Doctor On Demand (DOD) is a MUST Have Service #ad

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Doctor On Demand. I received a free trial coupon code to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

As everyone knows that with time comes advances with new technology and things will probably never look the same.  The improvements to our daily lives are a big win especially when sometimes you wonder why they didn't have something like this long before now?  What I'm talking about is the ability to see a board certified physicians, psychologists or lactation consultant via your smartphone, tablet and desktop computer! How amazing is that to not have to trudge into an office, wait in line, possible become infected with germs or taking time to leave your job?  The new concept, Doctor on Demand (DOD) is a fantastic idea!  Given I have three children and they all have chronic conditions, the last place I want to take them to is a doctor's office to pick up new germs or illnesses.  From the speed of my computer (sound and webcam needed), I can now login, search for a doctor or psychologist, select my date and time and within minutes, I have secured an appointment without leaving my computer chair!

No computer?  No problem!  All you have to do is download the Doctor on Demand app on a smartphone or tablet.  After signing up or logging in, the next step is to provide a list of your symptoms and you will be instantly connected to a provider licensed in your state for a video visit.  It honestly couldn't be easier! It took me maybe two minutes to create my account and to find a board certified psychologist to arrange a visit with.  What I liked the most about this was the ability to see a photograph of the psychologist and I was able to get a profile of their experiences and credentials.

[Image 2] Doctor on Laptop

Doctor on Demand requires no insurance and they will not be contacted.  Each visit is reasonable rated at:

  • First visit FREE with my special coupon code: HEALTH15
  • $40 for a 15 minute visit with a board certified medical physician to include pediatrics.
  • $50 for a 25 minute psychology session.

Since your first visit is free, you have nothing to lose in trying it out!

Other benefits:

  • No monthly service fees
  • Schedule appointments for yourself, your child or someone else.
  • Thorough as there is a section to add any medication you are currently taking and a variety of symptoms to check off so the physician will know more upon initiating the video visit.
  • An easy to use calendar allowing you to pinpoint an exact date and time of availability PER your schedule!
  • A text message will arrive alerting you that your physician is ready.
  • There is a four hour window allowance to cancel an appointment for any reason.

Tips to ensure a great video visit:

  • Be prepared ahead of time for your video visit as you have the 15 minute window for your visit so you don't want to login right at the time for the visit.
  • Make sure your device or computer is well charged.
  • Make sure you are sitting in a well lit and quiet area.

My Review:

My first visit was easy to complete as I received a text reminder on my iPhone informing me it was time for my visit.  I clicked on the app and it started right up.  The quality of the call will be dependent on your internet or wifi connection.  I think for my next one, I will use my desktop with webcam and microphone to have a better view and better connectivity.  The person I chose was very helpful, took the time to really care about what I wanted to say and provided feedback that was beneficial.  The only con was the call was too short but of course, she couldn't spend the day with me!  Overall, I enjoyed the call much better than trudging across the city to go into an office, to sit in a waiting room just to speak to a doctor.  This was ideal and my children's schedule wasn't affected either as they just had a little more playtime!  

If you are short on time or find it inconvenient to drive into an office, this is for you!  You don't get the in person one on one but a video conference, to me, is right up there being next to someone.  I was able to see who I was talking to and if anything, for those that aren't people persons, this is great as you don't have to interact with anyone other than the doctor.  The doctor I spoke to informed me when our time was running out in case I had other concerns or questions.  I would highly recommend this service and will use it again.

Please note, you must enter your coupon code HEALTH15 at Doctor on Demand upon registering.  You can use it immediately or store it for later.  It will request a credit card number but you will not be charged.

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Urbini Emi Travel System is Another Hit for Convenience, Quality, Price & Reliability #ad

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Urbini. I received an Urbini stroller to facilitate my review as well as thank me for my participation.

