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Home School Navigator Reading and Language Arts Curriculum Review

Home School Navigator

The Home School Navigator Reading and Language Arts Curriculum is a comprehensive language arts curriculum that we are reviewing in this post. There are six different curriculums broken into levels: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Indigo. We started with Indigo and for each month, there are downloads that break down the month into weekly assignments, day by day. This is nice if you are the type of educator that likes to pre-plan and know what you are teaching and/or prepare for the week. The beauty with Home School Navigator is it's flexible. It's a tool to utilize as the parent or educator sees fit with each student. You can print the handouts or use a white board to review the assignments and you complete the activities that you feel are best for your student whether it's all activities or just a few.

Home School Navigator

The Level Guides at the start of each Level includes:

  1. A listing of the entire month's handouts per week.
  2. A material list that includes a teacher's guide.
  3. Handouts and answer sheets where applicable.
  4. Month two begins an activity called "Interactive Notebooks." This activity is a hands on activity allowing the student to use creativity while learning. 
    1. Each print out for the Interactive Notebook includes instructions for the student. 
    2. The pages are matched to the book that was assigned. For this review, we are focusing on Month Two and the book "Holes" by Louis Sachar.
  5. An answer key follows to ensure the student understands the lesson broken down by chapter.
  6. Vocabulary quizzes.
  7. A final Check-In for the month's portfolio that encourages the student to have goals, to focus on what needs more work, new goals and what they found interesting that they learned for that month.

This is my student working on the  "Holes" Interactive Notebook.

After I prepared for the month's assignments, my student was able to begin work. What I noticed about the design of Home School Navigator is there is a routine to the assignments. So once the student becomes acclimated to how to use it, it will become easier. Mine had to get used to opening links and not closing out the Home School Navigator page where she was working. It usually starts out with an introduction video by a Home School Navigator teacher and then the student proceeds to follow the easy instructions on how to proceed.

I like that Home School Navigator breaks the activities into very practical lessons from following instructions to phonics/word study/vocabulary to computer skills, independent reading and poetry. The root word hand outs are an important part of learning how to spell too. There is also the option to upload and save copies of the work or a check box can be clicked to note that the assignments were completed without uploading. If you upload, at the end of the year, the student can download the portfolio. Overall, I think it's a very comprehensive and inexpensive curriculum for students of various levels. I think for the older students, they will learn how to navigate with the various links and videos to where it won't cause them issues. For younger students, I do believe they will require a little more assistance from a parent but to me, that is not a hindrance as I like to ensure my student is understanding what they are learning.

There are also supplies that can be ordered such as the books that coincide with the Interactive Notebooks.

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Reformed Free Publishing Association: T is for Tree: A Bible ABC by Connie L. Meyer Book Review

T is for Tree: A Bible ABC

T is for Tree: A Bible ABC by Connie L. Meyer, from 
Reformed Free Publishing Association, is an illustrated children’s book that provides the 26 letters of the alphabet with an object that is familiar to the child along with a rhyme and a Bible passage. My initial thoughts on the book were it was a good sized book to allow for smaller hands to hold while being captivated by the colorful busy illustrations. Children love pictures and the author utilizes many different objects on each page to draw young minds in to the colorful delight of each page with soft colors. I felt it had an old fashioned appearance which I liked. 

Each page covers a letter associated with an object. A three lined rhyme follows with a Bible passage at the end. Pending the child, it might be too much to read the rhyme and the passage with them, so I found this book is great for growing with a child’s age. If the child is younger, one could start with the letter and what it is for such as "X is for foxes." As the child progresses or if one decides to continue to read the book again and again, adding in the rhyme will help with memorization whereas it becomes a fun night time or day activity as the child will either read along from memory or try to beat you with what will be read next as one of mine did. Once that part is either mastered or if the child is ready, as was the case with mine, adding the Bible passage followed.

