Embracing a Healthy Family: Botox Special for Charlotte, North Carolina & California and Info on Botox Competitor Dysport

Botox Special for Charlotte, North Carolina & California and Info on Botox Competitor Dysport

Ageless Remedies Medical Skincare and Apothocary out of Charlotte, NC is having a September Botox special.

Botox will be 10.99 per unit (minumum of 20 units must be bought) for the entire month of September. Average costs of treatment is around $300-$400.

Botox works but leaves me doubtful of long term effects. I've had it done twice and after it wore off the second time, my eye had a permanent droop. It eventually subsided but I still feel that the upper areas were a little more saggy than they should have been.

The treatment is quick and relatively painfree, at least it is if you ever had a baby or a root canal! They will usually apply a cold press to the area and then the injections begin. It does take a week or more to see visible results and can last anywhere from three to six months. I was always ripped off as it barely lasted three months for me.

If you live in Orange County, California, there are more specials at the Dermatology and Laser Center.

Gold River, California has specials at the Accent Esthetics.

Don't forget to sign up at Allergan for their frequent wrinkle club discounts and specials! 

There is a new alternative available called Dysport from loveleyskin.com.  Dysport was initially known as Reloxin during it's run of years of clinical trials. 

Dysport was found to affect an entire area with only a few injections, requires only three days to show improvement and lasts at a month longer (i.e. four months versus three minimally).  It's also suppose to be cheaper than Botox.

I would love to hear from anyone who has tried Dysport.

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Linda said...

I am scheduled for Botox Oct. 30th. I found a plastic surgeon through The Patients Advantage that could perform the procedure. I was very reluctant about surgery but the website (www.thepatientsadvantage.com) helped me find the best plastic surgeon. Thanks for your time and effort.

Judy Joyce said...

Is this your first time getting Botox? Let me know how it went!

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