We've all had those moments where we kept hearing about how good something is and how we must check it out for ourselves.  I read all the positive reviews about the Urbini TravelSystems and knew I had to try one out for myself.   Having a baby, whether the first or subsequent, you really do want to provide for the best for him/her coupled with finding ways to make your life a little easier.  In the past, I had a smaller stroller for portability reasons, a car seat and a bigger stroller which makes life complicated not to mention a space saver they were not.  The Urbini Emi Travel System is a full sized stroller but it's lightweight and truly does make life on the go much easier. 

Other pro's I have found include:

Having the flexibility to have a seat that reclines is perfect for long excursions where my baby needs to sleep or is wide awake and wants to observe everything around her.  

The large canopy is ideal for keeping out the sunlight or protecting against snow or rain. 

This stroller is also ideal for outdoors since the front swivel wheels makes it easier to steer and get around uneven terrain.  I've had strollers in the past that make it very difficult to take a walk due to the wheels always getting stuck.  It's very easy to push.

Unlike other strollers, it's easy to open and fold without having to worry about smashing a finger or needing super human strength.  This was a huge plus for me too as I've had too many in the past that were complicated to shut or open.  

I, like many, utilize the stroller when I shop and being able to place my packages and diaper bag in the very large basket that also has a zipper compartment to stow away something I may not want to be in plain sight.  

The adjustable handles are perfect for when I'm out and about since I'm short and it allows for easier pushing.  When my husband, who is much taller, is in charge of pushing the stroller, he now has the option to adjust to his height instead of having to hunch over.

The Urbini Sonti infant seat comes LATCH equipped with a 5-point safety harness and crash and side impact protection as you never want to take a chance in improperly safeguarding your children in faulty or less safety minded seats.

Overall, the Urbini Emi Travel System meets and exceeds our expectations.  I love the Electric Blue color and so does my son.  I took him outside in it and in no time, he feel asleep.   It's practical to have a stroller and car seat in one and since he can use it up until he's over 35 pounds, it's a win-win.  He will go with the stroller and given it's such a smooth ride, he is happy along with us!

The Urbini products are exclusively available at one of my favorite retailers Walmart.

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More Snow!

The girls have been dreaming of snow this entire winter and today, they got to play in it one more time!  I thought moving more up north would give us plenty of snow but I was wrong.  On the flip side, only having snow a few times a year just makes it more that special.  Unfortunately, for my younger one, she can't stay out too long as I can't risk a cold given her severe asthma.

The Omni 3-in-1 Travel System Allows You to Take Baby from Infant to Toddler Years with One Stroller - Sponsored

I participated in a Blog Blast on behalf of Mom Central for Urbini. I received information from Urbini to facilitate my post as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Parenting is hard when you want the best for your new baby and it can be complicated in choosing the best product at the best value.  I remember with my older children having to buy an infant seat rear facing seat and then having to purchase another car seat once they outgrew that one and then a separate stroller which all adds up to a lot of money and inconvenience.  The Urbini Omni 3-in-1 Travel System is a wonderful new product that allows your baby to grown from the infant stage to the toddler years with only one stroller.  

Urbini is a new brand that desires to bring stylish and adaptable products to help parents care, protect, and nurture their babies.  Urbini's first three products that launched at Walmart earlier last year, included the Omni 3-in-1 Travel System.  This versatile system offers a variety of strolling options as your baby grows from nesting in an infant car seat, to relaxing in the cozy bassinet, to riding forward or parent facing in the convertible stroller seat.  It was so popular when first released at Walmart stores and online, that it sold out in just one month but is back in stock!

The reviews on Walmart's website speaks for itself with 163 five star ratings and I will definitely look into purchasing one!  I also like that the Omni 3-in-1 Travel System is also available in the following colors:


·       Urbini also has The Hummingbird which is the world's lightest full-featured stroller with a one handed closing capability and who wouldn't like that?  Strollers can be such a hassle and the closing mechanism can be equally a pain so The Hummingbird sounds ideal!  The Touri includes a stroller and Petal Infant Car Seat creating the ultimate on-the-go travel system which is another win-win for parents.  Anyone who travels with infants and toddlers knows the benefits of convenience.  I remember visiting Disney and having to lug around a toddler and a stroller while trying to hop on and off trams.  What a pain that was given the weight and the complexity in closing it!

