Embracing a Healthy Family: YourPictureBook Personalized Children's Books Review

YourPictureBook Personalized Children's Books Review

As a mommy blogger and reviewer, I was reviewing the many offers and opportunities available to provide reviews for various products. On the Product Review Place, there was a post about personalized photo books. I was skeptical thinking it was one of the normal personalized kid's book offers with little character, quality or uniqueness.

At yourpicturebook.com, they have really incredible looking books with great graphics. The characters look identical to the picture and they are so adorable. The process is storybook illustrations, they digitally convert the child’s photo to appear as a painting. This gives a seamless blending of child and illustration that looks almost like the child and illustrations were painted together. The book choices range from counting books, story books and coloring books.

The Review:

I received a book, courtesy of YourPictureBook.com and was so impressed, I just ordered one for my other daughter to give as Christmas gifts.

As a child, they are always impressed to see their name and especially picture integrated into anything.  When I opened the package, I saw my daughter's name and her picture on the cover.  It was very professional and impressive!

Each page had her picture in it and it was arranged to match the scene.  One is under water so her picture had the appearance of being under water.  The storyline was easy to follow for a young kid and it was just simply, a great book and especially a great gift.

The quality of the cover and pages are one in which you expect to see from any book you purchase to read.  It's a great addition and heirloom to pass down to each child.   I cannot wait to see their faces at Christmas when they open them.

The customer service is friendly and delivery was fast.

The price might be a little higher than some might want to pay but the quality of the finished book is well worth it.  The fact that it's a book that can be passed on for generations also adds to the worth.  I've purchased other, less expensive personalized story books and the quality wasn't comparable.  I'd rather pay a little more to have something that they will cherish and pass on to their kids.

The NFL posters are really ideal for the little football player and all the NFL teams are available. They are glossy and sized at 13" x 16."

They also have personalized photo DVDs ranging from Snow White, The Incredible Adventures of Amazing Kid, The Incredible Adventures of Amazing Dad, Our Love Story, My Christmas Adventure and Turbo Kid.

Another feature that I love about this site is the ability to page through each book choice to see how the layout looks. I really liked this feature as it helps to choose the right book for your special one. They also have choices between softcover and hardcover with the ability to add on coloring books.

They really offer so much more so go to their website and see for yourself!

From the site:

Educational Benefits Children have been enjoying personalized children.' books since the 70's, but only recently have we come to realize the educational benefits of personalized children's books. Studies have shown that personalized books are not only entertaining, but tend to promote literacy and education, as well.

Children, like all of us, learn best when they are focused and interested in what they are being taught. Because personalized children's books are so instantly familiar to children, they become drawn into the story, and less aware of other things that may normally be distracting. In other words, they become focused and interested, which is a great combination when children are going through their learning process.

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