Embracing a Healthy Family: Box2Bake Brazilian Chocolate Alfajores Review

Box2Bake Brazilian Chocolate Alfajores Review

I recently had a chance to review another of Cratejoy's wonderful subscription boxes and to date, I can say I'm not disappointed.  This review is for the Box2Bake which is a baking theme per month subscription box service with 100% organic ingredients. Each month will showcase an international recipe that will especially delight your taste buds and your students if you are a homeschool family like I am. This month, we received the Brazilian Chocolate Alfajores and I can say it was easy YET fun to make.

We opened up our eco-friendly box which is also cute with the international shipping appearance on the outside.  Everything is packed nice and neat and the instructions are easy to follow.  An e-mail is also received to assist in how to make each recipe card along with numerous pictures making it very easy to make that even a student can follow along.

They each their own job to do and they might have went their own way with preparing the ingredients but the end result was ... you have to wait and read!

I have to say this was a lot of fun not just because I made it a homeschool exercise but it was fun just spending time in the kitchen with the girls and they loved the hazelnut applicator!  To sum it up, they really liked the outcome and thought it was a lot of fun!  I also thought the Alfajores were very good!  This is a must try box!  I forgot to mention, the girls really liked them even my picky one!  I like international flavors so this is really a fun subscription box that you have to try!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed yours... I received the same box, but it didn't match half of what you had 🙁 No instructions, extra random ingredients... glad you got to use it, some ingredients unlabeled... I had to throw mine away

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