Check out Urbini on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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How to Create a Non-Profit/Charity Blog in Three Steps

Affiliate links for Bluehost and Elegant Themes, Inc. are included below. 

I've been involved in non-profit/charities since 2008 and have learned a lot from this.   I will admit that I haven't pushed myself to the extent that I should have to make a bigger impact but I also know how to get set up and move forward.  I've had many people ask how to get started with creating a non-profit and how to start up a blog so I decided to share my experiences and will note that I have included my affiliate links in the how to section.  My passion began with personal experiences that catapulted my girls into doing good for others thanks to epilepsy and asthma.  Both my girls were diagnosed for the first time with their respective conditions in 2008 which resulted in some scary times as well as many hospitalizations.  Due to those experiences, we wanted to raise awareness and give back so we started Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. that has evolved unofficially into Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. & Asthma Too.  Since starting the non-profit, we could have really added on more causes as my youngest had some cardio issues, my granddaughter has epilepsy and my oldest has ovarian cancer.  I also help a dear friend with pediatric cancer causes as well and donate my time in the form of graphic work.  I'm still learning though!

Back to the original topic:  So you want to create a non-profit/charitable cause blog in three easy steps.

1.  Domain Name and Hosting Company - Affiliate Link Below

This step is crucial because once you decide on a name, you really don't want to change it because that means changing everything.  You don't want to lose out on all the work you already put in establishing your brand, your website and any literature you might have already printed.  This step might not be hard if you already have incorporated and obtained or applied for 501(c)(3) status.  This is where asking people you know for ideas can really pay off as you never know who might have a really creative idea!

Once you settle on a name, go to Bluehost and see if the domain is available.  Bluehost for WordPress starts at an affordable $3.49 a month and has unlimited hosting, space, file transfer, domain name, site builder with easy to use templates and free instant set up.  If you have no experience with building websites, this is an easy way to get started without losing a lot of money.  I wished I had known about Bluehost when I got started because I would have saved a lot of time and headaches.  In case you didn't know. WordPress is the go to place for many bloggers.

As you select your domain and input it in the box, you have a drop down box to select if you want .com, .co, .net, .org and so forth.  This is where you want to be careful because nearly everyone is still tempted to type in .com in the address bars so you might want to reconsider if your chosen name for the common ones are already taken to avoid missing out on potential patrons or people you could be helping.  Already have a domain name?  No problem as they have that option too.

Once your selected domain name is confirmed, you then have the option to choose a plan.  Each has their own benefits and if you aren't quite ready to understand the pro's and con's since you are just getting started, I would recommend going with the first one with an upfront payment that equals $3.49 a month.  This will easily get you on your way!

Next is where will you host your page?  I like simplicity which is why I think Bluehost is the way to go since they offer this service.  If you host through Bluehost, you get your domain for free which is a win-win.  They also provide a nice Domain Whois Privacy that will shield your personal information from being out on the web for everyone to see.  You may not have issues with that as you start up but you never know as that could change so why not avoid having your personal information out for all to see?  

Your package information provides options such as account plan, domain privacy fees, site back up pro, domain security and more.  You can always upgrade later if you want.  I like the paid option for search engine jumpstart to get your site out there to a wider audience faster rather than later.

Step one is now done!  It wasn't that bad was it?  It might seem a bit overwhelming but it's now done and the more you learn, the more you will know how to tweak based on your needs.

2.  Installing WordPress

Your next big step is installing WordPress to get your charitable/non-profit website visible.  WordPress is what you call blogging software.  It's your pen and paper and best yet, it's easy to use!

Login to your Bluehost account and scroll down to the Software/Services section on the first page until you see the WordPress logo and click.

Click the option to install a brand new version on the next page.

Step 1:  The next screen provides options for selecting which version of WordPress you want and I would select the recommended version available.

Next is the option to select where you want to install WordPress.  In the first box, type in your selected domain name such as: and leave the second box to the right empty.

Step 2:  You can skip adding advanced options at this point until you learn more about the processes.

