Embracing a Healthy Family: That Moment You Realized Your Parenting Skills Paid Off

That Moment You Realized Your Parenting Skills Paid Off

My oldest is just about 24 and has her own almost two year old.  I watch her as an adult, a daughter, an older sister and a mother and realized what a great person she has turned out to be.  I watch my five and nine year old and see the same qualities emerging that I saw in my oldest at their respective ages and am humbled that they are on the same path.  Of course as parents, we never know who will influence our children as the progress with age and we hope for the best.  My oldest had the foresight to run a different path from her friends.  None of her friends ended up in dire situations but they could have or worse yet, my daughter could have.  Could have but didn't.  I do credit her decision making to how I raised her.  

My two younger ones are definitely different but then again, they have siblings whereas my oldest didn't so I'm not sure if that will affect them or make them more loving.  They get along great and it really makes me smile to see how most of the time, they act like best friends.  Don't get me wrong, they still can be holy terrors and mean to one another but they also are great together.  My nine year old strives to be like her older sister and is a giver.  My youngest is a giver but she can be a taker so I'm hoping her young age will level out with being more of a giver.  All three help with our non-profit so that part of giving back has already been instilled in them.

Overall, they are all amazing and besides, how many five and nine year olds would let you complete telephone interviews without being interrupted or heard?  I can't imagine many.  I'm finishing day two of my fifth interview for a new job and they were just absolutely amazing.  They are helping each other, they are getting along and they are just being loving to one another.  I'm very proud of my girls and realized, I must have done something right as a parent.

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