Embracing a Healthy Family: Homeschool and Elections: An Excellent Lesson

Homeschool and Elections: An Excellent Lesson

It seems every election introduces a new learning point in how our system is suppose to work and how the founding fathers had such a keen astute knowledge to prepare for the future. It is ashame that the public school systems have deviated from instructing with a classical approach and much to my pleasure, I have found that classical schools are springing up nationwide. This is wonderful for the parent(s) that wants their children to be taught to ethics, morals, values and to be cultivated to have independent thought. One of the other key subjects not being taught is civics as well. We have a country half filled with very angry, disenchanted folks sprinkled with a voluminous number wishing to cause anarchy and violence if one does not bend to their way of thinking. On the other side, is a band of people who want religion brought back in to our daily lives including schools. These same people believe in the flag, the Constitution, our military, and the electoral system. The 2020 election will probably go into history being compared to the Bush-Gore election given it wasn't a cut and dry victory. This election is one full of learning points for my children as we watch how it unfolds. The difference, however, is I'm not just going to watch.

I am adamant with my students that what just unfolded over quite a long time that really goes back from the last century if not earlier. People evolve and when society and technology introduces changes, we change. We grow. We expect things as our intellect grows or perhaps even our boldness. It's how women fought to vote or how black people were freed, were given a Constitutional right to be citizens, and vote. We continue to progress and with that, comes new demands, expectations, and a desire for different rights. Many changes have been for the positive and although it seems they should have been inherently present without any fight, it is for history and for us to remember. 

We just spent several years with new demands for what some think our civil rights laws such as transgenders to children and it continues growing. There will always be pro and opposing views and we should allow those thoughts. This is an excellent time to teach our children what is occurring and how we can guide them into the righteous thought but a cohabitating way of living. The beauty of America is the ability to live and respect each other even if different. There is a systematic shift in those that hold vehemently one way of thought demanding the other side adopts the same way of thinking and attitude. This just didn't happen overnight rather it has culminated mostly from the 1960s to where those left to teach at the college levels which trickled down all the way to pre-school. The reason to provide the above talking points is it is directly related to education and elections.

I've been watching a lot of information on the 2020 elections with my students. I'm quite frankly confused as to why everyone would not want to have an election full of integrity and value. If one garners their news from legacy media, one view is hammered continuously without regard for truth and honesty. We do have a system of election rules that must be followed otherwise who dictates when rules can be broken or bent? It is in every American's best interest to demand the rules are followed. Imagine the tables turned and the Republicans are in control of a state's entire political system and decide to alter rules for whatever reason that appears reasonable. This entire scenario could be playing out in the reverse with President Trump being proclaimed the projected winner and thus, chaos, anarchy, and more would be pursued.

It is vital to our Constitutional Republic that we follow the rules, and if we change the rules, they were done legally. If there are reports, valid reports, of computer glitches from software programs or even reported updates the day prior to the election, we must examine the programs. If there are systematic reports of irregularities, we must verify they were not. It is every American's responsibility to demand an honest election. I've not spoken to one President Trump supporter that would be gracious in accepting defeat if it's fair. We all should be screaming from the roof tops, 'as long as it's fair.' 

But, we're not. The legacy media continues to be the major disrupter of life in the United States. The media is irresponsible and reports lies, reports in continued bias manners, and fuels the flame of emotion. Since I homeschool, I encourage and provide alternate sources to allow my students to learn independent thought. Nationwide, common core was introduced and the loss of thinking ensued. We, as parents, need to spend more time understanding what our children are being taught. We also need to teach events from both sides. We need to nurture the ability for our children to think for themselves, question what they hear or read, and to form conclusions. We need to ensure they aren't jumping on board to erase the past as it might be uncomfortable, horrying, or unpleasant. History is always repeating itself and we must not wipe it away. This election is full of teaching moments that are profound in many subjects. Our children must learn about the Constitution, the electoral process, and how we should behave from a civility standpoint.

We can be different. We can want different things. We must follow the rules, the laws, and we must return to civility, morality, and accountability.  We do have a voice and that is why I'm going to be writing my congressmen and senators as well as each Supreme Court justice to convey my thoughts as this election is for the American voter.

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