Embracing a Healthy Family: Free Cake Mania Game Download from Amazon

Free Cake Mania Game Download from Amazon

Like to bake and play games?  Amazon has a great offer for residents in the US with a free game download.

Product Description

Help a young baker show big bad business who's boss in this fast-paced treat! When the retail behemoth "Mega-Mart" moves in, Jill's beloved family bakery is forced to close. But she's determined to get the business back on its feet with delicious sweets. Help Jill open her own bakery, bring in customers, and earn enough money to re-open her grandparents' bakery! With 48 levels and four different bakeries, Cake Mania is full of mouth-watering fun. Let's get cookin'!

Here is one reviewers opinion of the game:

The cycle goes like this:

- hand over the menu

- the customer picks shape and frosting

- bake the requested shape

- apply the frosting

- hand it over to customer

- pick up the money

It gets pretty frantic once you have more than 2 customers waiting and you need to optimize and multitask. You are successful if you meet your dollar target by the end of the day. The pace gets increasingly frantic as the game progresses.

That's just about it.

I can't say that the game has a high replay value and, unless someone is absolutely determined to run through the same repetitive cycle at a frantic pace, the motivation to advance is not that great.

On the good side, the graphics are okay in a cartoon/comics-style way. I'm afraid there's not much else to say. I don't believe I will play this game again. In fact, since neither my 6 yr. girl or my tween boys expressed any interest in it, I will probably uninstall it. Which, by the way, it's okay because I can always get it back from my Amazon-maintained downloads library.

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