Step 3:  Tick the legal information box (after reading all the information) and click on complete.

Note:  You might receive a warning about overwriting existing files, click on the overwrite existing files.

This is one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you, keep a book of your important details associated with your non-profit/charity.  This includes noting the login URL, username and password.  It will save you many headaches in trying to login later.

Now you are all ready to create your special niche on the web!

3.  Creating a Website - Affiliate Link Below

It's time to decide how you want your new website to look.  There are WordPress templates you can start out with or you can purchase or download free templates from the web.  The entire HTML business can be daunting for the inexperienced and one extra character or deletion can mess up your whole page so be careful with this!  This is why Elegant Themes is perfect.  They provide eye catching blog themes at various price plans to fit a budget.  If you prefer to change your's up routinely, you might want to consider purchasing all themes for one price and there is a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Here are a few of my favorites:





In summary, it's best to have your charity registered in your state and to obtain 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.  People are more likely to donate to organizations that can be verified as well as to have donations that are tax deductible.

Determine a good name for your charity and like minded blog/website address.  Select your hosting site and we recommend Bluehost (affiliate link) as with a package, they provide the domain and the hosting.  Install Wordpress and select a theme for your blog via WordPress or company like Elegant Themes (affiliate link). 

I'll be following up with some tips on setting up a charity if you want IRS status for your charity.  Many donors prefer to donate to organizations that are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) for tax deduction purposes.

Until then, here are some quick tips:

Define your mission statement closely with your desired domain name.  The mission statement will be evolving as you more forward or it may stay the same.  When you request grants and other financial assistance, the sponsor will request your mission statement.

If you decide to incorporate and file for 501(c)(3) status, check around your local community as often times, attorneys are willing to assist in filing the incorporation status and IRS documentation pro bono. 

Start thinking about a board of directors and this will vary from state to state.  Each state has free resources available to help guide in the formation of a corporation so take advantage of those.

I had a local attorney create the incorporation papers for our charity but I did submit the paperwork to the IRS on my own.  You will need several hundreds of dollars to incorporate and to file for non-profit status.

Many people are having success with the GoFundMe type accounts so you never know, you might too.  

Network with a like minded larger charity to gain invaluable experience and tips.  

As you create your blog, you will want to start creating accounts on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  The more you can get your name out there, the better but don't feel you have to have it all done at once as you will be overwhelmed.

Start thinking about a logo and how you want it to look.  You can create your own at first or if you have the funds, there are many places that can create one for you.  A great eye catching, professional logo will help to carry a professional image for your cause.

My Experiences with doTERRA Essential Oils

Affiliate Link Below

I'm sure you have heard of DoTERRA Essential Oils by now as I have from all over the various social media accounts I have.  Many of my friends represent the product or use it and love it.  Curiosity got the best of me so I had to give it a try.  I purchased the Physician Kit's and received a Slim & Sassy with it to help with weight loss.  I'm starting my exploration phase with all of them and can't wait to see how great they really are.  

Since starting to use DoTERRA, I have found different ways to start using it.  My recipes are simple as I'm only using a carrier oil to massage into the area I want relief.

For sore muscles, I'm mixing coconut oil (pure virgin organic) with a little Deep Blue® (Soothing Blend).  Per the website, according to recent studies, more than half of us are sufferers of ongoing discomfort. Deep Blue® is dōTERRA®'s soothing solution to this challenge. Wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, blue chamomile, helichrysum and osmanthus work together to ease achy joints and sore muscles. Its effects are deep and penetrating with sustained results. Once gently rubbed into the area of discomfort, Deep Blue's cool therapeutic benefit will be felt almost immediately. For topical use only.  It seems to really help the leg cramps I get from jogging/walking.

For digestive problems, namely pain in the abdomen area, I'm using the same coconut oil mixed with DigestZen® (Digestive Blend( and Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia frereana).  I tried it this morning and I have felt better all day which is a change from how I was feeling.  Perhaps coincidental?  I don't know but I feel better.  I also massage it into the soles of my feet to feel better as an extra kick.  Per the website, it states it's used for relaxation, immune support, and mood enhancement. For aromatic, topical or dietary use.