My youngest enjoyed reading T is for Tree: A Bible ABC to her niece and nephew:

The Bible passages reinforces the object of the letter as well as the rhyme thus reinforcing scripture and to me, that is never bad. I think the younger we can get children acquainted and interested in the Bible, the better. Whereas I don’t think young children will comprehend the passages, I do feel it never hurts to read to them and allow their young minds to absorb as the next time they hear it read to them, it might click to a greater degree. The objects chosen are interesting to children such as M is for Moon with the accompanying passage that reads:

“Thus saith the LORD, which giveith the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar...if those ordinances depart from before me, saith the LORD, then the seed of Israel also shall cease being a nation before me for ever.” ~Jeremiah 31:35-36

The texts also open curiosity which is always a good thing! The reading of T is for Tree: A Bible ABC invoked further questions from one of my children. So much so, she had picked up the Bible and is reading it. Another bonus is having my older daughter read to my grandson. He seemed to enjoy the book although in the video he displays a shyness about having his picture taken or video recorded. He sat contently listening which drove his sister over to hear her read as well. My youngest does not need an ABC book, however, it does further enlighten her on scripture and hopefully has provided her a renewed interest in learning the Bible as I admit, I have not been diligent in reinforcing the positive aspects of early Bible education.

Here is a short clip of my youngest reading to her niece and nephew:

Overall, I recommend this book for the wonderful delightful illustrations, the just-the-right-amount of a three lined rhyme to captivate yet not be too cumbersome as well as the fact that the child can grow with the book by introducing the Bible texts to reinforce the letter and rhyme. T is for Tree: A Bible ABC is a winner in our house.

Reformed Free Publishing Association

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prAna: Versatile, Stylish, and Sustainable Clothing and Discount Code

Note: items received were in exchange for honest opinions about the products. Opinions are of my own.

Today, more attention has been given to products in a way that does not hinder the environment or our health. From food to clothing, there are now viable choices to ensure we aren't harmed or harming others in our pursuit of what makes us happy. Clothing might sound like an area where many might not be concerned about the quality of the material or how it's made in terms of affecting society. prAna is one company that strives to provide versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing and accessories that can be worn during every activity, every adventure, every day. Not only do they make sustainable clothing and accessories but even the headquarters is energy efficient! This idea was started way back in 1992 in a garage in Carlsbad, California and continues to grow meeting customer's needs while giving back.

Although it's always nice to have new outfits for trips or other activities, it's also nice to just to have for no reason at all! If you are active, there are many choices available for men, women and accessories and if time is of the essence, prAna even breaks down the categories into activity collections to assist. I am currently planning a trip to Florida but in the interim, I have finally had a chance to enjoy the sunshine in my home state so now is the best time to wear my amazing swimwear and dress! I chose the black Lahari Tankini for the classic halter style and the Ikenna Bottom and this is what I liked:

  • Fully adjustable halter and wide back ties.
  • Provided lift and support.
  • Removable modesty cups which I never use so it was nice to be able to remove them.
  • 80% nylon and 20% spandex so it wasn't overly tight.
  • It does read that it provides moderate coverage and flatters all bust sizes. It was a bit lower than I had hoped but the coverage was moderate as the description stated.
  • Fits as expected.

Ikenna Bottom:
  • Triple-laced side tie bottom which added an extra edgy appeal to them.
  • Fully lined with a wide band.
  • Provided great coverage which was important for my own modesty preferences.
  • Prints are also 78% recycled polyester as was the top. I chose black to match the tankini.
  • The quality of both items were great and it seems they will hold their shape after multiple uses.

The other lovely article of clothing I have on in the first photograph of this post is the Ardor Dress. It's made of a lightweight recycle polyester with moisture-wicking technology. I loved the high neck, razor back style too. The interior shelf-bra provided the ideal support even for large breasts with removable modesty cups. The mini-diamond label at the center back provides a stylish elegance to the look. It fit as expected as well!

All three items were beautiful! The quality appears to be there and the material is soft and is not rough. Not only are you getting great quality but you are helping the environment by shopping at prAna!  For an extra 15% off at prAna, use code TRHBS18.

For vacation, home or other activities, I really like the choices available with prAna. To learn more about prAna's sustainability values, click here.

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Cave Tools Beer Can Chicken Roaster Rack Review and Coupon

Note: I did receive a sample product in exchange for my honest review.

I've posted before offering our reviews on various Cave Tools products offered and once again, there is no disappointment in their products! We recently tried out the Beer Can Chicken Roaster Rack and while we smoked one chicken on the roaster rack, we tried another without. First, the Beer Can Chicken Roaster Rack includes four vegetable spikes to maximize the space and save time when grilling or smoking. The roaster is stainless steel and was easy to clean in the dishwasher. However, I did use a S.O.S. pad to remove the black smoky residue because I like it to remain shiny and pretty. You can also use it in the oven so weather will not affect the ability to have a very juicy plump chicken any day of the week!

