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Have you heard of products that helps make your brain think clearer and quicker?  There are many new products out there and the latest one is Provagen.  I've been taking it for about a week so it's a bit too early to report my findings.  Stay tuned for an update on my results.
As we age, we lose proteins that support our brain.* Prevagen® supplements these proteins during the natural process of aging.* Prevagen® (apoaequorin) is clinically shown to help with mild memory problems associated with aging.*
Only Prevagen contains the patented ingredient apoaequorin, a unique protein originally obtained from a specific species of jellyfish called Aequorea victoria found in the Puget Sound. Apoaequorin is a protein our brains need for healthy function but is diminished in the aging process.
Have you ever taken a brain supplement?  Ever heard of Provagen?  Here is a chance to win a $40 Amazon gift card to try it out yourself if you like.  It's ideal also with Christmas approaching!

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RSV Prevention & World Prematurity Day - Key Facts and Tips to Stay Healthier

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For some parents, the sound of a croup is stomach turning.  It evokes a fear like none other especially if you have a child that has had RSV (respiratory syncytial) like mine.  My youngest was premature and born 32 days early.  Since her lungs were not ready, I didn't even get to hold her as she had to be taken away for oxygen and other care.  She was in the NICU for days and it was a scary time.  Little did I know that it would be the start of many more scary incidents of RSV and pneumonia.  When a child is premature, their lungs take some time to catch up.  Some research has linked prematurity with a higher incidence of asthma (written based on my own research).  Mine was healthy after the initial birth until one Halloween after her first birthday.  This is where I understood the fear of losing a child.

First year post intubation
What started out as a simple cold, rapidly turned into a nightmare.  At the originating hospital, she was given too much albuterol which caused her heart to race so the hospital staff in the ambulance on route to the children's hospital in Savannah, overloaded her with too much IV fluid.  By the time she reached the hospital, her lungs and heart were saturated and part of her lung collapsed.  They decided to intubate and told me to pray for the best outcome but not to expect too much as it was critical.  They tested her for everything and never knew what they were up against.  Somehow, she pulled out and after many more hospitalizations, trips to the ER and doctor visits, she hasn't been sick for two years but I keep her protected.  RSV is very scary and it is seasonal which means it usually runs from fall to spring.

RSV is a virus that hits the lungs and I mean it hits it hard for those especially with a compromised system.  It is contagious and it is a virus so there isn't much that can be given to treat the virus itself.  Even though my child is an easy target given her prematurity and asthma, most children will get it by the time they are two.

My daughter today but the sound of a cough scares me
RSV's Affects on Preterm Lungs Versus Full-Term Lungs:

Babies born early have lungs that are smaller and less developed at birth than those of full-term babies. Premature birth interrupts the final stages of normal lung development. For babies born early, RSV could lead to serious lung infections, like pneumonia and/or bronchiolitis (swelling of the lower airways).

It's important to understand the symptoms of RSV to alert your primary care:  

  • Coughing or wheezing that doesn't stop
  • Fast or trouble breathing <- this is a huge one for me as it happens immediately for my daughter
  • A fever especially greater than 100.4 in infants under three months
  • A bluish color around the mouth or fingernails
  • Spread out nostrils or caved in chest when trying to breath
  • Gasping for breath

Easy ways to help prevent RSV include:
  • Washing hands thoroughly before touching your baby AND ask others to do the same if they are going to touch your baby.
  • Don't let anyone smoke in your house or near your baby.  We've charged through the front doors of stores when someone was carelessly smoking.
  • Wash your baby's toys, bedding and clothing often.
  • Keep your baby away from crowds and young children and people with colds.

Read more about RSV here.  There are interactive risk assessments you can take, understanding your RSV season indexed by state and how to talk to your primary care physician about RSV.

Take a stand and spread the word as we all can help to educate others on RSV, how to prevent and what to look for as you never know who's life you might help!

See also the infographic below for more information.  