For my face to treat wrinkles and acne, I use Melaleuca Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia).   Per the website, it's recognized by its more common name "tea tree", melaleuca has been revered for its cleansing and regenerative properties, especially for the skin. Composed of more than ninety different compounds, melaleuca has limitless therapeutic applications. For aromatic, dietary, or topical use.  I've noticed my face is clearing up from the acne and it feels very soft afterwards.  I'll have to update later on the wrinkle effect but I do have a glow in the morning and I don't feel oil residue from the coconut oil

I use Breathe (Respiratory Blend) for any stuffiness myself or my youngest experiences.  It really works to open the sinuses. Per the site, it's a proprietary blend including laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon and ravensara cleanses and soothes the airways, and can easily be applied topically to the chest, back, or bottom of feet. Its pleasant aroma is calming to the senses and perfect for night time diffusion allowing for restful sleep. For aromatic or topical use.

Want to learn more, click here for doTERRA.

About Essential Oils:

f you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant. In addition to giving plants their distinctive smells, essential oils protect plants and play a role in plant pollination. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and being beautifully fragrant to people, essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health care practices

Essential oils have been used throughout recorded history for a wide variety of wellness applications. The Egyptians were some of the first people to use aromatic essential oils extensively in medical practice, beauty treatment, food preparation, and in religious ceremony. Frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh and cinnamon were considered very valuable cargo along caravan trade routes and were sometimes exchanged for gold.

Borrowing from the Egyptians, the Greeks used essential oils in their practices of therapeutic massage and aromatherapy. The Romans also used aromatic oils to promote health and personal hygiene. Influenced by the Greeks and Romans, as well as Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic use of aromatic herbs, the Persians began to refine distillation methods for extracting essential oils from aromatic plants. Essential oil extracts were used throughout the dark ages in Europe for their anti-bacterial and fragrant properties.

In modern times, the powerful healing properties of essential oils were rediscovered in 1937 by a French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, who healed a badly burnt hand with pure lavender oil. A French contemporary, Dr. Jean Valnet, used therapeutic-grade essential oils to successfully treat injured soldiers during World War II. Dr. Valnet went on to become a world leader in the development of aromatherapy practices. The modern use of essential oils has continued to grow rapidly as health scientists and medical practitioners continue to research and validate the numerous health and wellness benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oil.

Essential oils are used for a very wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used a single oil at a time or in complex blends depending on user experience and desired benefit. Essential oils are usually administered by one of three methods: diffused aromatically, applied topically, or taken internally as dietary supplements.

Aromatic Uses

Our sense of smell influences many physiological pathways including the stimulation of hormones and other metabolic processes. Aromatherapy is founded on the body's predictable response to specific olfactory stimuli. Essential oils are widely used in aromatherapy applications. Certain essential oils, when diffused in the air, can be very stimulating while others can be calming and soothing. Beyond emotional benefits, diffusing essential oils can purify air of unwanted odors and some airborne pathogens. Low or no-heat essential oil diffusers are recommended as they do not change the chemical structure of the oil being diffused. Essential oils can also be used as cleansing and purifying additives to laundry and surface cleaners throughout the home.

Topical Uses

Due to their natural molecular composition, essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin and can be safely applied topically. Application of essential oils can have immediate, localized benefit to the target area of application. They have restorative and calming properties and can be used effectively with massage and beauty therapy. They are also natural disinfectants. The chemical structure of essential oils also allows them to be absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin for internal benefit throughout the body.

Internal Uses

Essential oils can also be used as dietary supplements supporting a variety of healthy conditions. Some essential oils have powerful antioxidant properties while others help support healthy inflammatory response in cells. Many essential oils are generally regarded as being safe for dietary use, but some oils should not be taken internally. Do not use any essential oil product internally that does not have the appropriate dietary supplement facts on its label.