The set up was very easy and effortless and the chicken sat perfect on top of the dripping pan which helped to eliminate mess and massive amounts of smoke from the grease hitting the coals or gas if you are grilling the chicken. I really liked that the entire product is made of stainless steel so I didn't have to worry about harmful chemicals from using a beer can. As you can see from the photographs below, it turned out beautiful! There was a big difference between the chicken cooked on the Cave Tools Beer Can Chicken Roaster Rack to the one that wasn't.  The chicken was more tender, juicier and plump and had such a good flavor.

Check out the links to learn more about Cave Tools along with great resources from tips and tricks to recipes and to purchase, click here.

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Reading Kingdom Review

Reading Kingdom

We have been reviewing Reading Kingdom, an easy-to-use online program for ages 4 to 10, for a little while now and to date, my student has enjoyed it. Starting out with a placement test, it ensured she was starting at the right level to eliminate possible redundancy in what she already knew or being over her head. The home page allows access to as many students as you have registered with a good summary of when it was last used, days per week, current level, percent done and performance rating. From that same home screen, one can adjust settings, see reports, review billing information, find out how to earn free months and access to help. I liked the site's login access being the e-mail and password you signed up with versus having to create separate user accounts. The customized interface is also nice allowing for a physical keyboard or an online keyboard and the ability to change program speed and response time. That is a huge plus for my student as we have experienced other programs that require her to work at a pace faster than she's able to. 

Other key features of the program that makes Reading Kingdom a good program for teaching reading are:
  • Versatile as students at an early reader stage will learn as well as those that are accelerated readers and even struggling readers.
  • It is not a phonics based program which is extremely appealing to me. Reading Kingdom explains why their program works and why the phonics based way is flawed which I completely agree with.
  • Ability to redo lessons or to skip lessons.
  • A summary icon menu next to each level showing status.
  • Fun animated screens encourages the student to continue to see more and rewards for progressing.
  • Constant interaction reinforcing each word being taught between clicking answers to typing answers.
  • As the student progresses, the software keeps up with their needs and customizes to their particular reading needs.
  • After she became accustomed to the program, she was able to progress without as much supervision and assistance helping her to feel more independent.
  • In addition to the online reports, Reading Kingdom e-mails progress reports on a regular basis.
  • On screen incentives to open next level passports.
  • e-mail support is available along with a resource center that includes tutorials, FAQs and videos. 
  • To complete all components, it should take around 12-15 months thus providing a full year plus curriculum.
  • Social media access to further knowledge from Reading Kingdom from their blog to Facebook to Twitter.

Reading Kingdom

Reading Kingdom is one of the first programs that allowed my student to be able to use it on her own without requiring direct assistance all the time. She was able to pick up where she left off and completed her lessons on her own. She also liked the program and the cute animations which is something not heard often from her! It was easy to use and fun for her which allows me to definitely give it a thumb's up. Providing only one new vocabulary word per level also helped give her time to learn the word without feeling rushed and by utilizing the words in the next levels, it reinforced what she already had learned. I wished I had had access to Reading Kingdom for my oldest student who would have benefited specially from the customized settings.

ASD Reading is another program available for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for ages 4 through 10. There is a 30 day trial period.

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YWAM Publishing Heroes of History: Milton Hershey Review

YWAM Publishing
Heroes of History

The Heroes of History - Milton Hershey: More Than Chocolate book is one of the 1-29 books from the Heroes of History series that consists of biographical true accounts of the men and women over the years that helped change history. We chose Milton Hershey mostly because we love Hershey chocolates and a couple of years ago, we visited Hershey, Pennsylvania and became interested in how he was a part of history. It was hard to choose from the collection of 29 books as well as another series of 49 books from the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series as I'm a huge history fan and luckily, that has rubbed off on my children. I have to admit that there is much more than meets the eye on these books as I am a strong believer in knowledge is power but these aren't just novels rather they are comprehensive curriculum thanks to the downloadable study guides that accompanies each book from YWAM Publishing.

