Embracing a Healthy Family: Fall Into Good Health Series: Homeopathy Medicines for Children

Fall Into Good Health Series: Homeopathy Medicines for Children

As part of my series in getting healthier and having two children with chronic medical conditions both linked to elevated risks with H1N1, I am definitely in tuned to alternative methods of safeguarding them.  The homeopathic drugs allow another alternative to treating illnesses and diseases without the worry of contraindications.  With epilepsy, Keppra has warnings and with severe asthma, the same holds true.  As I approach this winter and all the reports of an increase risk with H1N1, this appears to be a good approach for me. 

These are some of the ways I'm safeguarding my family:
  1. Everyone washes their hands frequently and in particularly, after a sneeze or blowing of the nose. 
  2. Hand sanitizer is used when washing hands is not viable.  We go through a lot of hand sanitizer!  I don't bombard the house with an abundance of anti-bacterial products as I feel too much of a good thing could be bad.
  3. Vitamins are taken by both myself and my husband as well as my children. 
  4. Ensuring everyone is getting good sound sleep and eating a well balanced, healthy meal is also critical.
  5. Light therapy via playing outside in the sun.  This was actually prescribed by one of my daughter's allergist for both girls as he was telling me how lack of Vitamin D is increasingly becoming an issue in the US and kids need to spend more time outside.
If you aren't aware of what homeopathy is, it's a therapeutic method to help the body and heal itself.  This type of medicine has been around since the beginning of time and with more and more people becoming concerned about what we are putting in our bodies, homeopathic medicine is a great alternative.  More and more practicing physicians are incorporating natural ways into their routine with patients.

Current homeopathic medicinces are used for many conditions such as allergies, flu-like symptoms, coughs and colds, arthritis pain, depression and the list goes on.  As a parent, I've been very attuned to the recent reports warning of over the counter medications and the dangers associated with them.  In fact, many aren't available any longer due to this concern mostly because of human error in administration.  I felt I was without choices other than Vicks and a vaporizer and really felt compassion towards the little one as they have no relief from symptoms.  To me, it's going to be more difficult to get better if they can't sleep and are too busy crying out of frustration and feeling miserable.

I just learned from the One2One Network that there are choices and I can't be more thrilled!  Boiron, been around for more than 65 years, just introduced three new homeopathic medicines for children!
  1. Children's Oscilloccinum helps to nip flu-like symptoms.
  2. Children's Coldcalm Pellets is a multi-symptom cold reliever.
  3. Children's Chestal is for all types of coughs. 
These homeopathic medicines work naturally and safely without nasty side effects or drug interactions which means I can administer this with the six year old's Keppra and the two year old's allergy/asthma medications.  Another bonus is they are apparently sweet tasting and kid-friendly.

Bioron recommends having the Children's Oscilloccinum on hand since it works the best at the first onset of symptoms of a cold.  All of the Bioron line can be purchased without a prescription and are available at most major drug stores and other retail outlets.  Click HERE to find a retail location near you.

Because Bioron is a pharmaceutical company, they strive to maintain the highest standards in manufacturing and other areas of quality.  If you would like to learn more about homeopathic medicine, Bioron has a host of resources by clicking HERE.

After all, happy kids make happy parents!

*I was not paid nor compensated for this entry.

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MichelleS said...

I am always looking for homeopathic remedies and I did not know about this. I will have to look into it more, thanks for the info!

Tammy said...

I sometimes wonder if my mom had been more environmentally conscience maybe I wouldn't have spent so much of my childhood in the hospital in what was called a "Croupe Tent" (I have no idea how to spell that?) I had pneumonia every year around my birthday in March from 2yrs. old until about 9yrs. old. There was a couple times I had pneumonia as an adult but that was years and years ago. :0)

Judy Joyce said...

My youngest had pneumonia a couple of times. Once was induced by medical mistake by saturating her lungs with albuterol followed by IV to flush it out of her. After a couple of more bouts, I started giving her a multi-vitamin, Vit C and ensure she gets Vit D from the sun. She's been healthy for two years now! Sorry you had to endure that!

Lisa G said...

Only one of my kids had and still has bronchitis at least twice per year lasting for a good month. Not sure why germs love her more... treat my kids the same, clean everywhere the same?

Jenn Hiles said...

I'm always looking for safe ways to protect my daughter from illness. She was born with pneumonia and has been hospitalized another time for it (she's only 18 months). I do most of the things listed but I was unaware of the need for more sunlight. We do not get much since I work all day and by the time we get home it is almost dark out.

Luda said...

Most of my medicine is homeopathic, i love the product! I always use oscillococcinum when anyone in our family gets cold, it works!!!


This is a great product, my daughter uses it for her children, thank you for making us all aware of it

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