$50 PayPal or Amazon Gift Card Flash Giveaway - Starts 1/16 and Ends 1/18

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British Beef Tenderloin Pie - Modified

I previously wrote and shared our British Pork Pie recipe since we started on a little road of discovery all about Britain.  I'm a dual citizen (by descent) since my mom is from there thanks to a changed law that recognizes the maternal link.  I'm also an ardent Jane Austen fan and that is slowly creeping into my daughter's interest.  I instantly fell for a quirky movie based on the love of Austen titled Austenland.  Low and behold, my younger who is a self-proclaimed 'mini-me', loves it too which has inspired all this new found interest in England.  We previously had our first tea party with homemade strawberry scones followed by a luncheon with finger sandwiches which didn't go over well since they are not egg fans.  

Our latest dish was a modified pork pie using beef tenderloin or filet mignon which was very tedious to make.  

So, with only three dishes on hand, we proceeded to make our British modified pork pies.  I called my mom since she's the resident expert in this area and when I told her what the recipe entailed, she proclaimed it wasn't like the pork pies she grew up with and that they ate them cold and they had a gel substance inside.  I can honestly say I can do without the gel thank you very much!  So here are our pictures of the long process but very condensed:

The dough is made after the beef and bacon mixture have been prepared and is cooling in the refrigerator.  It was a basic flour and lard recipe and was simple to make.

I added small bits of potatoes this time.

The skillet included onions, garlic and green apple:
Half the beef and thick bacon mixture is pulsed in a food processor and returned with the other half.   It does not look too appetizing!

My two girls are the pickiest eaters ever but they really enjoyed the filet mignon pot pies!  It was a win!

Not quite like the recipe picture but it was still good!  Want to try it?  Here is the link for British Pork Pie recipe.

Flash Giveaway - $50 PayPal or Amazon Gift Card - 11:59 pm January 11, 2015

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Disclosure: This giveaway is organized by Giveaway The participating bloggers were not compensated for this post. If you are a blogger and would like to join in this giveaway event please check this post on Wednesdays to sign up to join. We are not associated with any of the companies named above. No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. The odds of winning are based on the number of entries received. Must be 18+ to enter. Confirmed Winner(s) (by will be contacted by email. Winner(s) have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.  My blog is not responsible for product shipment/delivery. This event is in no way administered, sponsored, or endorsed by, or associated with, Facebook and/or Twitter, Google, Pinterest. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements. Entrants must only enter with either one email address, IP address and/or Facebook account, anyone found violating these rules will be disqualified. It is at the sole discretion of the admin of the giveaway if the winner has met the rules or not.
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Free Homeschool Inspired Kindle Books Today - 1/6/15

Bee: The Princess of the Dwarfs [Kindle Edition]

When her true love is abducted by mysterious creatures, a girl must summon the strength to save him

From the moment they met as young children, Bee and George have been bound together by a deep love. But when George goes off on a quest to a forbidden lake, home to dangerous water nymphs, it is up to Bee to rescue him. On her adventure she meets Loc, the king of the dwarfs, who proves to be more kind and generous than the humans she knows. Even as he showers her with riches in an attempt to make her stay, Bee never loses sight of her purpose: finding George. She will do anything to get him back.

A fairy tale for all ages, Bee: The Princess of the Dwarves is a classic that has delighted children and adults alike for more than a century with its ebullient characters and wondrous worlds.

This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices

Mind Hurdles Grade 3 is a distinct and innovative departure from the often boring question-and-and-answer quiz games of the past. It is the dazzling new interactive standards-based, accelerated cool game that ensures that your kids are not just keeping pace, but are moving toward a successful future. 

Mind Hurdles was created to prepare your child for life’s hurdles, and while it is fun to play, it certainly is not fluff. The self-pacing game keeps prompting until your child gets the right answer. Positive reinforcement is built into the game. Imagine your child having the opportunity to review, learn and apply concepts before the tests are even given. This is exactly what Mind Hurdles Grade 3 delivers. 

Responsible parents can feel confident that the content is challenging and aligns with standardized testing, yet kids love to play it either alone or with school friends. Among children’s books ages 9-12, it is a fun game book that offers inquisitive and budding minds a new and fast way to master 3rd grade material. As with all the Mind Hurdles children’s books, its contents are overseen by the Mind Hurdles Advisory Board. 

