Embracing a Healthy Family: The Wii DOES Work!

The Wii DOES Work!

Ever wondered if the Wii actually does work and promote weight loss?  Not only am I proof it does, but so did Colleen over at miiandmywwfamily blog.  Colleen has lost over 40 lbs!

She also has a great review on Zumba:

Fitness Friday: Zumba book

This week I have been reading the book Zumba, Ditch the workout, Join the party : The weight loss program. This book has a lot to offer. It gives the history of all the dance moves that are incorporated in the Zumba exercises. I enjoyed reading about Beto Perez, the author and creator of Zumba. 
Read more here.
She's also giving away FIVE copies at her original website The Princess and the Monkey.

Thanks for sharing!

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Stephanie ~This Army Wife~ said...

I love Zumba. It's a fun way to workout. The classes are fun as well as the dvd's. I am looking into getting a Wii but haven't made up my mind yet. Great post.

Colleen said...

Thanks for sharing!

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