Milton Hershey: More Than Chocolate by Janet and Geoff Benge is a fantastic true story about perseverance, adversity and heartache that brought success not only to the Milton Hershey family but also to those around him with the great care he had for others.  It's a tale that teaches about history, human character, Christian living and much more. I love books like this for my children as it teaches that hard work, faith and commitment with an acceptance of occasional failure is the secret to success and success is not always monitory. The book was a huge win with my student and myself.

The other very key components when utilizing these books in a homeschool or other teaching environment are the downloadables Overview for Unit Curriculum Guide and the Unit Study Curriculum Guide. Once the files are unzipped, there are multiple options to choose from and it's very intuitive. I printed mine out and sat out the table to prepare everything I needed to start.

What I liked about the Overview for Unit Curriculum Guide:

  • It's a very flexible program allowing the user to use the curriculum in place of a history curriculum or utilize portions to enhance the existing curriculum. I decided to utilize it as an enhancement since it focuses on a person at a time.
  • It's also comprehensive in which I was able to integrate other subjects such as creative writing, geography, reading comprehension, social studies and more with each book to add more learning punch to each book.
  • It's flexible across age groups and the homeschool parent/user can decide what is appropriate for their student(s). 
  • It can be utilized in a homeschool environment individually or in groups.
  • It's also flexible for different learning styles.

What I liked about the Unit Study Curriculum Guide:

  • The Unit Study Curriculum Guide offered plentiful ways to supplement the books with fun activities for any age. I liked that examples provided included possible grade levels for an activity.  The activities vary and really make the student read, comprehend and think about what they have read. For example, one of the activities is to choose three of Milton Hershey's character traits that seem most obvious. Write an essay describing those traits and give several examples of how they were manifested in his life. 
  • A section on chapter questions that include vocabulary and factual questions from the book as well as questions to gauge the student's comprehension and then two open-ended questions to encourage thought and interpretation is included. There is a section for the answers at the back of the Guide.
  • There is a wealth of resources for enhancing the project in ways I hadn't thought of. It's so comprehensive with various ways that learning can be incorporated in different subjects making each activity engaging and fun.
  • There is also a section for additional books, other heroes and films that correspond with the biography.

There is even a bonus section online that provides additional activities from word searches, crossword puzzles to maps and so much more.  It's really a great program and I would highly recommend this for students of any age.

Completing a bonus word search.

I plan on using more of these fantastic Christian themed books in our homeschool adventures. I'm torn with which one to start with:

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Memories of Your Childhood - Sauzer's Kiddieland & Waffle House in Schererville, Indiana

Those wonderful childhood memories are something we all have. For those of us that move away, they are in many ways more meaningful when we see photographs especially when the places are no longer there. I have very fond and vivid memories of a local amusement park called Sauzer's Kiddieland. It was on the corner of 30 and 41 also known as the Crossroads of America in Schererville, Indiana which isn't too far from Chicago. It was in operation from 1949 until 1994. It was originally started by Frank Sauzer and his son, Frank Sauzer Jr., took over. Frank Jr., was the person I knew when I worked there one summer.  

They had 15 acres that housed about 18 different rides and a paddle boat pond. Many businesses had their summer office parties there and it was just the place to be in the summer. Many people might even remember some of the regulars like Tiny or favorite rides like the Mad Mouse. I worked at the concession stand and it was my introduction to adult responsibilities as I was moved up to concession stand manager and had to say no to the free requests from food from some of the cute boys that worked. It taught me a lot and introduced me to my first real job as a waitress at their corner restaurant called Sauzer's Waffle House that was in operation from 1941 until 1990. 

Sauzer's Waffle House was one of those small town places where the locals congregated on one half which was the coffee shop and families went to the other side. During late nights, the local, county and state police would gather in the most often emptier family side and chit chat about their days. The quirky old timer staff would never let you down from an older woman named Toots to the young kitchen staff sneaking some smokes, legal and illegal, in the back. 

It was also the place where my dad gave me my first driving lesson and we can say I absolutely failed just pulling out of the parking space!  That would be my last fall place of employment before I ended up leaving and joining my family to southern Indiana. When I returned, there were many changes as both places were sold off and tore down and sadly I heard Frank Jr. passed away as he was a nice man. Some areas look just as it was when I left while others changed a bit but overall, I still have a sense of sadness when I drive around and see all the changes.