GENRE: Children’s Adventure 

Book One: Attacked by the Griefers (The Unofficial Minecraft Adventure Short Stories) 

Mike, is living a peaceful life on his newly built farm, after defeating the evil Herobrine and saving the world of Minecraft from falling under his dark reign. 

But Mike’s peaceful existence is shaken up by two of his friends that up until that moment, he thought he had lost. Jerry, Mike’s best friend and his former enemy, turned ally, Micah, bring Mike news of a far away mountain that holds an unimaginable treasure. 

It doesn’t take long until Mike is convinced to embark on an adventure alongside his two buddies. 

House Party Happenings: Hasbro Brought the Fun #hasbrogamingparty

Over the holiday, we had our family visiting and although I didn't get enough pictures of the good times we had, I did get some of our gaming night with Hasbro.  The girls love board games and discovered they like some new ones compliments of our House Party Hasbro Games!  Of course they already loved Sorry and Twister but they had no idea how much fun they would have with Taboo Buzz'd.  They still play it regularly.  Unfortunately, our hour glass timer was broken in the Yahtzee Classic game so it made it a little harder to play with the full effect of that but the girls still had a great time along with everyone else.

The girls loved the Ring Pops too!  They were gone very fast and it was nice to receive Duracell Quantum Batteries to place in Taboo.  We also received a Papermate Inkjoy pen that was immediately confiscated by my little one who proclaimed 'it was the best pen ever!'
This is where we realized the hour glass was broken and my oldest has a perplexed look on her face while holding my new grandson.  Have no worry as we still had GREAT fun!

Our party occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday so our dessert table was in a Jane Austen theme.  Had I thought about it, I really had should have coordinated with our party them and done more game type features.

Hasbro games are perfect for anytime.  Whether it's just you and your kids or an excuse to have family or friends over!  The games are not only fun but they can be educational as well.  As a homeschooling mom, I greatly appreciate any opportunity to interject fun and learning!  Our party was a result of my participation with House Party.

About our Hasbro Games Party Pack:

The TABOO BUZZ'D game is an electronic, hand-held party game that's easy to play, auto scores for you, and it all comes in one handy unit. Get your team to guess as many words as you can while you race against the clock, but if you say a Taboo game word, the other team will hit the buzzer and your team loses a point.
  • Ages 12 and up
  • For 2 teams


YAHTZEE game is the classic dice game with a unique combination of luck and strategy. Every game is an exciting challenge to rack up the highest score. Seriously high scores come from multiple YAHTZEE game bonus points, but your luck could change with every roll!

  • Ages 8+
  • 2+ Players

SORRY! game

This classic SORRY! board game is fun, challenging, and filled with unpredictable twists and turns. You never know who is going to move ahead or get bumped all the way back to the beginning. There are so many possibilities depending on the card you pick and the strategy you choose.
  • Ages 6 and up
  • For 2 − 4 Players


Get moving with the TWISTER game! It's the on-the-floor party game where the spinner calls the shots and you make the moves. The classic TWISTER game spots and laugh-out-loud action will have you and your friends tangled up in fun in no time.

  • Ages 6 and up
  • 2 or more players


Fun, face-paced game of categories! Come up with unique answers for each category and points if your answers are different from all the other teams’ answers.
  • Ages 13 years and up
  • For 2 - 4 teams

Duracell® Quantum Batteries

Duracell® Quantum Batteries last up to 35% longer vs. the next leading competitive brand.* Combined with a Hi-Density Core™ for unbeatable long-lasting power and PowerCheck™, it’s a Quantum leap in battery power.

Ring Pop® Party Pack

The whole party can show off their sweet style with the Ring Pop® Party Pack. With a big flashy gem and a rainbow of delicious flavors, now everyone can Rock That Rock and own the spotlight with Ring Pop®!

Paper Mate® InkJoy®

Experience the joy of effortless writing.

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