Embracing a Healthy Family: My Kalorik Mixer, Blender & Tea Maker Great Deals on Haute

My Kalorik Mixer, Blender & Tea Maker Great Deals on Haute

I just bought three Kalorik kitchen gadgets and saved $54.50 from Haute.com.  The sale is on going on for a little longer but if you are in need of cool gadgets, check them out!

Haute.com changed their policy where they combine shipping which I love.  They also have a great Coach sale going on if you like them for the next 12~ hours.

The Combinaton Mixer comes with full set of accessories including a nice stand for storage. This 4-in-1 black and silver combination hand mixer by Kalorik was designed by the famous European designer Neil Currie, the signature piece makes for a perfect marriage of function and design, use it as a stick mixer for all food preparation and smoothies then convert with a twist from mixer to a whisk to quickly blend eggs and batters. Need to chop? The unit attaches to a chopper which chops right into the container. Like cappuccinos? Put on the milk frother and whip your own milk just like in the coffee shops! The well thought over Ergonomic designer piece will not only add a touch of style to your kitchen as it goes right on your counter top it sure to be the most useful and easy to reach kitchen accessory you will ever have.

Key Features:

* Multifunction

* Complete with all accessories : beaker with lid; chopper blade to be used in conjunction with the beaker; whisk; milk frother for sauces or cappuccinos; blending rod

* Powerful : prepare soups, purees, mayonnaises, etc, in seconds.

* Black rubber finish and ergonomic handle ensure the best grip, even with wet hands

* Includes a base for the mixer unit & all accessories : your blender is always ready for use in seconds

* Aluminum stick blender with food grade PTFE Coating

* DC motor ensures light handling and durability

* Modern and appealing design
This Stand Mixer with rotating bowl, 5 speed, turbo function, dough hooks and beaters, ejectors for beaters it is a kitchen essential stand mixer you can't do without!

Key Features:

* With stand & bowl (not gear)

* 5 speed

* Turbo with safety device (turbo function only available when the mixer is operating)

* Chrome plated hooks & beaters

* Eject button with safety device (blocked while the appliance is running)

The Tea Maker allows you to make tea in the convenience of your kitchen with this essential tea maker. The cordless operation makes this super easy, functional, practical, and stylish!

Key Features:

* Cordless operation

* Total control provided by the patented brewing selector switch (Brewing, keep warm, open position)

* Keep warm function : automatically warms your tea up when this one becomes cold, without re-brewing the tea

* The keep-warm function enables to keep the tea at the desired strength and temperature

* Auto-stop brewing system

* Easy to fill and to clean

* Cleaning brush included

* Tea filter and coffee filter

* Non-slip feet

* 1 quart (4 cups) capacity

* Coffee filter also included

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