Embracing a Healthy Family: Kid's Homework Motivator

Kid's Homework Motivator

Last year, my child suffered her first ever seizure. It scared me beyond belief and I was thrown into the uneasy world of epilepsy. Epilepsy can occur at any age but there are thresholds for different types of epilepsy and onset. Luckily for me, there was no known cause for her epilepsy so I was told it was a good thing as it meant no tumor or other serious abnormality. The good news is it looks like it's a form of epilepsy that children outgrow once they hit puberty. So, as each long year passes, only one right now, I have to keep finding ways to treat the symptoms of either the condition or the medicine.

I noted in an earlier blog about how I think replacing her electrolytes has helped. Whether it's with the new brand WAT-AAH! or Aquafina's SMART water or even Gatorade, I'm finding a notable change.

My other issue to conquer has been the need to make homework exciting and to draw out enough energy after a long day at school to complete the massive amount of work they bring home. I had no idea they had to be ready for pre-med by they time they enter kindergarten.

I bought a white erase board and every time she would complete her school work, she received a sticker star (they come easily later). If she did extra work, she received another star for that day. Each Friday, we add up the stars and she gets to redeem those for the amount she earned. In her case, one star equals $1.00.

It was the only way that I could motivate her to keep up with her school work and to try to encourage extra opportunities for learning more. It worked so well last year, I'm using it again this year.

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