Embracing a Healthy Family: Valentine's Day Great Gift Idea 1: Chocomize Customized Chocolate Bar Review & $5 Coupon Code

Valentine's Day Great Gift Idea 1: Chocomize Customized Chocolate Bar Review & $5 Coupon Code

Wonderful News for My Readers!

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Hurry as Valentine's Day is coming and you don't want to miss out!




Wouldn't it be nice to make your own chocolate with rich, indulging ingredients?  If you don't have the time or just want to try delicious chocolate, you need to visit Chocomize.com to see what they have in store for you!

You choose your base chocolate bar:
  • Dark - Their dark chocolate has a robust, well balanced mixture of sweet and bitter flavors. Dark chocolate remains a traditional favorite to European palates. Cocoa content: 56.8%
  • Milk - Their milk chocolate has a balanced milk, cocoa and caramel taste. Milk chocolate is the most popular chocolate amongst American palates. Cocoa content: 33.6%
  • White - Their white chocolate is characterized by a creamy milk taste. For those looking for a smooth alternative to dark or milk chocolate, this is a great option.  Cocoa content: 28.1%
The starting price is $3.85 for the dark and milk chocolate option and $3.95 for the white chocolate bar.  Each optional added ingredient has its own individual price so pending on what you choose, the cost will be higher than the base bar price.

This is where the fun begins!  After you select the type of chocolate you want, you get to choose from 80 different ingredients to select from with a choice of up to five to personalize your very own chocolate creation at the Creation Station:
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Fruits
  • Herb & Spices
  • Candy
  • Decorations
  • Other
This chocolate caters to anyone!  If you want to indulge, you can choose from macadamia nuts, butter toasted peanuts to hazelnuts and add in a little coconut.  If you want to stay healthy, flax seed, roasted sunflower seeds and crasisins are good choices.  Seasalt is another option which is becoming a hot topic in the good for you health department.

Each bar is hand made and is delivered to you within days!  They even donate a portion of proceeds to charity.  Chocomize is the creation of three recent college graduates pursuing their passion for chocolate which right there, I'm right there with them!  I also find it nice to see such a desire to succeed with an innovative idea as this.

The children will love the Candy option given the options such as gummi bears, jelly beans, peanut chocolate candy and skittles to just name a few.

Decorations add a nice personalized touch to each bar.  Whether you choose a chocolate butterfly, 23 karat gold flakes or more, you can't go wrong with giving a better personalized gift than a customized chocolate bar!

Sign up for the Chocomize's Chocolate Club and save up to 25%,  The Chocolate of the Month Club can be purchased for three months, six months or one full year. Each month, a new assortment of four chocolate bars will arrive.  Each bar contains four ingredients and no two bars will be the same.  What a great way to try out some tasty creations with an added in surprise!

Follow Chocomize on Twitter, Facebook or check out their RSS feed.  Click HERE for their blog.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas:
  • Give the gift of a Chocolate Club membership and your loved one will be reminded monthly of your love!
  • Create a couple of different bars such as the romance bar (shown above) and place in a small basket or nice box with sprinkled red rose petals to compliment the crystalized petals in the chocolate bar.
  • Memories of a tropical getaway?  Try creating the Chocomize Tropical Island bar creation, place a couple of your customized bars in a box with a couple of seashells, a bottle of win and you are ready to go.
There are many choices you can create just on the chocolate alone!

The Review:

It was fun creating my bar of whatever ingredients I wanted to choose from and I was amazed at the number of spectucular availabilities!  It took some time to decide as I wanted to check out everything as I think this is really a great idea to select and create your own chocolate masterpiece.  I ended up going with milk chocolate, macadamia nuts and coconut.  I wanted to choose a bar that would not only appeal to my tastes but my oldest as she's the chocolate expert in our house.

As promised on their website, Chocomize delivers quickly to your door!  The bar was well protected and arrived in this elegant packaging that allows the receiver to see the bar and all the amazing ingredients.  I liked the packaging with the nice logo at the bottom which reflects an upscale chocolate product.  The back of the box contains the ingredients, nutrition facts and their quality statement that each bar is handmade to order using only premium ingredients and the finest Belgian chocolate.  I've traveled to many countries for my job and have to say that hands down, I love Belgian chocolate and this bar lives up to the quality, taste and texture expected.

The bar is wrapped in a resealable wrapper which makes it nice to not overindulge.  Whole macadamia nuts were placed throughout the bar and in just about every bite.  There was nothing left out of this delicious tasting bar.  It is truly worth the money and has provides that one of kind, personalized touch to anyone.

I would recommend Chocomize to anyone regardless of the reason.  It's a great treat for yourself, a wonderful way to say you love someone or are thinking of them or just to say thank you.

The Giveaway Package:
  • Two personalized bars of your choice made with premium ingredients and the finest Belgian chocolate
  • $25 Zazzle Gift Certificate
  • Chocolate:  A Love Story Recipe Book (click HERE to see the post)

To Enter (mandatory):

Follow my blog and go to Chocomize and tell me in your entry (via the form), what would be your favorite ingredient to add to your customized chocolate bar.

Extra Entries (worth five entries each):
Giveaway ends 1/25/10.

Winner will be selected by random.org.

Please use the form directly below this to enter.  Hit the back button to allow easier entry of multiple entries.  The spreadsheet allows for a quicker identification of the winner.

Valid in the US.

Thanks for entering!

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