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Our My Littlest Pet Shop FUN FUN FUN Party

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My two girls love The Littlest Pet Shop and watch it all the time on the Discovery Family Channel (formerly known as HUB) since we have a DVR so they save all the episodes they can.  My youngest favorite is Zoe and my middle one's favorite Blythe.  When they can't catch an episode or are on their computer, they turn to their favorite place YouTube.  Since they are both animal lovers, this is a show they enjoy as they dream of having their own pets.  From the zany adventures Blythe takes to the annoying twins Britney and Whitney, each episode captivates them and keeps them longing for more.   My youngest thinks Mrs. Twonbly is weird and crazy but with all the characters, they mix well together to give a new exciting episode each time they watch a new one.  We couldn't wait to throw a My Littlest Pet Shop Style Shops.

With Blythe's Bedroom, there are over 95 pieces that lets the little ones design it the way they want.  They also received The Littlest Pet Shop Style Set that has over 135 pieces with customizable wall panels, reversible scene backdrops, stickers and who doesn't love stickers???, accessories and more.  It also had three exclusive pets that let them also customize. Minka Mark, the monkey, Sunil Nevla, the mongoose and Kitery Banter, the cat provide even more fun to the mix!  What is cool about these style sets is they can be stacked, vertically or horizontally, and they replicate the locations from Littlest Pet Shop.

Here are the girls "inspecting" the party pack ahead of our party:

So it's party day!  We had a treat table, games, DVD ready to go and of course the playsets!  The playsets provided an hour of steady fun and kept giving tons of fun to my little ones.  We even gave one set to one of our guest in guess Blythe's next pets name.  It was something the girls made up so they all had to draw a name out of a hat and the winner received their gift!  After playing, we watched the DVD while having snacks and delicious cupcakes and cake.  It was a great time!  Here is what they look like stacked if you purchase multiple playsets:

Luckily, my oldest daughter had a picture on her phone of the table set up as my computer crashed and I'm waiting for the computer folks to retrieve all my photos from the hard drive so stay tuned for more pictures!  The Littlest Pet Shop is ideal for any party setting and especially perfect for a birthday.  We invited my little one's family and friends and it's really a great opportunity to get them offline and to use their imagination as they see they can be who they want to be.

Don't take my word, here are some of the things I heard:

"Lots of accessories and it was fun!"

"I liked how I could customize the playsets and the pets."

"It was fun!"

Want to learn more about the Littlest Pet Shop or to find out where to get your own collection?  Check out Littlest Pet Shop.


$20 Target or Walmart Gift Card Giveaway - 10/31 - Daily Entry Options

Here's another easy giveaway as over time, I receive gift cards for my blogging so I give the smaller increments out as a giveaway to thank my readers



Just enter by using the Rafflecopter form below:

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Giveaway ends 11/20.

Sign Up Your Event or Group for Johnsonville Apparel and Charity Sponsorship on PearUp.com

Running a charity or helping other groups is very time consuming and sometimes, it's really hard trying to find resources to help from a financial standpoint.  I wanted to share this fantastic program from Johnsonville called PearUp.com because it's so easy to start using and helping those groups and events you love to support!  It doesn't cost you anything and the best part about it is, you work to rally and engage your supporters to complete tasks.  You can choose from different sponsors to apply to as well.  I just signed up our non-profit and it was so easy already gaining points from the Johnsonville Apparel and Charity sponsorship on PearUp.com.

The online activities are easy and as your supporters grow, your group or event will gain more!  It's easy and completely free to use!  Not only will you earn great points but you get to find out some great recipes for Johnsonville, the latest news and more about our family's favorite sausage products.

Want to learn more, check out the video:

For those mom's, aunt's grandparent's and so forth in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or Baltimore areas, your social network can help raise $1,000 or more toward custom apparel!   It's easy and the same way I did it by getting sponsored by Johnsonville on Pear!  Even if you are not a part of a group but your child is, you still qualify! To get started, create a sponsorship page on Pear & invite friends to join in. The more people who join, the more money your group can earn toward apparel and merchandise and what a great way to help out!

