Embracing a Healthy Family: REVERSE!™: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Formula

REVERSE!™: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Formula

REVERSE!™ The Ultimate Anti-Aging Formula is a product available through FreeLife International. FreeLife has several products on their site and a breakdown of their team. The Chief Scientific Officer is a Ph.D. in pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences and the rest of the team mostly consists of Ph.D. holders and one M.D. Overall, they do have a background in the area that would know how products are metabolized and the most effective dose and timing.

It appears you can purchase the products or become an agent in their compensation program.

Anyone try any of their products?

For more information on this product, this is what the website has:
REVERSE! is formulated to be consistent with the latest scientific understanding of how and why we age. Working at the cellular and molecular level, it provides an exclusive 14-way multi-functional approach to the fight against aging, with a proprietary blend of 75 scientifically validated super nutrients not found in ordinary multivitamins. These include high potencies of headline makers such as age-defying resveratrol, ultra-purified heart-healthy omega-3 fish oil, and the miracle bone builder vitamin K2. Working together, the ingredients in REVERSE! support your fight against aging with unmatched head-to-toe coverage.

Here are the 14 ways that REVERSE! can work for you:

Protects against premature aging†
Improves antioxidant defenses†
Helps to maintain beautiful hair, skin, and nails†
Supports maximum brain power†
Promotes boundless vitality and energy†
Helps promote cardiovascular health†
Promotes healthy immune function†
Promotes strong bones and teeth†
Supports supple, fl exible joints†
Supports optimal digestive health†
Increases feelings of well-being†
Supports normal healthy vision†
Promotes normal stress management†
Helps to maintain healthy hormonal balance†

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Aileen said...

Wonder if this stuff is costly as well. Sometimes I wonder if it is safe to take some vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients in high potency doses. Not sure if it makes sense to fool with Mother Nature.

arobimom at gmail dot com

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