Embracing a Healthy Family: Coupon Giveaway

Coupon Giveaway

I have a ton of coupons that I will not use and I figured I'd just give them away.  Some expire on 9/30 so I want to make sure I give them away before 9/15.  I'm still going through all the one's I have so the pile will grow.

If interested, please leave a comment.  If I get multiple comments, I'll use random.org to pick one person.

The coupons range from baby products to animal products to normal grocery, health and beauty products.  Coupons are from Smart Source, Red Plum and various manufacturers.

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House Queen said...

I can always use coupons!!!

cpullum said...

I love coupons! I use them on everything!

Marina@EBMR said...

Me please...I lurrrrrv coupons


Judy Joyce said...

random.org picked comment 2: I'll send Carla an e-mail and if I don't get a response, I'll try again. Thanks!

cpullum said...

Can't wait to receive them!!

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