Embracing a Healthy Family: My Points and USO: Help a GI Call Home

My Points and USO: Help a GI Call Home

The holidays are approaching and the need to hear your loved one's voices is very comforting during deployments.  My Points and the USO have teamed up to raise funds for phone cards for our great men and women deployed.  As a wife of an Army soldier, I know how much these phone cards mean to them as after awhile, the costs adds up.  Many of the military personnel are also low income and can't afford this commen convenience we have at home.

Support our troops in the best possible way – by helping them call their loved ones back home.

Lonely... tired... half a world away from home and family… the troops defending our freedom around the world ache for the sound of a loved one's voice. That’s why we - the USO - through Operation Phone Home®, buy and hand out thousands of pre-paid phone cards to our men and women in uniform.

For our soldiers at the Front, there’s no magic like the music of your child's voice on a Holiday morning... no warmth like the familiar sound of "Happy Birthday" sung by your parents or siblings... and no relief as complete as the chance to chat with a friend when you're really down.

Your $10 donation provides a GI in Iraq with 30 minutes of prepaid calls to the US. A $20 donation buys 60 prepaid minutes. A $100 donation: 300 minutes. Please give as generously as you can, today! Tomorrow could be too late.

To date, over two million phone cards have been distributed to the brave men and women overseas since the program was launched in 2003.

We have 170,000~ men and women serving to protect our freedom so please consider donating!

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