons description of Lossing's work.

Initially when Harrison arrived, he requested to meet with Tecumseh's brother known as "The Prophet" or by his real name of Tenskwatawa on November 6. Attempting to surprise and defeat Harrison, The Prophet and his men attacked the camp at the confluence of Tippecanoe and Wabash Rivers. After two hours of fighting, the Indians were repulsed due to low ammunition. The wounded were returned to the camp in Terre Haute and the town was burned down and some claim the soldiers desecrated the graves before returning home. Due to the victory, Harrison would gain the nickname of Tippecanoe.

By Charles Bird King - Image scanned from the book History of the Indian Tribes of North America by Mckenney and Hall, published in 1872 (republished in 1933 and 1972 with colour images) by the Ohio Historical Society. ISBN 0665165781., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8308729

I learned a lot from my father about history and I've passed it down to my children. I tried to find the photograph that I have next to my dad at the same monument to no avail. Although I haven't been able to take my girls there, I plan to at some point soon to add to their homeschool history field trips. The only reason I only took the photo of the monument was I forgot the time difference from NW Indiana and Central Indiana so we missed the museum by 20 minutes. Even without the museum, it was a nice short trip to bring back memories of my father.

Our Learning Experience Reviewing IXL Learning's IXL Online Program

If you are a homeschooler or a parent wanting to supplement your child's learning opportunities, you are like me and like to keep options open for a program that your child(ren) will love. In the past, I have searched and often times, worksheets from IXL Learning would pop up but it wasn't until I was provided the opportunity to review the IXL annual membership from IXL Learning that I found how helpful it is. One of the things I didn't know was IXL Learning products are utilized in classrooms as well as homes in more than 190 countries around the world. The technology based learning and the long track record of success since 1998 sold me on why I wanted to try this with two of my children. IXL starts with pre-K skills all the way to adult level if one needs help for instance in Math where topics include Calculus and Geometry. Core topics include math, language arts, science, social studies as well as Spanish. 

I found getting started was very easy and as a parent, I enrolled my students and then started with the Diagnostic Arena so I could be sure that they began at the right level. The screenshot below is from my youngest and it provides her assessment as well as recommended skills to help her improve in the areas she's deficient in. It also provides the option to print out the diagnostic summary. 

Some of the other features include Usage so I can track her progress, Trouble Spots to help me guide her in how to help her, Scores provides more details into the individual assessment areas, access to the Questions and a Progress summary as shown below:

Another feature I like is the ease in accessing both my children's progress, results and more with a drop down feature:

To help keep the enthusiasm going, there are even certificates as we know children like to be rewarded!

Both my girls have spent a lot of time working through the various topics and have enjoyed some areas more than others. Math was not a favorite but my middle one enjoyed Science and learned a bit about photosynthesis.

One of both of their favorite topics was Social Studies and we spent a bit more time in this area due to the vast amount of topics that interested both of them. Here is just a sampling of the many many categories under Social Studies:

  • Prehistory
  • Ancient Egypt and Kush
  • World Religions
  • The America's: Geography
  • Government
  • The Constitution
  • Banking and Finance

There are many more available and with a year's subscription, we will have plenty to work through. A quick way to see what each skill entails is to hover the mouse over each category and it will display a preview such as this:

That was a summary of the program and how we interacted with the many features. It's a very intuitive and easy program to allow your students to work by themselves or in the case of my girls, I needed to work along side of them to keep them encouraged as they are not good at solo online learning programs. It can even be taken on the go with mobile apps!  I really enjoyed the program and the many topics so I will continue to push them forward with using it as I think it's a great way to supplement their education.

There are three packages available:

  1. $9.95 a month for single subjects;
  2. $15.95 for combo package of Math and Language Arts; or
  3. $19.95 for core subjects that include Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.

My youngest enjoyed especially the topic of Roman Numerals as apparently, I neglected to teach her that! They both liked how easy it was to move around the different topics and grade levels. Being able to see where they were deficient also provided a good source to turn to when needed to practice more. They could return to where they left off and next to each topic was a number in parenthesis of how many were answered correctly. I liked the versatility that the program allows the child to jump around if they prefer. Overall, with over 7,500 topics and hundreds of awards, we would recommend IXL from IXL Learning

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