Embracing a Healthy Family: Inspiring A United Kingdom is now available on Digital HD & on DVD and Blu-ray on June 6th

Inspiring A United Kingdom is now available on Digital HD & on DVD and Blu-ray on June 6th

Disclaimer:  I received a party pack and a free digital code to watch A United Kingdom.  I did end up purchasing my own code on my selected digital movie source because the movie trailer appeared to be one that I would want to watch again.  

This weekend was the perfect weekend for brunch with family and friends to catch a flick together.  Being half British, I love nearly all British themed movies but I must admit that A United Kingdom left me a disappointed with the late 1940's British government.  Actors David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike portray Sereste and Ruth Khama in the film and deliver a beautiful chemistry of love, anguish and hope.  Based on a true story, Sereste is a king of Botswana in Africa seeking higher education in Britain while his uncle remains regent king. He meets and falls in love with Ruth during a time when apartheid reigned in South Africa and overlapped in other British controlled/influenced areas.  The film continues with their romance, trials and tribulations and then the final outcome of the resistance they endured by all around them.  It's a very moving, thought provoking story that doesn't disappoint.  I can't give it all away now can I? 

Rosamund Pike first caught my attention in Pride and Prejudice and I loved her in A United Kingdom as well.  A treat was seeing Lady Edith from Downton Abby as well as Ruth's sister.  David Oyelowo was superb in his portrayal of Sereste.  The film provides beautiful glimpses of Africa and the people of Botswana along with the cultural ties that bounds this small African country.

This is what my guests thought:  "A very good movie!" "That was surprisingly good." "I must watch it again."  "I had no idea. It was such a good movie."

Watching movies is always fun but when you add something "extra" to it, it makes for a memorable occasion.  For our brunch, I channeled some British recipes that my mum has mentioned in the past as well as recipes I've watched on other shows.

We started out with an old fashion tea served with English Tea Cakes and Scones:

Our brunch consisted of pork tenderloin pie although I altered it and served it warm as my mum said it's served cold.

After we ate, we gathered around the television and watched our digital copy of A United Kingdom.  It made for a wonderful Saturday afternoon!

 It's now available digitally and can be purchased via DVD/Blu-ray on June 6th.

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