Embracing a Healthy Family: 3m Sight Words Post-it® Notes for Children

3m Sight Words Post-it® Notes for Children

If your child is in school or nearing the age for school, I found this terrific product this weekend called Post-it® Super Sticky Sight Word Notes for kids. If you are a newcomer to preschool or kindergarten, sight words are the buzz and a must to learn. I have created flash cards on my own but I love these Post-it® as you can stick them anywhere. I have them on a wall and sorted through the one's she already knows versus the one's she's struggling with. The fun part of it is my two year old finds it fun and tries to copy the six year old.

The sight words consists of 50, or 100 for my daughter's school, common words that kids should easily remember. They also included blank notes to supplement the learning and a download area for other areas to learn using sight words.

Size: 3 inches by 4 inches
Colors: Yellow & Green
Package: 50 preprinted notes with sight words and 100 notes with lines.

They have other products such as Word Strips, Bilingual Notes, Word Builder Notes and Alphabet Notes.

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Aileen said...

These notes are a great idea. You never know what you'll learn looking around your blog. They need to make up post-it notes for teenage kids too with chore reminders and large words for SAT prep.

arobimom at gmail dot com

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