The Importance of Table Manners

After being around others and out in public, I have noticed how far down table manners have gone since I was younger. I don't know if it was the strict upbringing of an English mother or not or perhaps the school systems used to supplement those rules but today's children and adults seem to be lacking in basic manner all around. The last few times that we've went out, it's amazing to see how many people, young and old, male and female that congregate on their phones while acting as if they are dining alone. Not only are they so absorbed on their phones but they are chewing with mouths open, elbow are on table, they are slouching and on those rare occasions they put the phone away, they are talking and chewing at the same time.

This also transcends to any manners come to think of it. From the person speaking on their phone whether loudly or not especially during the check out process as a cashier is trying to engage in their job or to the people who don't hold doors open, push past you or cut you off, it's widespread. The amount of rudeness and lack of social skills is rampant and quite frankly, shameful. My oldest, almost 30, remarks often about how manners are so absent among many in society and I keep telling her with hope, it will get better.  I'm hopeful in that the number of homeschool parents are increasing and many like the old school thought of the past was good for a reason. I'm also hopeful in the shift of society in finding God again. I'm not a church attending Bible thumper Christian as some call it rather I do believe in God and I do believe God provided that common link that fostered good Christian behaviors towards each other. 

I've been searching for content to supplement my own homeschool curriculum in teaching my girls about manners and etiquette. I really wished the old finishing schools would become more in style and weren't so costly or that places would provide alternative courses such as a weekly class.  Nonetheless, I think parents need to return to the old fashion values and teach their children manners and quit being afraid of hurting feelings or causing discomfort. It's us to us to raise the next generation that will provide for the future and we need good citizens to bring us back to where we used to me.

A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) Review

A+ Interactive Math

Math can be a not so fun subject to teach as it's not a favorite of my youngest. It's been quite difficult as a matter of fact which is why I wanted to try out A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) Adaptive Math Curriculum Online program to see if this would be the magic link to what she needs to get interested in a very much needed subject. Starting out with the program was easy and enrolling me student was equally effortless.

Once I enrolled my student into the program, she had to take placement tests which I found helpful in understanding where she was from a learning perspective. The first mini-tests gauged her skill levels and automatically adjusted the difficulty level of questions based on her answers as well as detected any gaps between the targeted level and her actual level. Since the Adaptive Math Curriculum Online is geared towards grades 1-6 and pre-algebra, I was confident that she would gain from the program.

Note, there is another program called the Family Math Package that does not pre-test students and also incorporates all the grade levels as the Adaptive Math Curriculum Online. It allows flexibility in moving the student to different grade levels pending their knowledge.

Quick Overview of Student's Dashboard:

The student's Dashboard provides the following options:

  • Take the Adaptive Placement Test 
    • Provides a test for each concept (Number Sense, Addition, Subtraction, etc);
    • A visual Goal line so the student can see their progress;
    • Options for lessons, worksheets, reports and details are available; and
    • Option to retake the test.
  • View My Lesson Plan
    • View Video Lessons & Interactive Review - this portion of my review is covered below.
    • Practice with Online Worksheets
      • Worksheets are provided per concept and has 10 questions that provide a summary of correct, incorrect and unanswered questions.
  • View My Reports
    • Summary Reports provides a list of all math concepts for my student's grade level. Each concept has notations on whether my student was at the grade level expected, how many attempts were made and I could view the Summary Report.
      • The Summary Report helps the student understand where they might need a little more help and an opportunity to review the Video Lessons and Interactive Q & A.
    • Progress Reports provides the student an understanding of their progress relative to each lesson and how far they are from the goal if they hadn't met it yet.
  • Coming soon, a How to Get Started? (View Tutorial) isn't available yet but I suspect it will be helpful to new students.


The results of her mini-tests established a good area of focus for her to begin with the lessons. I had to spend a little time helping her to navigate through the format and how the program works. She is used to textbooks and actually prefers them over online programs as I found working through the A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft, Inc.). She quickly learned that she does have to read each instructional screen to understand the next steps in proceeding with the lessons.

The Table of Contents provides the various concepts such as Number Sense, Addition, Subtraction and so forth. Once the student clicks on the manila folder to expand the selections, they choose the first lesson that begins automatically with an audio that corresponds with the topic with demonstrations and explanations of each concept. 

The voice is easy to understand and isn't too fast. My student, who is impatient, thought the voice was too slow and became easily bored and distracted. 

