Embracing a Healthy Family: The Biggest Loser: Season 8 - Yeah!!!

The Biggest Loser: Season 8 - Yeah!!!

I have a vice ... it's The Biggest Loser and I can't help but watching it.  I rarely watch TV mostly because it's always on The Backyardigans or Sponge Bob but when I'm not watching a dreamy movie about Robert Redford (yes, he's old enough to be my father), I love Jillian Michaels.  Luckily, they threw Bob in as our eye candy but they put Jillian in as the woman you love to hate.

I had to record it last night as it's a ritual with my oldest daughter and I to watch it together.  We were just watching it and after tearing up over the tragic story of Abby's loss of her two children and husband in a car crash, we were amused by Jillian's antics.  I always get motivated and inspired over Jillian's way to produce results.  Love her or hate her, she's always the winner at the end. 

You have to look deeper into how Jillian works with the contestants and understand it's not about her being hard core and mean, she really knows how to tap into the minds of these people and how to get them to respond.  If you read her book and understand more about her, she's been there so she knows what it's like to be overweight.

Okay, so not everyone can respond to her manner but overall, she's got it going on!

I just read she has a new Wii game coming out and I can't wait to see it!  She'll be rolling it out to some mommy bloggers in NYC.  Too bad I don't live there any longer...

Given season 8 is now on, why not commit to my virtual fitness challenge as well as sign up to win my giveaway for one Wii fitness game?

What do you have to lose????

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