Not sure if your group qualifies?  Here are the requirements:
  • Group type(s): School (K-12) group or event, Sports team, league or event (non-school), Not-for-profit or cause-based group or event, All other types of group or event, College group or event
  • Basically any group that is comprised of mostly females and/or would be supported by a female
  • Would love a focus on family reunions if possible, but not a requirement.  Family reunion groups may qualify to receive a ‘gift’ from Johnsonville at the completion of their Pears.
  • Age range(s): 13-17, 18-24, 25-35, 36-54, 55+
Here are highlights of some of the fun things we have done in the past for our non-profit:

If you don't have a group or event to support, you can always support ours:

Angels4Epilepsy, Inc.

Want to earn $50 right away?  Create your own Pear and leave a comment with the links on this blog!


Alpha Grillers Garlic Press and Peeler Set Review

I enjoy cooking and prefer using fresh ingredients as I think it tastes better and I can control what I use such as organic food.  Even though I have not made the all out switch to organic and non-GMO foods, I am trying and doing what I can to eliminate especially the GMO foods.  When I cook, I feel satisfied knowing I'm giving my children something better and not something full of artificial colors or flavorings, no GMO products and no preservatives.  I also love to use spices when I cook and my three favorites I turn to are salt, pepper and garlic.  Garlic has health benefits but I think it just adds so much value to a meal especially when using fresh garlic.  The Alpha Grillers Garlic Press and Peeler is ideal for my family.  I've never had a press like this and can say I love it!

As you can see from the picture above, it arrives in a nice box making it a great gift as well!  Christmas is coming so might as well start thinking about the cook in your life!  It's a premium solid stainless steel press that minces unpeeled cloves with ease as the peel stays in and the garlic is presented in perfect form.  For those that have trouble with their hands or wrists, it's ergonomically designed for easy squeezing so again, a perfect gift idea!  If you use ginger a lot, it's perfect for that too although I did not try it out.  The silicone garlic peeler is easy to use and it keeps your hands from getting that stinky garlic smell that my girls hate.  You can see by the picture below how easy it is to use:

As a bonus, it also arrives with a bonus e-Book of 50 delicious recipes using crushed and sliced garlic.  Some of the other aspects I liked about the press are:

  • No leakage of garlic running down the press
  • A hinged chamber so I don't have to track down both pieces after cleaning and storing
  • Perfectly shaped garlic
  • 100% money back guarantee

Look at how perfect that is!  The peel stayed put and only the garlic comes out in perfect shape to ensure a beautiful tasty dish.  I've always wanted a garlic press that works and the Alpha Grillers Garlic Press is spot on!

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Homeschool Subway Lunch Counter

This girls love to cook and to play make believe and although making a Subway lunch counter isn't really cooking unless I didn't cheat and we would have made the bread, chips and cookies from scratch.  I did however, bake the ham if that counts.  We had an early start at 6:30 am shopping at Walmart as it's the closest and only store I know that's open that early and this is what we came up with after I printed off sticker name tags and the youngest made her hat in memory of Jessica Ridgeway.  Jessica was a little girl that impacted our little family greatly and all this week is remember Jessica week.  


The girls picked what toppings they wanted to serve and as you can see, it wasn't much but the lunch ended with Dani stating it was the best day ever.  The homeschool factor to me at least, was from a home economics standpoint as they had to go grocery shopping and follow the list, they had to prep the food and they had to determine how long to cook the 3 lb ham.  We also had money exchange so that sealed the deal with giving back change.

$20 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway 10/29

Are you ready for Halloween?  Did you know that Walmart has everything you need for Halloween ranging from costumes to decor to candy?  I have a very easy contest to enter to win a $20 Walmart Giveaway by using the form below.