There is also an interactive Q & A that provides the student with an opportunity to ensure they understood what was just taught.

At the top of each lesson, a completion date and status are provided so the student can track their progress which is good so they can see where they are relative to learning as well as to track where they left off. After they complete the interactive Q & A, a screen pops up with their score and a chance to print off the certificate. The questions are animated with a frog to place the answers in and to provide further encouragement by making it fun.

Overall, I think this is a good program for students who prefer to learn online. It's very thorough and ensures the student is retaining the information they are learning. They are also detailed in demonstrating and explaining how a problem is answered. I like how the students have the ability to retake lessons when they need further assistance in understanding each concept and how the student can always check on their progress. My student is rather bored easily and impatient and I believe she prefers the old school way of using textbooks.

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Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Review


Anatomy & Physiology

Learning about anatomy and physiology was not a favorite of my 10 year old. She is usually resistant to bodily functions and how it all works together but this was not the case with our review of Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology. Once she picked it up and began chapter one, she returned enthusiastically proclaiming she really liked what she had read. She liked how it has a Christian theme and didn't get grossed out by anything ... yet. We've been utilizing the following for seven weeks and to date, after every chapter, she is so excited to reinforce with me what she has learned:

  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Text 
  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Junior Notebooking Journal 
  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Notebooking Journal 
  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology MP3 Audio CD 

Textbook & MP3 Audio CD

We found that the each product works beautifully together offering a comprehensive program to teach anatomy and physiology. I had my student first read from the Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology book and then I played the MP3 audio CD for her. The MP3 audio CD, which can play on any device capable of playing MP3s, provides an additional resource to reinforce the teachings from the book. The audio is a perfect speed for the child to listen without getting bored or lost. The audio stops and refers the student to particular pages in the book for "Try This!" activities or experiments. These provide a nice break from reading and listening and allows hands on activities that furthers the lesson. I also liked how the audio suggests the student should tell someone else what they learned. My little student loved this part as she always gave me an account after each section she read.

Each section or main idea from a lesson has a corresponding audio to go along with the reading making it easy to keep track of where the student is or where they might want to be by clear title headings on the audio menu that matches the book. The audio was also great for when we had to run errands as I could play it in the vehicle.

The book is easy for the young and older student to understand with great pictures and diagrams that helps explain the particular body system or function. It's not full of words that require a dictionary to be on hand either. With numerous "Try This!" opportunities, the student can have many opportunities to practice what they have read and heard. 

One example of the projects is from Lesson 3 where the student will create their Personal Person Project. The student adds muscles to their Personal Person and if they have the journal, which we do, my student had to cut out and add to her person.

Another "Try This!" project was showing emotions which she loved!

I have to add that my student was quite pleased to reach lesson six and hear all about asthma since she feels it's an overlooked condition. She was diagnosed with asthma prior to turning one year old.

Junior Anatomy Notebooking Journal

The Junior Anatomy Notebooking Journal for Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology is for younger students and is a valuable resource to compliment the textbook. The Note from the Author at the beginning notes it is designed for students that are not yet proficient writers. It also states the student will need some supplies such as glue, colored pencils, etc. 

There is a suggested schedule which was extremely helpful to me as I tried to plan our daily lessons. I didn't feel it was overwhelming and thought it provided just the right mixture of activities ranging from coloring pages, activities, notebook pages, scripture copy-work in cursive, projects, miniature books, 'more to explore' and field trip pages. I personally LOVED the scripture and Biblical aspects tied in with the many pages. Having the student draw as part of the lesson also encourages their creative abilities within each drawing.

Anatomy Notebooking Journal

The Anatomy Notebooking Journal for Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology is for the older student and also requires some routine supplies. It also has a nicely completed schedule that is quite doable and didn't overwhelm my student. As with the Junior Notebook, this journal also requires the student to draw and provides many opportunities to write by responding to questions from the text book. It really makes them understand what they just read and/or heard from the audio. There are crossword puzzles, scripture copy-work in cursive and much more.  It's a great tool in getting your child to form independent thought while learning how to read and interpret. 

This is by far, my favorite program for teaching anatomy and physiology. I believe there is everything and more needed to teach a sound understanding of anatomy and physiology with the Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology package. My daughter gave it a thumb's up too!

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