Embracing a Healthy Family: Free Blogger Event: Thirty-One

Free Blogger Event: Thirty-One

One of our readers is a Thirty-One Gift's consultant and is offering 2 Prizes
Organizing Utility Tote (personalized 7 letters 2 lines)
and a Thermal Tote. 

Winner will be able to pick design, text, and color of thread. 
($55 value) 
Giveaway Open to US only.

Blogger Sign Up: 7/6 - 7/18  - Receive 1 FREE Link of choice Facebook or Twitter, with announcement post or $2.00 without. A
dditional links $1.00 anything excluding affiliate links. which will be used to purchase an Amazon Gift Card (if $5 or more is earned) also given to the winner. 

Giveaway Date: 7/20 - 8/4 - html out on 7/19 and post to the group docs section

REQUIREMENTS: Announcement post for the giveaway sign up in order to get your Free link.  Once giveaway is live promote at least 7x (once every 2 days at the least).

You must have a blog/website where you can publish the giveaway text and  rafflecopter code to participate

Click here to sign up!

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