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Adorable Baby Clothing Gift Card Giveaway 10/29 - Value $65 - International

Do you remember going through some of your old pictures as a child and wondering what your mom was thinking dressing you in those outfits?  I know my daughter gives me a hard time when she looks at some of mine.  I remember going through some of mine and really not getting those horizontal striped shirts matched with tiny checkered pants but we wear what's in style for the most part.  As styles evolve, there are just some styles that remain timeless.  Those timeless styles are the ones that can become heirloom outfits to pass down to your children and their children.  After going through some of my oldest child's clothing and realizing none were fit to hand down as quality wasn't as good as it is now mostly because I was a struggling college student having to purchase clothing from discount stores.  They were also horribly dated and no longer viewed as cute.  When my two younger ones came along, I paid more attention to the special occasion clothing I was purchasing as I wanted to give them something that I didn't have.  I wanted to give them a part of me to give to their children which were special occasion clothing.  This is where I found Adorable Baby Clothing.

My Family Picture
Adorable Baby Clothing has the most beautiful clothing choices for boys and girls and they aren't just for babies!  The clothing is high quality and the customer service is exceptional.  I know many people are tempted by the reduced prices on sample sites that appear to offer the same product at a much lower cost but what I have found on the sample sites are:

  1. You never know when you might receive your order.
  2. You never know if your order will be cancelled.
  3. You don't know the quality until you receive it.
  4. There isn't a return policy so you are stuck with what you have.
To date, every single dress I have ordered, which has been many, are of amazing quality.  Mine have been multi-layered dressing that adds beautiful dimension to each dress.  They don't wrinkle either!  It's amazing as the dresses arrive in a package that you would think would cause wrinkles but with some fluffing of the hands, it poofs out to provide this elegant, timeless, picture perfect dress!  I am going to be a grandmother to a boy so at last, I will get to try out one of the gorgeous suits...or many!    Not only are you getting amazing quality with the clothing from Adorable Baby Clothing, but you get outstanding customer service as this is a business ran by a single woman who strives to ensure her customers are happy as if they aren't happy, she's not.  She will accept returns and you will receive your order on time and not weeks later. There really isn't anything I can say negative and I have been a customer since 2008.

Here are just some of the dresses I have purchased over the years:

If you would like to begin a timeless tradition of passing on beautiful, high quality clothing to your children and grandchildren, enter to win this amazing giveaway of a gift card up to a value of $65!

Please use the form below and if you want 10 bonus entries, send a picture of one of your ugly outfits or your child's outfits to staying_younger@yahoo.com!

Giveaway ends 10/29 at midnight (EST).

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Please note that the gift card can be used for any item up to the value of $65. It is a one time use gift card.  International winners must pay for shipping costs.

Swagbucks Saving You Money in Time for the Holidays & Enter to Win a $50 Visa Gift Card - 10/24

Congratulations to Lynn!

Swagbucks, the web’s largest rewards site, would like to scare up some savings for your Halloween shopping needs this month with up to 14% cash back from some of your favorite retailers including Groupon, Target, BuyCostumes.com, Costume Supercenter, Living Social and much more."

For all purchases over $75, Swagbucks Halloween shoppers will also receive an additional $5 gift card to the retailer of their choice (or cash!) direct to their Swagbucks account.

To help celebrate this promotion, Health, Beauty, Children and Family readers can win a $50 gift card just for entering on this post and answering the following question: “What do you – or your kids – want to dress up as for Halloween this year?” ALSO -- we would like to ask the member to include his or her Swagbucks username in the blogger post comments if they are already a member. This will allow us to more efficiently award their prize if they win your giveaway.

Don't delay!  It's easy to enter and the $50 Visa Gift Card along with the savings you WILL accrue by using Swagbucks will help offset the high cost of buying gifts at Christmas!

The only entry requirement is to tell me What do you or your kids want to dress up for as Halloween AND don't forget to leave your Swagbucks username in the comment to this giveaway.

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Leave a comment that you tweeted and the URL

Winner will be chosen 10/24 after the giveaway ends at noon (EST).  Winner's name, address and e-mail must be provided to receive the prize. Open to all.

I was provided a gift card as part of my participation and I am a Swagbucks member.


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